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    Data Visualization and Capacity Exchange – DNP 14

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    It’s a multi-continent show this week as Reuven and guest Leslie Bradshaw (President, COO and Co-Founder, JESS3) are in North America while Allyson and guest Andreas Hipp (CEO and Co-Founder, Epsilon) are in Europe. Leslie is here to talk about data visualization – taking all the massive amounts of data we encounter on a daily basis and distilling it into something more engaging and exciting – while cautioning against the rise of the infographic. After a bit of technical difficulty, Andreas talks about the IT commodity market – specifically the telecom interconnection of over 400 networks globally to help info flow easily.

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    Challenges and Opportunities for the Cloud - DNP 11

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    Joining Allyson and Reuven in this Digital Nibbles are Julien Coulon (Co-Founder, Cedexis) and Lynn Sutherland (COO, Canadian Cloud Council) and Pano Xinos (VP, Quebec, Canadian Cloud Council). Julien talks about taking a federated approach to Web performance management of the cloud while Lynn and Pano give an update on the cloud in Canada and the driving forces behind adoption. For more info on the Canadian Cloud Council visit www.canadiancloudcouncil.ca and for more on Cedexis visit www.cedexis.com.

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    Women in Cloud – Digital Nibbles Podcast episode 10

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    In this lively episode, Jocelyn DeGance Graham (@JocelynDG, Founder and President, CloudNOW) and Amanda McPherson (@amcpherson, Co-Founder and VP Marketing, Linux Foundation) stop by the program. Jocelyn chats about the representation of female leadership in the technology/cloud industry and Amanda focuses on what open source means in a cloud-based world and the group’s upcoming CloudOpen event.

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    Smarter Cloud Clan Radio/Reuven Cohen, SVP, Virtustream

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    Reuven Cohen describes himself as "an instigator, part time provocateur, bootstrapper, amateur cloud lexicographer, and purveyor of random thoughts, 140 characters at a time."

    Reuven is an early innovator in the cloud computing space as the founder of Enomaly in 2004 (acquired by Virtustream in February 2012). Enomaly was among the first to develop a self service infrastructure as a service (IaaS) platform (ECP) circa 2005.

    Reuven is also the co-creator of CloudCamp, an "unconference" where early adopters of cloud computing technologies exchange ideas.

    Reuven is very active in International trade as a liaison with various governments helping define IT policy, definitions, and agendas. He has worked with NIST as well as with the governments of the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Brasil, Israel, Japan, South Korea, Philippines, Taiwan, and China. (He participated in the Sino-EU, America Cooperation Roundtable forum - Beijing, China, May 2011.)

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    Application Performance in the Cloud – DNP 009

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    In this episode from May 9, Reuven and Allyson chat with Tom Lounibos (@lounibos) from SOASTA and Dave Wright (@jungledave) from SolidFire. Tom discusses testing Web and mobile applications (simulating loads hitting a Website) and working with a federated cloud, while Dave tackles solid state cloud storage and cloud performance. And finally, Reuven keeps the show flowing while Allyson deals with phone line technical difficulties.

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    The Cloud Backbone – Infrastructure: DNP 008

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    Reuven’s hosting solo this week and his guests are Ben Kepes from Diversity Limited and Reza Malekzadeh from Nimbula. Ben chats about the infrastructure and tech industry in New Zealand and how that ties to the opportunity in emerging markets while Reza tackles a discussion of the open source model and where the infrastructure as a service (IaaS) industry is heading.
    You can find Ben on Twitter @BenKepes and more about Nimbula at www.nimbula.com.

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    Interacting with Technology – DNP 007

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    Have you ever thought about your tablet as a cave painting? Facebook as a virtual reality? The distribution of parchment writing as the very first Internet? This week’s Digital Nibbles is a wide-ranging discussion with cyborg anthropologist Amber Case (@caseorganic) touching on technology trends and how they relate to society. And how, more than ever, technology is becoming a part of you.

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    Mobile Security and the Cloud – DNP 006

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    In this episode from Pi Day, Ken Westin (@kwestin) and Michael Sheehan (@hightechdad) join Allyson and Reuven to talk about mobile devices and security in the cloud. In Ken’s interview we learned that 12,000 laptops are lost or stolen in U.S. airports every week. His company, GadgetTrak, provides theft recovery and data protection software to help alleviate those losses. And Michael covers the world of mobile device security, especially when utilizing cloud services.

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    Tools to Help Make Data Centers More Efficient – Episode 5

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    Jon Haas, a 20+ year veteran of Intel, stops by the program to talk about his work with The Green Grid, an industry consortium working to improve the resource efficiency of data centers. He chats with Allyson and Reuven about developing new tools and metrics for end users to help them make better decisions in the data center. They discuss Power Usage Effectiveness, Water Usage Effectiveness, Carbon Usage Effectiveness, and an upcoming IT recycling metric. The group also touches on “the greenness of cloud computing,” cloud development, and The Green Grid’s upcoming Forum and Members Meeting on March 6/7. You can find more on The Green Grid at http://www.thegreengrid.org.

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    What Does the Cloud Mean for Consumers? Episode 4

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    In this episode from 2/1/12, Allyson and Reuven chat with Michael Sheehan, a cloud evangelist from Go Grid who is also known as the HighTechDad. His passion for looking at technology and how it integrates into a family lifestyle made him the perfect guest to talk about the consumer cloud including what it looked like in the past (Webmail) and where we’re headed (smart household products).

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    Cloud Efficiency and Global Strategy - Episode 3

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    In this Digital Nibbles Podcast, Reuven and Allyson interview Jackson He, Intel’s General Manager for Software & Services in China, and Winston Saunders, Intel’s Director of Data Center Power Initiatives. Allyson and Reuven start by chatting about the news of the week before moving on to Jackson’s interview on the challenges and issues that face IT pros in China with enabling cloud technologies. And finally Winston tackles the cloud and data center energy efficiency.