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    Christmas is ruling white men's way to entertain believing Christian fools on De

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    Aha aha, Christmas in and of itself can't get any more absurd and rediculous, when you take a look at historic reality. it is very sad to see millions of well read people, clinging to the biblical fictional Jesus Christ,and bluntly disregard the account of historical fact of human origins. It has to be that the Italian and Indo-European white men knew something about telling gross lies to people under certain condition they just can't tell the difference between the truth and their lies, however obvious they make those lies in the bible. World history with Alkebulan religion is 200,000 years old, in every form of its practice was done under the jurisdiction of the Goddesses and Gods. The Italian Romans E g., from their primival experience they only knew the worship of polotheistic Gods and Goddesses-- the same worship as all other civilations. To the extent it was all they knew and able to do, in Constantine preparation to administrate monotheism Christianity the Roman emperor was still under state polytheistic worship to their gods and goddesses. Their major gods at the time were Juno, Minerva, Jupiter and Mars. So it was a major transition form polytheism to monotheism. Ditto for the Indo-European who never broke ranks with polythesim as recorded Vedic age  shows, 1500 BC to 500 BC their Brahmins priests surpassed popular warriors in prestige, because the priest important role was to performed ritural to please their gods.  That is a clear sign the Italian and European turn criminal nomads, knew nothing about monotheism, until Rome decided to make that religious dichotomy of two opposing practices. You now have choice of the origional fact and new lies of the white bunch. 

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    Nothing Is Normal

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    What was normal today it appears to be perverted and what is not normal appears to be normal with a weird twist. It was normal for a man and woman to get married now it is called normal for two men or two women to get married. There is no more shame you do whatever you feel like doing and it hould be accepted. This are the things that touble many it appears up is down and down is up.Right is wrong and wrong is right. What entertainers used to entertain on stage is for daily fashion. Blue hair, mixed color hair,too big clothes and the list is endless. Things are twisted up like a world wind and if you are not anchored in Jesus and his word you will be caught up into this world wind and be destroyed.

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    Freedom Talk Radio Listener based award-winning community radio station serving The Highlands Of Scotland and the towns and villages within the Caithness And Sutherland Areas.

    Our name comes from Freedom Talk Liberty Justice. We broadcast Talk Radio hit music from the last 50 years plus specialist programmes, news and local community information, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Unlike commercial radio, Freedom Talk Radio is a community station.

    This means we are a non-profit organisation. We are here to inform and entertain the people about how to avoid the injustices of the world as well as playing an active part in the community and providing training opportunities.





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    Got A Lite?

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    Pattie Canova hosts a talk show using wit, candor, keen insight, perception, experience, and the tales and symbols of Tarot to inform, illuminate, enlighten and entertain her listeners. Write Pattie at pcanova@optonline.net w/your questions, feedback or insights. Visit my website: www.pattiecanova.com  Let's discover what it takes to walk our road toward awakening.  www.pattiecanova.com

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    Fantastic Fridays- w/Jazzie, Sterling Powell & Sonny on Louddmouthradio.com

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    This Week's Episode: Fantastic Fridays with Jazzie, Sterling Powell & Sonny on LouddMouthradio.com 

    Today's Live Show is a Freedom Friday Conversation of the happenings and current events happening in Metro Atlanta, Tampa Bay, Florida and beyond!!! 

    LouddMouth Radio Network is an online channel covering everything from day to day life to all forms of entertainment- from comedy to film and all arts in between. LouddMouth Radio is your premier media connection created to empower, inspire & entertain. LouddMouth Radio Network is available on the robust app Stitcher Radio which reaches over 5 Million in car-dashboards and over 20 million I-phone & Android device users. Join in on the conversation by downloading the app and selecting "LouddMouth Radio Network" on Stitcher- plug & play and hear are archive shows. 


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    The Lina and Brian Hour Premier

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    What's Up #Diamonds,

    I guess you already know I'm excited? In case you don't know I'll say it "I'm very excited" about my latest project having a Co-Host to host a show with me. I know that you will enjoy it as much as my other episodes and projects maybe even a little bit more. Either way its your support that keeps me going that undying loyalty is what I love about the DiamondNetwork and I Thank You in advance for listening.

    I've known Comedian Brian T. Shirley now a little over a year we met in social media which is where I meet just about all my guest and #social friends. We hit it off from the gate with good conversation, laughter and honesty I believe those are all good ingredients for a friendship. Brian has his own show called "BTS On The Road" where he video tapes trips to his comedy gigs. If you want to find out more about Brian Shirley check out his YouTube Channel.  I had been looking for a Co-Host to help me with the show and he was a good fit for me I think..... lol. Brian will be co-hosting with me every 3rd Monday of the month so make sure you look out for the advertisements because the dates will vary. I will have the phone lines open in case you want to call-in with some positive feedback or just to say hello to us both, the studio number is 347-237-4697. Our first guest will be Web TV Owner Mike Aloia who will be talking about his up coming movie Professor Gravitron. The Lina and Brian hour  will be displaying and interview all types of #Indie Talent!  And I am more than please to help them get their plugs in! So tune into to me and Brian this Monday 7pm EST.

    Don't forget check out January's calendar on the LJDNShow's website

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    The Enormous Little Show With Nate And Renee

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    My Rays of Light presents: The Enormous Little Show with Nate and Renee

    Call in and join the conversation at 646-564-9708

    Or listen in online at

    "The Enormous Little Show" is America's hour long online radio station with sibling Co-Hosts Nate and Renee Anderson, airing Thursdays at 7pm.

    This show features a combination of smooth R&B Soul,Gospel and Pop music along with current events,entertainment,and new info for health, mind and spirit,plus sensational interviews!

    Nate and Renee entertain us, inform and inspire!They talk to real people with real issues and bring their funny,fresh and insightful and common sense approach to everyday people. " We ALL want to experience the fullness of life",say the Anderson's.

    On the show Nate and Renee mix signature segments like "The Medicine Cabinet" ,which brings Nate absolute pleasure to share "crucial information"on alternative solutions to better physical health and endurance or the touching "I See You Star" Award , always sincerely presented by Renee ,how about the unforgettable "Life Nugget Of The Day" and "What's Next?",where we stay current with new "cutting edge developments" that effect us in the present and future!

    This hour is filled with efforts to inject positivity, feel good music,do better,live better and know better into the listeners space! There's something for everyone! Come see what America is talking about! Tune in Thursday night at 7pm for "your little weekly dose of enormous inspiration!

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    BWD Radio - ThaRealBri - Exclusive Radio Interview

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    Bri Manun’s an energetic, Southern girl with a knack for having fun. This Rising star was born to entertain.  She’s been writing and recording since the age of nine and she’s no stranger to the music industry. 

    Your On The Go Station! 24/7 BWD Radio -  #1 Variety Online Music Radio Station  

    Visit our Newly Created Indie Artist Radio Fan Page at https://www.facebook.com/BWDRadio and click on that "Like" button! https://www.twitter.com/BWDRadio_ , https://www.twitter.com/BWDPromotions DIGITAL/PRINT https://www.twitter.com/BWDMagazine  SUBMIT YOUR RADIO READY MUSIC

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    Detroit Unplugged

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    Welcome Welcome gang to another exciting episode of Detroit Unplugged with your host Aroc along with ISM,Tonight we've got another talent packed show to entertain your brain and showcase all that Hip Hop has to offer with 2 more great interviews one of which being emcee/actor representing the POWER CIRCLE,RAXIEL SINZ  is gonna drop in and chop it up with us to let us know whats in store for 2016 and beyond and to add some more icing to this great Hip Hop Cake we got international hip hop sensation HOOSAM and hes gonna swing by and introduce himself to all of us so as always we bring you the best that Hip Hop has to offer from Detroit and around the world,so sit back and free your mind so that you can absorb this fountain of valuable information that Detroit Unplugged exudes thru its very pores,Detroit Unplugged with Aroc and ISM only on Michigan United Broadcast

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    CALL IN for Psychic Readings & Soul Coaching! With Merry & Robert! 347-884-8245!

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    Book Private Session with Merry & Robert by going to there website: http://www.freecoachingcallsforthesoul.com/


    Straight Talk with Caring & Candor 

    Call in For Free Psychic Readings and Soul Coaching from two of the best! 

    Join talk show hosts, Robert Schantz and Merry Street as they enlighten and entertain their audience! 

    Discover your Inner Purpose with Robert and Merry's Unique Blend of reading and intuition by asking you though provoking questions to help you uncover your life's true path."

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    Let's hear from "dead people" and explore past lives

    in Spirituality

    Answers to make life easier, more enjoyable and achieve happiness.

    The reason for this show is to inspire you to have an easier and more joyful life.
    With my gifts and training as an intuitive and empath life coach, I help you to get your answers.

    I am guided by spirit and those who have passed (Dead People) to present you the answers to achieve happiness and manifest what you want. Advice from a loved one or another personage who has passed that will give you needed insights because of their connection to you.

    Let’s explore and event from a past life or current childhood, to help you move forward. 

    I love to share with how to change your subconscious programs that keep you stuck in limiting life patterns. I call this a “Wall and Bridge” process.

    My mission is to promote love: love of self, love in families, love in communities and love of the planet.
    I will also present articles from various sources that, give advice, inspire and entertain.  Laughter is a key in all healing.

    I am a channel and medical intuitive. Studied and practiced for over 20 years as an Intuitive, Shaman, Reiki practitioner, and Hypnotherapist. Have degrees in the study of metaphysics.