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  • 01:07

    The Ms Benita Show: Marvin Smith, Dorthea Ross-Patterson,EnRico & Julius

    in Entertainment

    Marvin Smith wrote a book called Smoke No More! It will teach you how to stop smoking! Also Dorthea will be reporting the Tea in New York! Can't wait! Also EnRico Stratten-Bey & Julius Cannon! WE are gonna give you the TEA about our trip to Wendy Williams Show!

  • 01:57

    The Ms Benita Show & I am My Brothers Keeper: Special Guest Y.O. Da Great

    in Dreams

    You will get to hear Y.O. Da Great song You Want To Feel! Brother Rico building stronger relationships in the community!

  • 01:54

    The Ms Benita Show & I am My Brothers Keeper: Its going down!

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    Ms Benita will be bringing back topic of disrespectful kids!! Brother Rico's topic is The Time & What Must Be Done!

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    Interview with Catherine MacDonald for Romancing the Vines

    in Books

    Book Description
    Publication Date: August 26, 2014
    Francesca Bernard is a vintner in the Sonoma Valley who just can't seem to perfect her wine, her finances, and her love life. She finds herself torn between the man she lives with and the man she loves. A letter arrives from a long-lost cousin encouraging her to travel to Italy to uncover the secret to her wine and her heart. Tension is tight around the vineyard, so she leaps at the chance. Once in Italy, her cousin notices Francesca's torment and convinces her to visit the local seer, who is known to help lost souls. The old woman propels Francesca back through time on a heart-pounding quest where she visits three lives where her survival was in jeopardy. Armed with the secrets and truths, she finally understands how the love, lust, and revenge they have endured for centuries holds the answers to their present survival. Magna gathered Francesca's hands into her own cool gnarled ones and stroked them lightly. "Listen dearie. No one is allowing you to remain innocent and stuck on the wheel of life and death for eternity, but yourself. Even though the mind forgets, the soul remembers. Hopefully by examining these lifetimes you will understand the truth. You are responsible for the life you have--no one else." From Sonoma, Italy, and the Middle Ages Francesca travels to uncover the truth of the wine and the two men who have fought over her for centuries. Romancing the Vines is the sweeping romance of Francesca, Enrico, and Giancarlo and the secret to the wine that has been eluding her for centuries.


  • 01:26

    Spiritual Enlightment & The Ah Ha Moment: WHERE GOD IS NUMBER ONE!

    in Dreams

    Pastor Thea and Pastor Ra'Shin will give you some great insight on today!

  • 01:59

    The Ms Benita Show & I am My Brothers Keeper: Brother EnRico's Kick off show!

    in Dreams

    On The Ms Benita Show Giving is receiving! BROTHER RICO WILL BE STARTING HIS NEW SHOW!

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    in Entertainment

    Best known as Sgt. Greg Parker in Flashpoint, but Rico Colantino is one of the best character actor Hollywood has ever produced. 
    Rico attended the University of Toronto but transferred to the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York. He graduated from the Yale School of Drama.

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    Enrico Woolford of Capitol News join Roger

    in Politics

    Enrico Woolford is one of Guyana's most creditible news broadcasters and journalists. Join Roger as he chats with Enrico to get greater insight in to latest news coming out of Guyana and his prospective on the climate there.

  • 01:06

    The Name's La Guardia

    in Politics

    Fiorello Henry La Guardia  was born Fiorello Enrico La Guardia) (December 11, 1882 – September 20, 1947) was the 99th Mayor of New York for three terms from 1934 to 1945 as a Republican. Previously he had been elected to Congress in 1916 and 1918, and again from 1922 through 1930. Irascible, energetic, and charismatic, he craved publicity and is acclaimed as one of the three or four greatest mayors in American history. Only five feet (1.52 m) tall, he was called "the Little Flower" (Fiorello is Italian for "little flower"). New York's Mayor /Tammany Hall In New York City, Tammany Hall had helped Democratic politicians maintain a tight grip on politics for years. In his 1929 bid to become mayor, La Guardia had been defeated by James J. Walker, an incumbent Tammany politician. However, corruption charges had cut Walker's term short, and La Guardia decided to run again in 1933. He won the election, becoming the first Italian-American mayor of New York City.Tonite we will learn about the lfe of Mayor Fiorello his accomplishments and how they apply today. Guest Ralph Rubinek and Doreen Finkle  nee LA Guardia
    For more about Mayor Fiorello please visit our website at http://www.studentsforabetterfuture.com/2015/03/19/the-names-la-guardia/ Sponsor Studentsforabetterfuture.com

    To donate and support the sponsor go here DONATE

    Host Ruben Torres

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    Enrico Malta, Cara Mia Trattoria owner

    in Business

    Born in Sicily, Italy in 1956, Enrico moved with his family to New York in 1962. After attending school in Queens, he moved to Manhattan in 1977 and worked in the restaurant business as a waiter, bartender and manager. He opened his first restaurant in 1982 and quickly started opening a slew of restaurants in the years following; from 1982 until 2012, with the help of his brother Bob, he opened roughly 40 establishments in Manhattan. The restaurants- mostly Italian- were a huge success and the formula was an easy one to follow: “si mangia bene, si paga poco.” This is a low risk formula that means “eat well, spent less”. The two formed NYCRG [New York Restaurant Group] which operates restaurants in the upper West Side, Hell’s Kitchen, The Theater District and Chelsea. All of these restaurants are quintessential neighborhood trattorias catering to folks that eat 3 times a week. 
      After 30 years of running NYCRG, Enrico made the move to Miami to be with his wife and son Luca. Although initially fun to live in a tropical paradise, after a year "I got a little bored- I mean how many times can you go to the beach?" he says. Thus Cara Mia was opened!  After 3 months of renovation to transform a space with a small kitchen, limited storage and low ceilings, a mixture of Fellini and industrial looks with a solid Italian menu was born. 

  • 01:46

    The Notes Behind The Music VI-The Band -SKROU

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    Members: Lead Vocals - Sam Kirou Guitars - JD Fine Bass - RC Ricci Drums - Enrico Bonatti What are you promotingThe band SKROU will be promoting their Debut CD as well as their Video's for "A Place To Shake" and "Rock It Away" … They will also be discussing their recent engagement with Rock Solid Entertainment in the UK. We will hear their new single Rock It Away.