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    Voice of Energy Medicine

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    The Energy Medicine Exchange is a co-operative of wellness professionals, energy medicine practitioners, scientists and well-wishers who seek to promote and protect energy medicine worldwide.
    EMER is our voice, true to our philosophy of not building any structures, we are delighted to partner with Blogtalkradio.com
    Dr Thornton Streeter, a scientist and practitioner, has been researching the efficacy of energy medicine modalities for 17 years, and is committed to promoting and protecting those that prove their merit.
    In this radio broadcast, he will discuss the recent developments in energy medicine and will encourage you to embrace the gentle approach that reaches and heals the roots of disease.

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    Energy Medicine & Feng Shui

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    Today's Subject: ''Alternative Medicine''. -In this show we will explore how energy moves in the Universe and how we can tune in the right frequency, using all tools available, (like crystals, meditations, affirmations, Ayurveda, animals, feng shui, prayers, food, sound, angels) for our well being our inner peace and joy! But most of all we are going to have fun!! Can't wait to talk to you....-Blessings! -Eirini Sendona /Life Force Healing Practitioner ® / Feng Shui Practitioner® / Spiritual Life Coach® /Prayer Practitioner ® / Akashic Records - Book of Life Specialist ® /Spirit Guide Coach Practitioner ® /Reiki Master® /www.flyingstars.gr -facebook page: Energy Medicine & Feng Shui

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    EM EX Radio the Voice of Energy Medicine

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    Hi there, I’m Thornton Streeter your host, welcome to EMEX radio the voice of Energy medicine brought to you by members of the energy medicine exchange. i am also happy to introduce Lydia Proschinger, who launches her new regular show.  Our aim is to inform the public about safe professional healing modalities and to share clinical experience, news on leading edge research and provide a forum for professional practitioners to present their own ideas and passion.
    visit for more details about EMEX radio

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    EMX radio broadcasting live at the Energy Medicine Exchange

    in Health

    This 2 hour show is presented by  the team behind the 1st Energy Medicine Exchange online seminar.
    It is free and goes on all day!
    visit our group on facebook to find out details how to attend this free event 

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    Energy Medicine & Feng Shui Show Today's Subject: ''Alternative Medicine''.

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    Today's Subject: ''Alternative Medicine''In this show we will explore how energy moves in the Universe and how we can tune in the right frequency, using all tools available, (like crystals, meditations, affirmations, animals, feng shui, prayers, food, sound, angels) for our well being our inner peace and joy! But most of all we are going to have fun!! Can't wait to talk to you....Blessings! Eirini Sendona Life Force Healing Practitioner ® / Feng Shui Practitioner® / Spiritual Life Coach® /Prayer Practitioner ® / Akashic Records - Book of Life Specialist ® /Spirit Guide Coach Practitioner ® /Reiki Master® www.flyingstars.gr, facebook page: Energy Medicine & Feng Shui

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    From Weird to Wonder - Energy Medicine in Every Day Life

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    From Weird to Wonder airs Thursdays, Starting January 24. at 1 pm Eastern, 11 am Mountain and 10 am Pacific Time.
    January 24th (pre- recorded)
    How do you go from burn out to being a shining star helping others succeed in business?
    That is what I will be asking my guest Cory Michelle, Intuitive Entrepreneur & Success Catalyst, On the January 24th edition of From Weird to Wonder. Call in for a free clearing of your assumptions, beliefs, and bugaboos your about business so you can thrive! 
    Form Weird to Wonder is making Energy Medicine the “new normal” in health care through education, access to energy medicine tools, and practical business tips for energy medicine practitioners.
    Interviews  include live call in shows with practitioners, authors, scientists, artists, and business expertswho will talk about all things weird and wonderful in world of energy medicine.
    Your host is Aprylisa Snyder, of Heal, Create, Thrive with Aprylisa Healing Arts (healcreatethrive.com) For replays, resources and offers go to www.HealCreateThirve.com and click the purple botton: From Weird to Wonder.

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    Amazing Energy with Edd Edwards and Cristina Smith

    in Health

    Edd Edwards has being doing energy works since he was an infant. We will explore how subtle energy can work to help you heal your life, the special gifts that are available to us if we could only discover them and how to feel the healing energy available to you freely flowing from the universal source .Edd L. Edwards was born and raised in Clayton, Georgia, a small town in the northeastern part of the state in beautiful Rabun County. He lives there to this day, operating a custom photo and printing studio that he inherited from his grandparents.

    At this point Edd began deliberately interacting with people who were ill or in pain, trying different kinds of pulse patterns and experimenting with patterns of energy waves until the pain or illness was relieved. He found that it made no difference if he was working with someone one on one, or with many people at once. His healing gift was effective whether he was in the same room as the receiver, or miles removed. He has found that he is able to transmit the healing energy on the phone, on the internet, over the radio – there do not seem to be any limitations.

    It is humanity’s great blessing that he feels this way and continues to want only to share his gift.

    Cristina is the CEO of Subtle Energy Center and noted Medical Intuitive.



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    Energy Medicine

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    Energetics, Regeneration, Anti Aging, Longevity, Energy Medicine, Better Sleep

    These are just some of the goods we all think about at one time or another.  Dr. James Oschman is an expert on the conditions that occupy our minds.  He has published more than 30 full length scientific articles in some of the worlds leading academic journals and 50 articles in alternative and complementary therapy journals.  Jim's writings synthesize the science and the experience of a variety of bodywork, energetic, and movement therapies.

    Join us as Dr. James Oschman talks about his research that he has compiled into two classic books, Energy Medicine: The Scientific Basis and Energy Medicine in Therapeutics and Human Performance.  Dr. Oschman has degrees in Biophysics and Biology from the University of Pittsburgh.  Jim has served as acting President of the New England School of Acupuncture and as President of the International Society for the Study of the Subtle Energies and Energy Medicine.  Dr. Oschman continues his research and writing in Dover, New Hampshire, where he is President of Nature's Own Research Association.  He presents lectures and workshops on energy medicine around the world.

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    Life as a Medicine Walk water fluid energy

    in Current Events

    Water, earthquakes, double eclipse!

    A fantastic new show on Symbiotic Permaculture and Sustainability- the most talked about issues that face humanity and the most growing industry to be involved in. With your favorite hosts visionaire permaculturalist ' the professor' Galan of Gaia and our beloved mystic cosmic alchemical healer Rev. Annique of Gaia.

    Join us weekly as we share new innovative concepts of sovereingty and symbiotic permaculture for sustainability.

    Today Galan enlightens us with the free energy of flowing water, a blessed resource; disolving mono beliefs that bind nature's teachings. Oh and so much more....

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    Learn Energy Medicine-Pt 2, Chakra Balance

    in Self Help

    Join Teresa for Part 2 of Learn Energy Medicine, a deep dive into Chakra Balance as a tool for preventative health care. Register for the call and receive a Free gift, a 15 minute delicious Chakra Balance Meditation CD, with original music and stunning visualizations. Register Here You will also receive follow up materials, and a personal not from Teresa after the call.

    We will learn:

    The properties of each individual chakra
    Symptoms of Balanced and Unbalanced Chakras
    3 balancing techniques
    The Subtle Body Connection
    The Complimentary chakras

    Teresa will open up the phone lines for Q & A at the end of this call. If you connect with Skype, from anywhere in the world Teresa is happy to take your questions.


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    Joyful Journeys-Learn Energy Medicine, Pt 1

    in Self Help

    Learn Energy Medicine by Teresa Maron

    Join Teresa Maron for an Introductory 6 week course in Energy Medicine, the most self empowering form of preventative care. Teresa, author of The Cause of All Disease is Stress, has been in private practice since 2004. Her book is the results of her research and findings after 1000's of one-on-one sessions. Her Intentional Meditation Series is a comprehensive program that teaches her unique system and methods. Teresa offers this free class to  bring awareness of the early symptoms of  deadly stress, and how to remove it before it enters the body as a physical disease.  It's gentle, non invasive and sustainable! This course is fun and available to everyone, but it is required for her new associates to complete before becoming an accredited Joyful Journeys affiliate.

    Remove Stress-Reverse Aging-Reduce Disease-Create Better Cells

     This curriculum for the 6 week course is :

    Intro to Energy Medicine
    Chakra Balance for Preventing Disease
    How Akashic Readings Work
    Every Day Crystal and Gemstone Healing
    Using Color to Improve Intuition
    3 Meditations for Quick Results

    Join us every Monday, 6:00pm CST! The class is an introductory level, and is not a certification program. However, Teresa will be giving you some of her secrets, learned over decades of study. There will be a Free Instructional Product offered each week. The week it's a Free Chakra report!

    Contact Teresa and Get her FREE Chakra Report at http://joyfuljourneys.us/

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