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    Making Work Meaningful When it's Not Your Ideal Job

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    Many of us find that as we feed our passion and purpose in our business, our interest and connection to our day job starts to fade. So what do you do when you lose the meaning in your daily grind, but don't have everything in place yet to say goodbye to the paycheck?
    Performance consultant and solopreneur, Nathan Eckel shares how can you find or create meaningful work - even as you're currently in a less-than-ideal job? Nathan shares the keys to self-actualization in a less than ideal environment, and how you can step into greater levels of fulfillment in your work.
    Our Guest: Nathan Eckel is a performance consultant, author and adjunct faculty member at LaSalle University, teaching graduate courses in adult learning, design, and collaboration. Since 2007, he's served on the board of ASTD Philadelphia (American Society for Training & Development) most recently as chapter president. Hi is the founder Celebrate Your Expertise™, where he helps passionate professionals package their expertise.
    Your Host: As Editor-in-Chief of Launch While Working.com, Tai Goodwin is an advocate and coach for EmployedPreneurs: the growing population of professionals who are launching a business while working full time or part-time jobs.
    Leveraging the power of the internet, Tai is host of the Launch While Working online radio show and co-host of #SmallBizChat on Twitter. You can find her articles syndicated across the web on sites including Forbes.com, Diva Toolbox, Empower Me, The Success Center and Careerealism. Off-line she contributes to CAREER Magazine. 
    Currently working on her first book: 9 to5 with a Business on the Side: Real Advice for Launching a Business without Quitting Your Day Job. You can find her online at www.taigoodwin.com.

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    How to be a Finance Rock Star in Your Small Business

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    Most people would rather face an invading barbarian horde than talk about finance. If you'd rather walk on broken glass than do the books for your business help is here. In this Launch While Working segment, Tai Talks to Nicole Fende, The Numbers Whisperer™. Listen in for easy practical ways to overcome your fear of finance and grow your profits.
    Our guest: Nicole Fende is the President of Small Business Finance Forum. As a credentialed actuary with experience as a Chief Financial Officer, Investment Banker, and successful entrepreneur, Fende helps her clients reach their profit goals and learn how to effectively and enjoyably run the financial side of their business. In her book, How to be a Finance Rock Star, Nicole shares the same strategies she uses for her profit coaching clients to help them reach multi-platinum profits.
    Your Host: Tai Goodwin is a Brilliance Catalyst – she has a keen intuition laser focused on helping people tap into their brilliance. Her commitment to helping people shine, offline and online, fuels her energy as a coach, speaker, and Employedpreneur Advocate. You can find her online at www.taigoodwin.com helping authors, coaches, and speakers reach more people through social media. The co-host of #smallbizchat, Tai is also editor-in-chief of Launch While Working.com and The Career Makeover Coach.com.