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    Show #141: Engage for Success Christmas Radio Show - Working in Harmony

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    The Engage for Success Radio Show has been running for almost three years now. We had a Christmas Show at the end of the first year we were broadcasting but not last year, so we are doing something special this year.

    This was inspired by a 'morris dancing team building event' that Cathy Brown's partner donated to us (Cathy is an avid morris dancer!). And during our first year we interviewed Andrea Callanan from Sing and Inspire, talking about how they use singing to engage employees and why it is such a great tool to build team relationships, improve communication and motivate staff. And they have kindly agreed to help us out with this festive show.

    We will spend an hour rehearsing a couple of Christmas songs, in harmony - no unison singing here! And then, after a short break, we will perform live on our radio show at 5.30pm!

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    Show 124: Why and How Organisations Need to Change to Engage their Employees

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    Special Guest: Jane Ginnever, Founder of Shift

    Having started her career in customer service roles, Jane joined the RAF as a commissioned officer in 1990 to develop her leadership skills and has been in leadership positions within organisations ever since. With significant experience of financial, facilities and HR management Jane decided to specialise in HR management following completion of a MBA with the Open University in 2007.

    From 2009 to 2015 she led HR functions within 3 different businesses (between 70-650 employees), and she has recently founded Shift (http://www.shift-work.co.uk ), a management consultancy focussed on developing a culture of engagement and innovation within organisations through flexible working and performance management initiatives, fitting them for the future. Through her consultancy work she combines her knowledge of HR practice, experience of line management, change leadership and business effectiveness to help individual organisations change, with a view to changing the world of work.

    We talk about why organisations need to change, Jane’s vision for the future of work and her practical experience of implementing culture change which have informed her views about what organisations need to do to really engage their people.

    Host: Jo Moffatt

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    Show #43: Engage for Success - The Movement 'One Year On'

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    The Engage for Success Movement 'Go Live' was November 2012. What has happened since then, where is employee engagement and the Movement going 'one year on'. Join Wendy and Jo to find out

    Special guests: Wendy Leedham - Programme Director of Engage for Success and Jon Ingham 

    Host: Jo Moffatt

    Back channel: https://plus.google.com/communities/118419210283831602780/events

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    Show #36: Singing, a Tool to Encourage People to Engage

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    Special guest: Andrea Callanan of Sing & Inspire   “Why singing is such an amazing tool to encourage people to engage with themselves and others, and how we’ve successfully utilised singing in Sing & Inspire to impact and benefit businesses across the UK.”   We’ll be interviewing Andrea Callanan, co-director of Sing & Inspire. Andrea is a classically trained musician who’s been singing professionally for nearly 2 decades. Andrea has been teaching music for over 23 years and since 2000, she’s been a leading Voice Coach in the Welsh music industry.   Sing & Inspire was founded when Andrea and her business partner Georgina Jones realised the business benefits of this motivational training and married it together with Georgina’s business skill base and idea for motivational business choirs. Andrea’s experience with preventing and correcting vocal health problems with performers over the years also led to developing a vocal health training package for business which is needed so badly in voice heavy industries and is fast becoming an essential part of occupational health and wellbeing across contact centers   Host: Jo Dodds Back channel: https://plus.google.com/communities/118419210283831602780/events

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    Show #89: Discover Engage for Success & Get Involved!

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    Special Guests: Ruth Lawton, HR Director, Employee Engagement at GKN and Rob Bridges, Colleague Engagement at Boots UK

    Engage for Success is a not for profit organisation that is only successful because of the energy and contributions of the people involved.  Be it organisations who have seconded employees on a full or part time basis, our taskforce members, our volunteers who take on ad hoc projects or the Chairs and members of our sub groups.  

    We are holding an open evening on 10th December at RMG Networks (25 Old Broad Street, London) and on this week's Radio Show you can hear from previous secondees Ruth and Rob about how they and their organisations benefitted from their time with Engage for Success. 

    Host: Jo Moffatt

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    Show #75: Experiences of an Engage for Success Secondee

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    Special Guest: Rob Bridges, Engage for Success Communications Manager

    Rob Bridges is currently on a full time secondment at Engage for Success from his substantive post in the Learning & Development team at Boots. Fascinated with how and why people do the things that they do, Rob is passionate about working with teams and people to enable them to maximise their performance, as well as exploring how better understanding and engagement of people as individuals can make every manager, leader and organisation more successful.

    Rob talks about his experiences of being part of the Engage for Success Core team and how you and your organisation can benefit from secondment to the movement as well as how you can find out what's going on within the movement.

    Host: Cathy Brown

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    Interview: Brian Kelly of Kissmetrics - Conversions and the Launch of Engage

    in Marketing

    If you've been around the online marketing space for a while, there's no way that you haven't bumped into Kissmetrics when you're talking about visitor behavior, analyzing key insights or conversion optimization. CEO Brian Kelly is an entrepreneur with extensive experience in bringing software solutions to market. His specialties are analytics, CRM and mobile apps.

    Brian discusses the limitations and challenges of analytics platforms - announcing the new platform for Kissmetrics that takes insights from their core product (now named Analyze) to produce actionable results in Kissmetrics Engage.

    Kissmetrics Engage goes beyond the standard call-to-action, putting you a step ahead of the customer journey. These aren’t your standard popups: set these nudges to appear with exact triggers to particular audiences. Want new visitors to see a newsletter lightbox? Greet a campaign audience with a unique banner? Give a special offer to a buyer stalling in your shopping cart? Set it up and test easily with Engage, no IT or design resources required.

    This is an incredible glimpse into the future of marketing platforms that don't simply report on performance - but actually utilize machine learning, testing and big data, to optimize the performance without guessing.

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    Show #19: David MacLeod - Co-Chair of Engage for Success

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    We review the main insights generated in employee engagement over the last couple of weeks, the conversations which have been stimulated by the movement and the future events and outputs to watch out for.
    Special guest: David MacLeod - Co-Chair of Engage for Success
    Hear the latest, send us questions on our Google+ page or even dial in to speak to David live!
    Hosts: Jo Moffatt
    Back channel: https://plus.google.com/communities/118419210283831602780/events

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    Show #63: Exciting times for Engage for Success

    in Business

    Cathy Brown, Exec Director of Engage for Success, will be talking about:

    The three objectives of E4S for the future
    Expected outputs from the current research groups
    New research directions
    Secondees to the Engage for Success team
    How you get involved!

    Host: Freddie Guilmard

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    Show #48: Christmas Wishes from Engage for Success!

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    We have a special Christmas Show for our last of the year. We have some carols, an interview with members of the Birmingham City Council Choir as featured on the BBC programme The Choir, some new year's resolutions, some shout outs to great engagement practitioners and an interview with a very special festive guest!

    This show is an extended show to fit in all the contributions that we have received. We have no idea how long it will actually last (certainly no longer than 2 hours!) but don't worry if you have to hop off and do something else, it will all be recorded!

    Special guests: Raffaella Goodby, Chantelle as well as another rather special festive guest!

    Hosts: Jo Moffatt, Jo Dodds and Cathy Brown