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    The Power of The Heart - from the director of The Secret

    in Spirituality

    . Did you know that living from your heart has immediate benefits? It triggers about 1,400 biochemical changes. It shifts your thoughts from negative to positive raising endorphin levels while simultaneously decreasing cortisol levels resulting in stress reduction – which studies prove is the cause of 90% of disease.  Anti-aging processes begin, DHEA levels, the life-giving hormone, surges in our bodies. Our immune systems become really strong. We think more clearly. We become less aggressive and more compassionate, appreciative, caring and grateful.

    There is a film called The Power of The Heart, our topic for discussion and joining me Baptist de Pahpay, a lawyer turned author and filmmaker. Baptist has traveled around the world to interview the spiritual teachers in the film and book and I most certainly am most grateful to have him here to speak on what I believe is vital to humanity.

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    Dawnbreaker Meditation

    in Self Help

    Start the day with a peaceful event, The falcon guide meditation takes you on a journey of discovery while setting your energy for an awesome day. For those developing skills or seeking a communication with guidance energies this certainly helps to open that door, it is a great way to initiate a meditation practice to experience for yourself the sensation of peace whilst taking a visual ride. The third eye responds particularly well to engaging in feel good activities, it is well proven that visualizing activates areas of the brain regardless of reality offering the endorphin response along with the calming effect of just taking a bit of time for pure pleasure. 

    More of dorothy's downloadable  Hypnosis & Meditations at https://play.google.com/store/music/artist?id=Atagtmz6ii2iuyox44rknb2nukm

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    Is There a Psychological Influence and Purpose Within Music?

    in Music

    Live on deck: GRAND PUBA



    Topic: Is There a Psychological Influence and Purpose Within Music?


    Music rather conscious or unconscious music takes on an intricate role in our daily lives. Psychologically it it influence act and react in many ways. For example; If were to go out to dinner for a a romantic occasion, your choice of restaurant for the evening would probably be a lounge that is know for easy listening music. On the other hand if you were to be going out for a girls night out or for a good night out with your boys, you are more likely to choose a club scene know for its upbeat an highly energetic atmosphere. Why is that?... one may ask, well when the neurotransmitters known as Dopamine are released in your brain it triggers off a gratifying stimuli that influences your mood, this the same endorphin's that influences your taste buds and reactions to other feel good activities such as receiving flowers or a birthday gift.

    Corporate America realizes and capitalize on the physiological potential of music all of the time, for this reason music is used in just about everything we engage in as humans. Advertising, sitcoms, movies, sport activities video games, ringtone are all the many examples of its purpose and influence that music has on the human psyche. This episode will take an analytical peak into the power of music. 


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    Ep 53- The Endorphin Effect with William Bloom

    in Self Help

    Author and Transformation Coach Lynn Serafinn hosts Author and Transformation Coach Lynn Serafinn world renowned author, teacher, spiritual activist William Bloom. Author of “The Endorphin Effect,” “Feeling Safe,” “Psychic Protection,” and “Soulution: The Holistic Manifesto,” William is of the UK's most experienced teachers, healers and authors in the field of holistic development. His background includes a two-year spiritual retreat living amongst the Saharan Berbers in the High Atlas Mountains, 30 years on the faculty of the Findhorn Foundation, co-founder and director for 10 years of the St. James's Church Alternatives Programme in London, and is the founder and co-director of The Foundation for Holistic Spirituality. In this week’s show, William will be sharing his groundbreaking with the “Endorphin Effect”, a true unification of mind, body and spirit, in which we train our brains to evoke feelings of physical and emotional euphoria, so we can lead happier, healthier and more stress-free lives.

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    DEFCON-versations with John Dilley on Grilliant Ideas Radio Network

    in Food

    Welcome to John Dilley's Defcon-versations Radio Show! Where we talk about what's HOT in the Sauce World!

    John's Special Guest this week is Adam Fehr

    General Manager of Endorphin Farms www.endorphinfarms.com 

    You wanna learn about bottling sauces?? Adam is the Man!!

    If you want more info or would like to be on a future show..contact John at www.defconsauces.com

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    in Religion

    WHAT IS YOUR DRUG OF CHOICE? Endorphin or Morphine Join me today as I reveal, explain, illuminate and simplify how the enemy has most of us hooked on a chemical stimulant instead of our inside treasure!

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    Meet Your Happy Chemicals

    in Spirituality

    So, what makes you happy? Do you like being happy? Would you like to be happy more often?
    Humans have emotional ups and downs because we’ve inherited the operating system of earlier mammals. The mammal brain releases dopamine when we approach a reward, and serotonin when we get respect. Oxytocin gives us a good feeling when we trust, and endorphin makes us feel good when we’re injured. These happy chemicals evolved to do a job, not to surge all the time. Your brain defines that job in its own way because it built happy chemical pathways from your unique experience. You can build new pathways to turn them on in new ways. Tonight you’ll learn how to get through that challenge. You  can choose new happy habits that are right for you, and repeat them until new circuits build. Our mammal brain evolved to rely on the circuits it built in youth, and to use unhappy chemicals as much as the happy ones. But if you repeat a new behavior for 45 days, the electricity in your brain will start surging down the new path.

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    What's got you blue or down in the dumps.Listen and find out

    in Education

    We will be discussing steps to avoid stress and depression. 
    How do you de-stress and rewind after a long days work in the rat-race??? Do you use music to unwind???
    Live guests to perform on the air. Tune in to hear.
    Learn tips on ways you can make a healthy lifestyle and fight stress every step of the way. Don't give in to depression.
    Have you had "The Talk" with your child on what to do if they should encounter a pedophile??? Call in and share your tips and learn how to protect your kids.
    Call in live at 6:30pm est. (718) 664-6189

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    The Runners Chat Show

    in Sports

    What does a marathon look like through your eyes and what have you learned about yourself running marathons? We'll talk about this, plus future goals with an All-Star panel. Join this live show as we welcome Dave Mari, Greg Goebel and The Endorphin Dude. We'll also have the 5K where the panel can talk about anything on their mind

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    The Psychic Medium Spasoff Show With Dr Richard Norris MBA

    in Paranormal

    We would like to welcome !
    Guest Dr Richard Norris between 430pm-5:00pm live interview.Call in (347) 850-8036 for your complimentary readings between 5pm-6pm
    Richard is currently experiencing growth in his speaking business (or messaging business as he prefers to call it). Increasingly Richard’s articles are being published and requested globally on a range of topics around business, leadership and personal success are growing globally; his new book, Hoof it! 7 Key Lessons on Your Journey of Successis appealing to all who pick it up and implement the lessons; he co-edited Lessons Learned from the Recessionby Ask the Experts which was recently launched and he has written a chapter on dynamic business development for The Business Experts Guide to Small Business Success.
    As part of his Journey of Success, Richard has also captained, coached and motivated sports individuals and teams to realise their potential. As a competitive swimmer for 23 years, Richard lives by the adage a healthy body is a healthy mind.  Today Richard continues to get his endorphin fix whether in the gym, on the road or in a pool.
    Lifelong learning is a must for Richard so he has invested significantly in his own personal development. He understands the power of applied learning that allows for growth and delivers results simply, effectively and consistently.
    With an absolute belief that inside everyone is greatness, Richard, by example and passion, uniquely inspires this belief in others.
    Currently Richard is living in Scotland. Aside from his many achievements he is most proud of his family. He is happily married to Nancy who he declares he loves more and more each day. They have two beautiful children - Dreanna who is a graceful little lady and Jensen who puts the “boy” in “Oh boy!”

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    Understanding Self-Leadership

    in Business

    Richard Norris is the author of “Hoof it! 7 Key Lessons on Your Journey of Success.” His purpose is to bring transformation to people’s lives so that they are living to fulfill their purpose whether at work, rest, or play.
    From a veterinarian delivering calves and doing eyelid surgery on leopards, to an army officer responsible for security and animal welfare, to a post-grad student in internal medicine and an MBA, to unemployed, to an award-winning business coach and business development strategist, Richard’s own success journey has been dynamic and diverse. Along the way he has also captained, coached, and motivated sports individuals and teams to realize their potential.
    What became apparent is that Richard truly excels at challenging the status quo and clients to be better, to do better, and to attain better results across their lives, businesses, and organizations. That applies whether working with entrepreneurs or executives, leaders or followers, individuals or teams.
    Richard contributes articles to various publications on-line and in print on a range of topics around business, leadership, and personal success. He also presents, speaks, and lectures across various institutions, conferences, and events around the globe.
    As a competitive swimmer for twenty-three years, Richard lives by the adage a healthy body is a healthy mind. Today Richard continues to get his endorphin fix whether in the gym, on the road, or in a pool.
    Richard is a lifelong learner and has invested significantly in his own personal development. He understands the power of applied learning that allows for growth and delivers results simply, effectively, and consistently.
    With an absolute belief that inside everyone is greatness, Richard, by example and passion, uniquely inspires this belief in others.

    Connect with Richard: