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    Thanksgiving Day Update: End Times Prophecy Report

    in Christianity

    End Times Prophecy Report files a 15-minute Thanksgiving Day report on prophecy in the news.

    We'll be looking at developments leading to World War 3 as well as other happenings.

    And seeing how Thursday is Thanksgiving...we'll also cover Thanksgiving Day Quotes: 15 Thanksgiving Quotes to Eat Turkey By.

    Your host: Mondo Frazier.

    NOTE: It looks like ETPR will be back on a regular schedule once more after having our schedule disrupted during the last ten weeks.  Look for us back on Thursdays at 11 pm EST.

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    Is the Pope the Pied Piper for the World-Wide Whore Religion of the End Times?

    in Christianity

    TEXT: Revelation 17:1-6

    Some Bible scholars believe that the Babylonian whore described in this passage is the Roman Catholic church.
    John MacArthur said, 'The Roman Catholic Church will be at the center of this coming together of world religions into one.'
    Ray Stedman said, “When we put all these clues together it is impossible to avoid the conclusion that this pictures the Roman Catholic Church. It is a church that arises during the present church age, but comes to its greatest power in the last seven years of this age, after the true church has been raptured.”
    Dave Hunt said, "Against only one other city in history could a charge of fornication be leveled. That city is Rome, and more specifically Vatican City. She claims to have been the worldwide headquarters of Christianity since its beginning and maintains that claim to this day."


    Today, we come to the third phase of our mini-series titled "The Ruler of the Nations." We are looking at God's dealings in prophecy with Gentiles, and we have seen what the Bible calls the spirit of Antichrist. From the writings of the Apostle John, we have learned that this spirit is in the church today among those who call themselves Christians, but who do not believe that Jesus is the Son of God and the Saviour of the world, and who seek to undermine the preaching of the pure Gospel. We also talked about the spirit of antichrist that is in the world today and how the Holy Spirit empowers us to resist and combat that spirit.


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    The Gift of Tongues, Prophecy, Prophets & End-Time Denial

    in Christianity

    Tonight on PROPHECY QUAKE starting @8:00 PM CST, we will discuss the baptism of the Holy Spirit and the gifts of tongues and prophecy! We will look at the Scriptures that prove this experience with God and His gifts are for today. We will also look at the ministry of Old & New Testament prophets and how that ministry continues in our time. We expose the un-biblical attitude of many Christians who despise prophesying and the gift of tongues. These “Holy Spirit quenching” believers end up despising prophetic warnings and wind up in end-time denial. We will either be the wise virgins who have our lamps full of Holy Ghost oil or we will be like the foolish virgins who didn’t have enough oil to carry them through to the end. To listen by phone or to speak with the host, you can call 347-884-8566.

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    End Times Study

    in Christianity

    An end times bible study that will surely bless you

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    End Times Study Introduction

    in Christianity

    A special Friday night bible study on the topic of end time prophecy

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    End Times Prophecy Report 3 - The Times in Which We Live

    in Christianity

    End Times Prophecy Report:
    The website: End Times Prophecy Report
    Our first live, publicized show.
    What does the Bible have to say about the times in which we live? 
    Topics include--but are not limited to:
    End Times Bible Prophecy and News, End Times Deception, Societal Collapse, Apostasy, False Teachers, Mass Hysteria, Demonic Attacks, War, Rumors of War, Famine, Pestilence, Salvation through Jesus Christ, Earthquakes, UFOs, Earth Changes, False Christs, All Roads Lead to Rome, New World Order, Conspiracies, Nephilim, Giants, GMO Frankenfood, NWO
    ALSO - From the Bible:
    How can someone be spiritually prepared for the times which are coming upon the earth?
    What does the Bible have to say about the New World Order?
    What does the Bible have to say about giants, nephilim and fallen angels?
    What can one expect in the times which are almost upon us?
    How can a person enjoy the peace and protection through  the salvation of Jesus Christ?
    How is Bible prophecy unfolding daily in the headlines of the news?
    PLUS: Taking questions from the audience every show
    30-minute shows 5-7 times per week.
    Host: Mondo Frazier

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    Today In Bible Prophecy Radio/How close are we to WW III ?

    in Religion

    August Rosado of Today In Bible Prophecy Ministries comes to you every Saturday at 2:30 PM (EST) as he covers world events in light of Bible prophecy and the soon return of Jesus at the Rapture of the Church. August Rosado studies the prophetic Word of God for it's plain sense literal meaning. He was a student of the late Zola levitt of Zola Levitt Ministries and a Graduate of the Institiute of Jewish Christian Studies. He was also a student of Dr. Ed Hindson and gradauted from Liberty University (King Is Coming College), and is a student of Dr. Jimmy DeYoung and the School of Prophets as he works on his Masters in Adavanced Prophetics. August with his wife Patty travels the US and the world speaking at Churches on current events and Bible prophecy related to Jesus soon return. Tune in and call with Q/A toll free 1-877-659-8944 or type a question in the chat room. Send an e-mail question at august.todayinbibleprophecy@gmail.com . Visit his website at www.todayinbibleprophecy.org and sign up for his newsletters.  Join him on his Israel Prophecy Tours in the spring.

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    End Times, Mark of the Beast, and Hybrids pt 2

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    Picking up from where we left off last week, we’ll be exploring the use of DNA and it’s applications for the near future. We’ll also continue our update on the technology that could lead to what is called, “The Mark of the Beast”. If you are not up to date on the technological advancements over the last decade or so, you’ll want to check it out in our program. Also, we’ll cover more of the recent events that should make you wonder about the times that we are living in. The Bible is clear that we are to know the season of our Lord’s return. Some people call it the End Times, or the Last Days, but no matter how we spin it, it’s clear that Jesus Christ is coming back soon.