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    Greening Your Community: Strategies For Engaged Citizens

    in Business

    Join Seba, Heru-Ka Anu host of Holistic Life Forum for a dialogue and interview on Greening Your Community and Lifestyle.

    7:00 A.M. - 8:00 A.M. - Greening Your Consciousness - A Dialogue.  Review of: Pyramids of Power - Dr. John T. Chissell

    8:00 A.M. - 9:00 A.M. Join me for an interview and conversation with author Jill Doucette on the topic of her book:  Greening Your Community: Strategies For Engaged Citizens.

    Call: 646-716-4736 to listen and/or join the discussion

    Holistic Life Forum is sponsored in part by BmoreNatural - holistic life directory  at www.BmoreNatural.Com; and by DCNatural - holistic life directory at www.DCNatural.com

    Holistic Life Forum is produced by Seba, Heru-Ka Anu in partnership with African American Media, LLC at: www.AAMedia.biz

    For information and comments write to Anu@AAMedia.biz | Call: 443-453-3010

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    Engaged Communication with CharLena

    in Women

    Do you know about CharLena's new book? Her offerings and how she can help you attain your wedding goals. Did you miss the webinar this morning too? If you'd like more information listen this evening. Besides info, she'll tell you a fable about relieving stress

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    Engaged in Conflict with Weight, Marriage, Lawsuit, Frienship or LIFE?

    in Weight Loss

    In this episode of Diet Free Life Radio with Robert Ferguson, you meet and hear from top trial lawyer and author Tom Gehring. If you are caught up in any conflict, Tom's book "Settle It! ... and Be Blessed" can provide you with a blueprint to resolve matters. Whether it's conflict with losing weight, reparing your marriage or wanting resolve with a friend, etc., the principles shared by Tom will prove helfpful.

    Tom Gehring shares personal insights, stories and lessons accumulated over the span of a successful legal career working at the crossroads of human conflict, and more than 30 years of Christian living. Examining many of the sorts of conflicts that afflict our contemporary world through the lens of ancient wisdom, Settle It! … And Be Blessed will be of interest to those who find themselves engaged in relational, business, church, and legal conflicts, as well as conflicts of a more personal nature such as habits and addictions.

    Gehring believes people are called to settle matters quickly. “Quickly, but not hastily,” he explains. “Things that God wants you to do in life, he usually wants you to do quickly.”


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    Are You Engaged?

    in Lifestyle

    Being engaged is just another word for being promised to marry. When a woman gets engaged, she starts the preparation process, which does not end until the moment she says I do.  
    In this short sermon, being engaged is not relating to marriage, but it means to participate in, become involved in. Are you engaged in your pastor’s vision? Are you engaged in your purpose God called you to fulfill? How do we get engaged? God called us to preach the gospel. He called us unto good works. We need to get engaged in God’s plan. Christ is coming back for His bride. Are you ready? Are you engaged?
    I do take prayer requests. Email me at tlive@nativeproductionsva.com or call 757-751-9177.

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    Jaden Smith Wears a Dress, Is Nicki Minaj Engaged?, Madonna & Drake + MORE

    in Entertainment

    Breaking Down Barriers.

    Join the #SundayDinnerCrew b/k/a #HolliewoodAndFriends (Hollie Wood, Venor and Miss Juddy) tonight at 8pm EST as they give you the latest #HotInTheBlogs topics as only they can!


    Jaden Smith in a dress? Is this a stand to knock down gender norms or just attention seeking?


    Hunger Games Star, Amandla Stenberg, accuses Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry and others of appropriating black culture to make money.

    Bruce Jenner.

    The Madonna & Drake kiss.

    Is Nicki Minaj really engaged to Meek Mill?

    and a whole lot MORE!

    Also #WhatBlowsMine (where you, the listener can call in and tell the world what's that one thing that just gets under your skin)

    Tune in tonight at 8pm EST!

    You can call 646-716-8544 just to listen or press 1 to be a part of the show and speak your mind on the topics.

    Are you an artist? Do you know an artist? Submit music to the be played on the show holliewoodandfriendsradio@gmail.com

    FOR BUSINESS INQUIRES: hamptonblu@gmail.com 


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    The Republican debate; How engaged are people in this election season?

    in Elections

    Rand Paul was the only person who brought up the word Ferguson or issues about police oppression.  Abortion was more important than the police brutality issue.  The abortion issue is important now because of distribution of deceased baby body parts.  However, most of the two debates centered around budgeting, government philosophy and foreign policy.  I thought people who demonstrated intelligence were Bobby Jindal, Carly Fiorina, Jeb Bush, Chris Christie, former Gov Pataki, Mike Huckabee and a few others.  Donald Trump stuck to generalizations and it will hurt him in upcoming debates.  Rand Paul went out on a limb saying he may not support giving money to Israel with borrowed money from the Chinese.  Everyone thinks Iran is the deal breaker with nuclear abuse.  Jon and Jane will discuss the highlights.  the Show will be limited to 45 minutes tonight.  Also, if we keep treating Iran like public enemy number One, how will they ever view America equitably?

    We had a live caller from upstate New York who discusses his assimilation or non assimilation in America.  He is a foreigner who found America disappointing.

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    in Christianity

    With Host & Author of 'MY 7 SECONDS IN HELL THE COMPLETE STORY" Dale Garrett & Special Guest Host Deni B Sher.

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    BudgetWeddings4U - Engaged Communication

    in Self Help

    Tonight, I am talking about your engagement and how to stay engaged with your fiance' throughout the whole process of wedding planning. It seems like a no brainer, but once that big wedding planning ship barges into your lives, it may become difficult to get a word in to anyone, even your fiance.

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    How to Build an Engaged Facebook Community: Elton Kuah

    in Business

    On Today's Episode, you will meet… Elton Kuah

    Asian International Player- a serial entrepreneur, speaker for entrepreneurship, columnist for E27 Singapore, external consultant for international market research firms, trainer and coach.

    His current portfolio includes a mobile app on Android which has currently more than 1 million downloads; (and avid explorer of design thinker to enhance human centric thinking to solve world challenging issues.)

    Served as the mentor for the recent Enterprise Future Network for Global Social Venture Competition

    Asia-Africa Competition, 1st International E-Coach from South East Asian region for Youth Employment Network (YEN), partnership agency of UN, ILO and World Bank and judge for Innotribe Startup Challenge.

    Elton co-authored and published a book in Singapore titled ‘Are You Ready To Be Next Entrepreneur’ which has been reviewed by world personalities such as Professor Jeffrey Sachs, world-renowned professor of Economics and Asia’s Number 1 motivator ‘Miss Merry Riana’ as well as other reputable entrepreneurs.

    Awarded ‘Global Mentorship Award’ by Deputy Finance Minister of Malaysia, his life lesson story was mentioned in Asian Entrepreneur Magazine where he has failed around 1,277 times to the journey to become where he is today.

    Elton is looking to work more with visionary entrepreneurs around the world, develop a world class organization, live a meaningful life through passive income streams, and currently working on his next book called ‘Becoming An Expat: Malaysia’ which to be launched worldwide in 2015.

    For Info:


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    Interspiritual Insights: Engaged

    in Spirituality

    We continue oue journey through the RHIMES lineage of Interspirituality today by examining the "E" - Engaged. Join us to learn about what it means to have a spirituality that is engaged!

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    Engaged Spirituality with Dr. Jonathan Ellerby of the Althea Center

    in Self Help

    "As you cultivate spiritual experiences through practice and intention, your inner vision will develop, your heart will open, and your mind will release the illusions that breed fear and attachment." - Dr. Jonathan Ellerby

    Tune in as Sister Jenna interviews Dr. Jonathan Ellerby on the America Meditating Radio Program.

    Featured as an expert in films, print, television, and radio, Jonathan Ellerby, Ph.D., is a two-time bestselling author.  His most recent book is entitled, “The Promise of Paradise: Life-Changing Lessons from the Tropics.” He serves as the Executive Director and Lead Minister at the Althea Center for Engaged Spirituality in Denver, Colorado.

    Dr. Jonathan has over 20 years of experience in the fields of holistic healing, spiritual counseling, integrative medicine, and corporate consulting. Drawing from a PhD in comparative religion and his travels to meet and study with healers and teachers in more than forty cultures around the world, Dr. Jonathan makes spirituality simple and every day inspired.  Dr. Jonathan has been featured as an expert for outlets such as Larry King Live, the Yoga Journal, Ladies Home Journal, Details Magazine, the New York Times, Woman’s Day, WholeLiving Magazine, CNN, Montel Williams Radio, Martha Stewart radio, Better TV, Daytime TV, CBS Morning News L.A., and several documentary films.  Visit the Althea Center’s website at www.altheacenter.org

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