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    Jenn Martin, Stage Entertainer and performer

    in Culture

    Tonight, Pop Art Painter Jamie Roxx (www.JamieRoxx.us) welcomes Jenn Martin, Stage Entertainer and performer to the show. 


    Jenn will be telling us about: Not your mother's fairie tales~ a princesses self love story!  is a vision of real vaudeville proportions that combines a narrated tableaux(still posing that tells a story), burlesque, J~set dance (hip-hop dancing) from the Twilight dance group, cabaret, live & original music from Whisky Christy and the Half Pint Orchestra and friends, and theatrical side show. It should be something that wows the audience and brings something new to the Greensboro, NC stage while actually recapturing the roots of vaudeville. These will be adult dark fairie tales of self love ~ empowerment, romance, and social tales of personal growth. 

    Jenn Martin Animal Reiki
    Alternative & Holistic Health · Pet Service


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    Jörn (Joey) Kleinhans, keynote speaker, retreat entertainer

    in Business

    Jörn Kleinhans is one of the highest paid wine event speakers, an international authority on wine and highly visible expert on blind-tasting.

    The who-is-who of Fortune 500 companies have worked with Mr. Kleinhans as a keynote speaker, team building facilitator or retreat entertainer.

    Mr. Kleinhans is the founder and owner of The Wine Elite, Southern California's largest wine appreciation event production company, and has conducted hundreds of formal wine tastings for many thousands of attendees.

    Besides holding the CSW certification with the Society of Wine Educators, Joey is a Certified Sommelier with the Court of Master Sommeliers.

    A CFA charterholder and former Fulbright scholar with a professional investment background, Kleinhans holds graduate degrees in finance and mathematics, and serves as the Vice Chairman of Board on the Board of Directors at the American Red Cross in Orange County. 

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    LIVE w/ Entertainer John Speaks

    in Entertainment

    Tonight, your host who do the most - Mike Jay - alongside comedic cohost B. Eazy and the beautiful free-spirit Diamond bring you the wildest start to a new season of Da Black Top Radio.

    Our feature guest is an entertainer and a man of many talents in his efforts to make it into big-time stardom. John Dabla joins inside of Da Open Mike Segment to get famaliar with us as well as provide information for you all to get familiar with him. He, also, has a huge announcement to make. (Follow on Twitter: @RealJohnDabla)

    Our first "Sport Your Stuff Model of the Week" of the season hails from the east coast and is making an impact in the modeling game. Get to know the cover lady of this episode - Ms. Angela N. Brown.

    Need love advice? Have to make a life-decision? Flo helps out with his raw and real "Let It Flo' segment. You can submit your questions by email: blacktopnation@gmail.com; by tweeting us @DaBlackTopRadio on Twitter; or by calling us throughout the show with your question in mind. Follow Flo ON IG/twitter: @deathgottabez

    tonight, we welcome back a family member who will be on the air with us wrecking complete shop - "The Red Lipstick Radio Vixen" jay fancy joins us not only to assist with our interviews but to also bring some flavor in your ear. (Follow on IG: @redradiovixen)

    Miss Blog God has your latest gossip, update, and headlines in the hip-hop and sports world with "The Gabulous Life Update" brought to you by thegabulouslife.com. Follow her on Twitter/IG: @missbloggod; @thegabulouslife

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    Flex On Da Black Top w/ Entertainer Phill Wade

    in Entertainment

    Tonight, Da Black Top Radio welcomes back one of our favorite guests. Entertainer, actor, comedian, singer, songwriter, and YouTube sensation Phill Wade (Twitter/IG: @mrphillwade) catches us up on all his latest experiences and gives us the 4-1-1 on his first big screen movie "The Holy Spoof" starring himself, Miss Mykie, Paul Wall, and more! Definitely a treat, as always.

    Our Sport Your Stuff Model of the Week is none other than the beauitful Chicago, IL native Ms. Neva Marie (Instagram/Twitter: @lovelyandall)/ She graces the cover of this episode and joins us LIVE @ 8:45pm ET to introduce herself, her hustle, background, goals, and we explore the fun side of her.

    Our #HostWhoDoTheMost - Mike Jay (Twitter: @MikeJayDBT) - brings you headlines and guides you through this 3-hour Hump Day celebration, Jay Fancy (Twitter: @redlipstikvixen) brings you the real and raw opinion that is "The Red Lipstik Report," Diamond (Instagram: @diamondbfrazier) helps guide you through the show, as well as brings you her twist of "On This Day in Sports History," thegabulouslife.com's Miss Blog God (Twitter/IG: @missbloggod) has the trending hip-hop and urban news in "The Gabulous Life Update," Vohn Lewis Da Skohlar (Twitter: @daskohlar) rocks out with us, & we welcome our new member of Da Kool Kids (DBTR) Pretty Locs (Twitter/IG: @Pretty_Loccs); she joins us with her opinion on all that is gossip around the urban hip-hop world.

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    Writer/Director Gina Prince Bythewood & Entertainer 4Play on #ConversationsLIVE

    in Motivation

    At the top of the show host Cyrus Webb welcomes writer and director Gina Prince Bythewood to #ConversationsLIVE to discuss her career and new film BEYOND THE LIGHTS. Afterwards Webb talks with entertainer and model 4Play.

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    Ronnie Giles - Singer/Entertainer

    in Entertainment

    Ronnie Giles is a Singer/Entertainer, who just completed the run of a show at Don't Tell Mama in New York City entitled Revenge Of The Third-Rate Lounge Singer. He is pursuing his acting and singing career full-time. 

    Mr. Giles is a member of SAG-AFTRA and the Actors Equity Association. He was also recently appointed to serve on the Advisory Board of the Beaux Arts Society, Inc.  

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    Special Guest Mike Biggs The Entertainer

    in Music

    The hosts are super excited to welcome back a very special guest,  Mike Biggs The Entertainer.  They will be catching up with Mike and hearing more about his new Richie Incognito Anti-Bullying Song entitled "Stop The Bullying".  It's a big, big hit!  If you haven't heard it, listen here!  #Music #Video  http://stopthebullying.me/index.html

    Mike Biggs The Entertainer is a multi talented artist who raps, sings, acts, and directs.  Not only is Mike extremely talented, he is one of the nicest guys on the planet!!

    We absolutely love Mike's music and his connection to his fans on social media.  This will be an epic show!

    Please feel free to send the hosts a tweet or join in the chat room! 

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    Special Guest Mike Biggs, The Entertainer!

    in Music

    Please join Miss Catherine as she welcomes in her friend and very talented music artist, Mike Biggs to the show.  As Catherine has been saying for over a year now,  Mike will be a household name in no time!  She opens most of her shows with one of Mike's really cool songs.  He is mega talented, writes amazing songs and is one of the nicest people in the world. 

    Please checkout Mike right here ---> http://mikebiggstheentertainer.com/

    Mike's latest song --->  https://soundcloud.com/mikebiggs85/my-love-song

    Please join Miss Catherine for this really fun & awesome interview!  We'll learn more about Mike, what his plans are for the rest of 2014 and what's next for this great artist.  The chat room will be open for questions and comments. 

    See you then,


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    WENDY LYNN ADAMS-Entertainer

    in Entertainment

    Wendy Lynn Adams was raised in a large family with 10 children, tons of cousins, aunts, uncles and other relatives. Her dad was a pastor so she at a young age, was placed before crowds of people singing and speaking. The entertainment industry discovered Wendy as a young girl and placed on TV singing and entertaining. She has had three of her own shows and traveled with her own band throughout the USA entertaining and ministering. She has always had a deep concern for the hurting people and has been ministering and feeding the poor and homeless for over 30 years. She is currently starting a home for unwed mothers. People call her from all over the world for prayer and support as she is known for her faith in God's ability to do miracles.

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    HAPPY BIRTHDAY to LADY JAZ The Entertainer / SCORPIO JAM - Live On The Air

    in Radio

    Today, we celebrate KLJN Radio's Executive Producer, Lady Jaz The Entertainer's Birthday.   Call to give a birthday shout out to Lady Jaz or any other SCORPIO that celebrated a birthday this month.


    MUSIC  -   FUN  - COMEDY!

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    Interview with Mike Biggs The Entertainer

    in Hip Hop Music

    Mike Biggs The Entertainer is a multi talented artist who raps, sings, acts, and directs. He prides himself on being able to successfully entertain any audience, in any environment.
    Through self-promoting his music, Mike has established fans from all over the US and also from all Germany, Netherlands, Brazil, India, Puerto Rico, Australia, and Jamaica.
    Mike starting entertaining crowds using his personality alone back in elementary school and eventually started to amaze them even more once he started to rock the mic with poems and raps at age 9. The first rap he ever wrote was about the solar system for a class project, which his teacher and fellow classmates loved.
    But unfortunately, during his childhood and teenage years he never really took his talent as seriously as he should have and ended up having run ins with the law numerous times in the inner city streets of Miami, which is where he was born as raised until age 18.
    Mike currently resides in Atlanta and states that he is focused now and simply wants to put his God given talents to good use instead of letting it go to waste. Mike will break into the music industry with his debut mixtape “The Next Bigg Thing is here” during the summer of 2013.

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