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    End Time News

    in Current Events

    US to Engage Assad Military Directly  - Obama gives illegals massive health-care plan  - Using Windows 10? Microsoft Is Watching - HPV Vaccine Mandated for All Rhode Island Middle School Students - CDC destroyed vaccine documents, Congressman reveals -  The Most Evil Government In American History, The debut of " The unpleasant Blind guy, conservative byte" The professional politicians will go to any lengths to protect the status quo, and we seen with the last mid term elections that it dosent matter who we put in office, demacrate or republican, nothing changes....WHY ?  when we elect the status quo....thats what we get...busness as usual !!   Nothing in America is going to change as long as both democrates and republicans do the same things !


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    The Supernatural, Dreams, and End Time Events with Jan Desisto & Laura Marconi

    in Christianity

    Dean Hayward hosts the Truth or News radio show once a week (usually Mondays at 10PM Eastern).  Join our guests, Jan Desisto and Laura Marconi who both have received dreams from the Lord about end time events.  

    The topic for today's show is the supernatural, including the dreams and visions that the Lord has given both Laura and Jan.  

    We will also be discussing recent end time events that are confirming what is confirming Scripture and the dreams people are happening.

    Prophetic events are moving at a breakneck pace lately so we need to be getting our hearts right with the Lord, getting our lamps full with oil, and getting busy working the harvest fields.


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    A Messianic Warning of An End-Time Prophet- Laying the Foundation-Revelation

    in Religion

    Join Apostle Dr. Cynthia Garnett as she brings up-to-the minute End-Time Updates from a Messianic perspective indicating the soon return of Mashiach/ Jesus The Christ and coming judgents.  Also you will feast at this apostolic end-time table of the Lord as she is making her college level teaching of the Book of Revelation available free online.  For more information on becoming a MBI-College virtual student, pls. contact the ministry @ BEHOLDINTL333@hotmail.com with your cell # and we will get back w/you shortly. Get your pencil paper and Bible and come and get a good understanding of the End-Time events WHICH ARE NOW COMING TO PASS decreeing our Messianic End-Time Commander, Chief Apostle Dr. Cynthia Garnett.  MARANATHA!!

  • End time WOW Worship

    in Prayer

    Apostle Dean 

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    The Real News Behind The News Morning Radio Show

    in Current Events

    In this super hard hitting episode of The Real News Behind The News Morning Radio Show we will bring you the truth Behind the rigged election process as we asked the question does your vote really matter. Also we will talk about the new biological weapon, or as the mainstream media calls it virus Zakia, is it poised to become a worldwide pandemic, was it specifically bioengineered to target black people and Hispanics? Also we will put the spotlight on the soon to come worldwide economic collapse, take all your money out the bank and invest in precious metals. These stories plus other international, national, state, and local headlines on the most informative morning radio show on the planet.

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    The End

    in Entertainment

    There can be no beginning if there is an end.The end is actually the beginning. You are done when you are free from fear, you are at peace with yourself, you see everyone & everything as God, & all you experience is Love. The end of the endings, is a gateway to the infinite. Only love is real, hence all separation is an illusion.

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    End Time Prophesy - Isaiah Part VI

    in The Bible

    The end is here, let's find out what happens and be ahead of the game.

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    The Night Time Fiasco Welcomes Back Helion Prime!

    in Rock Music

    Helion Prime was first conceived from a common love of metal and all things science. The band was founded when Jason Ashcraft (of Dire Peril) asked Heather Michele (of Graveshadow) to form a project with him. Between the two, they had worked with such artists as Mark Briody (Jag Panzer), Brittney Slayes (Unleash the Archers), Andy LaRocque (King Diamond), Ralph Scheepers (Primal Fear), Arjen Anthony Lucassen (Ayreon/Star One), and Niklas Isfeldt (Dream Evil). The concept; power metal with themes based on actual scientific theories with the occasional sci-fi tribute. The name Helion Prime was borrowed from an alien planet featured in the film "Chronicles of Riddick," a movie the two were great fans of. She accepted the exciting proposition without hesitation. The two recorded their first demo track in June of 2014, and with the help of members from Dire Peril and Axiom, Helion Prime debuted their first live performance in August 2014 at the Boardwalk in Orangevale, CA. The dynamic duo then released their first EP on February 26th, 2015 with a full length album in the works. Helion Prime’s lineup was completed after bringing Jeremy Steinhouse on bass and Justin Herzer (of Axiom) on drums. In August of 2015, Helion Prime set out on their first tour, playing shows in Oregon, Nevada, California, and Utah. Their debut album will be out at the end of February, and the band (who payed us a visit early last year) will be back on the show to premiere some new songs for all of you to hear, so be sure to tune in!!!

  • End time WOW Bible Study

    in Prayer

    Apostle Debra Deanes

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    End Time Prophesy - Isaiah Part I

    in The Bible

    the end was foretold, why are you scared

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    It's Time To Pray with Apostle Karen Christian

    in Christianity

    Monday Feb. 8, 2016 8:00 P.M. Est. (657)383-0157

    Word On The Water International Ministries & It's Time To Pray Radio Broadcast

    Come and enjoy a night of love with Apostle Karen Christian, as she teaching the word of God with the love of God. If your in need of prayer then you don't want to miss out. Just call in and expect a touch from the Lord. The phone number to call is (657)383-0157 We will be broadcasting live at:...
    9:00 P.M. US. Virgin Islands Time,
    8:00 P.M. Eastern Time,
    7:00P.M., Central Time
    Let come and praise the Lord as one body.