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    Ending Homelessness

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    Host Donald Whitehead will welcome key leaders, grassroots organizers, experts, and other voices to discuss ending homelessness, progressive politics, culture, demographics, social justice, economic justice, social change, community action, community organizing, and more!

    Donald's guest is Josh Spring, Executive Director, Cincinnati Homeless Coalition

    Josh graduated from the College of Social Work at Xavier University.  Josh is a Licensed Social Worker.  Previously, Josh was the Social Worker for Tenants of Over-the-Rhine Community Housing’s 250 units of affordable housing.   Josh noticed that repeatedly Tenants or those that wanted to be Tenants were experiencing the same repeated issues.  This built a desire to organize systematic efforts to take on the root causes of homelessness, leading Josh to the Coalition.

    Josh began learning about homelessness from those who were homeless; while working in the transitional housing building of Tender Mercies, an agency providing affordable housing for people who have been homeless with mental illness.


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    Ending Homelessness

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    Ending Homelessness Radio host Donald Whitehead discusses: Ending Homelessness, homeless families, homeless veterans, progressive politics, culture, demographics, social justice, economic justice, justice, society, social change, community action, community organization, and more!

    Homeless and African American
    Donald and his guests explore the lack of support from the African American community on the issue. 

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    Ending Homelessness

    in Politics Progressive

    Ending Homelessness Radio host Donald Whitehead discusses Ending Homelessness, homeless families, homeless veterans, progressive politics, demographics, social justice, economic justice, justice, society, social change, community action, community organization, and more!

    Frank Paul Pontillo is Co-Pastor with REMAR USA, an arm of Remar International an international Christian Ministry that operates in 70 countries. They provide rehabilitation homes and farms to house and help persons suffering with drug and alcohol addictions and other problems such as homelessness. Remar International also runs a network of orphanages throuout the world. Remar USA holds a weekly Sunday service in Fort Lauderdale and serves a free meal to the homeless and poor afterwords. The staff from Remar USA comes each week to transport persons that want to join our longterm rehabilitation program.Frank is intimately involved with the Fort Lauderdale downtown communities homeless on a daily basis and also minister to the men in the Remar rehabilitation program.

    Laura Hansen has served as the C.E.O. of the Coalition to End Homelessness since 1996. The Coalition currently operates a drop-in center for chronically homeless people in greater Fort Lauderdale known as “The Yellow House”. Laura also serves on the Board of Directors for the National Coalition for the Homeless in D.C., the Living Wage Board of Broward County and the local EFSP Board.

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    A Happy Ending

    in Christianity

    Today I want to talk to you about a happy ending. We all like a good ending, and a happy ending makes for a good ending. We read books to get to the ending, we watch movies to see how it ends. I can endure a slow start or even a bad start to a movie or book if it picks up and has a good ending. We can't even begin to count how many children's books end with the line “and they lived happily ever after.” It's just something in our nature that wants to see things work in a good way for good people.


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    Ending Homelessness

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    Kim Aiken (Cockerham) won the title of Miss Columbia in 1993 which led her to the crown of Miss South Carolina.  At 18 years old she won the coveted title of Miss America making her only the second Miss South Carolina to win the national title.

    Kim’s platform during her reign was her HERO Program for the homeless.  Her year of service as Miss America helped generate public awareness about homelessness and brought a better public understanding of this significant social dilemma. Kim has made numerous television appearances and was recognized in People Magazine as one of the "Fifty Most Beautiful People in the World". She has received numerous keys to cities for her humanitarian efforts.  In addition she was also awarded “The Order of the Palmetto” which is the highest honor to be given to any South Carolinian.

    After graduating from New York University, Kim pursued a career in public accounting with Ernst & Young LLP, one of the Big Four accounting firms. Today, she is a community volunteer and entrepreneur, and motivational speaker. A professional speaker for nearly twenty years, she entertains and inspires audiences with her programs, using her varied experiences and sharing stories of overcoming obstacles, such as brain surgery.

    Kim is the daughter of Valerie and Charles Aiken of Columbia, South Carolina.  She is married and loves being mom to her two beautiful children.

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    Ending Homelessness

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    The show takes an in depth look at the Panhandling.  Mitch Ditkoff is the co-founder and President of Idea Champions, a highly acclaimed management consulting and training company, headquartered in Woodstock, NY.

    Educated at Lafayette College and Brown University, Mitch has worked with a wide variety of Fortune 500 and mid-sized companies who have realized the need to do something different in order to succeed in today's rapidly changing marketplace. These clients include: GE, Merck, AT&T, Allianz, Lucent Technologies, NBC Universal, Goodyear, A&E Television Networks, General Mills, MTV Networks, PricewaterhouseCoopers, and a host of others.

    At the heart of his work lies the fundamental belief that a company's most important capital asset is the collective brain power, creativity and commitment of its work force and that this asset can be significantly leveraged when people are provided with the appropriate setting, systems, tools and techniques to think (and act) out of the box.

    In addition to his consulting work, Mitch is also an accomplished keynote speaker and large group workshop facilitator. In 2013 and 2014, he was named one of the TOP FIVE speakers on innovation by one of the leading speaker's bureaus in America.

    His widely read blog, The Heart of Innovation, is a daily destination for a global audience of movers and shakers. Additionally, Mitch is the author of the award-winning book, Awake at the Wheel: Getting Your Great Idea Rolling (in an uphill world) and the forthcoming WISDOM AT WORK: How Personal Storytelling Sparks Insight, Inspiration, and Lifelong Innovation.

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    The Cast of the film "Happy Ending"

    in Pop Culture

    Described as a hot and hilarious romp of a scifi-horror comedy feature that chronicles what happens when an alien predator invades a remote desert bordello, forcing the Working Girls and their Johns to fight for their lives...and humanity's survival, this indie gem is directed by Phil Condit and has one hell of a cast! Maria Olsen, Victoria De Mare, &  Dawna Lee Heising all play outragous characters that you have to see to believe! With a crazy science fiction vibe, we'll be playing music that will set the tone for this alien erotic horror adventure while the cast of the film joins us to tell the twisted tale of what a Happy Ending really means! ;) 




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    Ending Homelessness/Procedural Justice

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    Ending Homelessness

    Paul Boden (Executive and Organizing Director) became homeless at the age of 16 after the death of his mother. He began volunteering at a drop-in shelter in San Francisco in 1983, eventually becoming a program director there. He then worked as a case manager in a supportive hotel program for mentally ill people. Paul served as Executive Director of San Francisco's Coalition on Homelessness for 16 years and was a founder of the Community Housing Partnership, a nationally recognized permanent housing corporation with optional supportive services. He served as president of its Board for 10 years. 

    Maria Foscarinis is founder and executive director of the National Law Center on Homelessness & Poverty, a nonprofit based in Washington, D.C. that serves as the legal arm of the national movement to end homelessness. Ms. Foscarinis has advocated for solutions to homelessness at the national level since 1985, when she left her career at a major law firm to become an advocate for homeless people.

    Amy Sawyer currently serves as a Regional Coordinator at the United States Interagency Council on 
    Homelessness (USICH), a principal representative and bridge between the work of the full Council and 
    states and communities. 

    7:30 pm Procedural Justice with Rev. Madeine Sadler

    Sebastian Goodson, 25 year veteran of the War on Drugs, Charlotte, NC

    Dr. Earle Williams, Forensic Psychologist, Norfolk, VA

    Chuck Alphin, Founder, Building Life Foundations-Non Violence Center, Ferguson, MO


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    Ending Homelessness

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    Carmela J. DeCandia, Psy.D. - Director, The National Center on Family Homelessness
    Dr. Carmela DeCandia is a licensed clinical psychologist with specialties in trauma, child and adolescent development, program development, and assessment. Throughout her career, she has worked with underserved populations, including young parents and children and families experiencing homelessness and trauma as well as those involved in the child welfare system. She has spent more than 20 years in roles that include service delivery, program management, clinical director, and vice president. She spent over a decade at St. Mary's Center for Women and Children in Dorchester, MA, working with families experiencing homelessness and trauma to achieve residential and economic stability, educational advancement, and emotional well-being. Dr. DeCandia has worked as a school psychologist in an inner-city charter school in Boston, MA, conducting school-based assessments. She has also taught as adjunct faculty at Lesley University about understanding trauma in the lives of children and adolescents and using play to assess and treat young children. Dr. DeCandia received a Master of Psychology from Boston University, a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology from Antioch University New England, and a mastery certificate in Global Mental Health from the Harvard Program in Refugee Trauma.   

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    KOC: Never Ending Beginings

    in Spirituality

    Next on "Kept on Campus"
    with hosts "Ambassadors Winston T. Lewis III & Quinton K. Lewis"
    Brought to you by "Kingdom United Ministries Network"
    Call (914) 803-4491 to listen LIVE and press (1) to speak with the hosts

      Happy new year everybody! Yet again another year has come and gone filled with various accomplishments, mistakes, or any other thing under the sun. As we start off with a fresh new year full of mystery and a whole new journey ahead of us. As many have graduated in the past year as well as started other new levels of life, there are many new beginings at hand that we all will be facing. Join us on the first KOC broadcast of 2015 as we shed some light on the perspectives we have moving into a new situations. If you want to speak with us and put your in put on the broadcast feel free to contact us with the number above! Now get ready to take the next step in Never Ending Beginings!

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    Ending Homelessness

    in Politics Progressive

    Guests former Rep. Dennis Kucinich, Joel Segal, Lynn Lewis and Gregory Payton

    Dennis Kucinich was homeless as a child living with his parents in the family car. From 1977-1979 Dennis was Mayor of Cleveland. From 1997 to 2013 he was a Member of the U.S. House.

    Joel Segal is a former senior Congressional staffer for John Conyers. He has been actively involved in ending homelessness for several decades in North Carolina and nationally.

    Lynn Lewis is the Director and past civil rights campaign organizer at Picture the Homeless, one of the few homeless led grass roots organizing initiatives in the U.S.   Lynn has worked with Picture the Homeless since it’s founding nearly 15 years ago.  Lynn previously worked as the Director of Operations and Development at Community Voices Heard and is a past Board member of the National Coalition for the Homeless, and a founding board member of the Florida Coalition for the Homeless and the Jacksonville Emergency Services Coalition. 

    Gregory is a social worker who has dedicated his life to speaking for those who can’t speak; standing for those who can’t stand; and fighting for those who can’t fight. Over the last 17 years, he has worked as an Intern, Research Assistant, Residential Monitor, Intake Worker, Outreach Worker, Intake Coordinator, Program Coordinator, Representative, Case Manager, Facilitator, and Counselor for a variety of non-profits and social service agencies and programs that work with the homeless, chemically-dependent, and mentally ill population.

    7:30 Ending Mass Criminalization with Dr. Madeline McClenney-Sadler guest Henderson Hill, Executive Director of The Death Penalty Abolition Campaign. In 1995 Mr. Hill founded the Center for Death Penalty Litigation in Durham.


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