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    1/26/2016 EMS Training: "Flipping the Classroom"

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    This live webcast of EMS Live in Wisconsin was recorded on Tuesday, January 26, 2016.

    Our guests included two individuals with Lifestar EMS in West Bend, WI - Assistant Training Coordinator Tyler Christifulli and Field Training Educator Sam Ireland.  They discussed how they have successfully been using field educators at their base locations, and also sending out to staff pre-training podcasts to encourage education and discussion. They call their program, "Flipping the classroom".

    Lifestar's approach to EMS education included the following:

    Identifying the epidemic of bad teaching practices that surround EMS.

    Using old power points
    Strict outlines
    Crowded slides

    What has Lifestar done to reinvent the way we approach education?

    Field Educators
    White boards
    Flipping the classroom
    Simplified power points and flip chart

    The techniques of running a good simulation.

    You don't need expensive equipment to run a good sim
    Video recording and critique playback
    Always succeed in simulations
    Takes a lot of preparation to run an efficient and dynamic simulation.

    To view and listen to the February 2016 pre-training podcast, "Patterns, Pathways, and Pain", as an example, completed by Lifestar EMS, click here.

    Join co-hosts Chris Anderson, Joe Covelli, Patrick Ryan, Dan Williams and call-in guests and live listeners for 40-minutes of conversation about emergency medical services and the ambulance industry in Wisconsin the second and fourth Tuesday every month.

    Don't miss a beat of Wisconsin EMS action - listen to EMS Live!

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    EMS Compassion Or Criminal Conduct?

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    Recent two FDNY EMS Paramedics have been accused with faking an ambyulance call report after some confusion with a DNR. We all know that the Call Report is a legal document. But did these medics act on compassion based on the patients and family wishes? Or did they make such a grave error as to cost them their jobs and even jail time?

    Join us for a special live show and give your thoughts on the topic.

    Here is a link to the article in the Staten Island Advance. It should get your juices flowing for sure.



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    The EMS Lounge Launch podcast

    in Training

    EMS educational podcast covering various topics that we encounter in EMS. 

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    Alabama EMS Conference

    in Training

    The change we've been talking about is here! It's time! Alabama EMS Conference sponsored by the Alabama EMS Association and multiple other partners! 3 days of emergency medicine con ed. 

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    The EMS Hobbyist

    in Education

    This week we talk about the part time EMS provider. The volunteer, the person who uses EMS as a part time income or because they enjoy the rush, the change from a desk job. Does this type of workforce help or hurt us as a profession? How does this demographic in EMS effect the supply and demand for employers?
    How does this all translate to those of us who depend on EMS for our livelihood? Join us for this discussion and bring your experiences and opinions.
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    The Extension of EMS

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    Last week we talked about EMS being a hobby. This week we steer the conversation a little bit and discuss the sharing of responsibilities.
    EMTs doing ALS, firefighters doing EMS and now even law enforcement giving drugs that traditionally only advanced level EMS providers could give.
    Do these types of skill set cross overs help EMS as a profession or do they further the perception that ANYONE can do our job at minimal cost.
    Join us with your thoughts.
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    Detroit EMS "What Is The Problem"

    in Health

    This show is dedicted to the ongoing EMS problem in Detroit. Call in and give you feedback on this issue 

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    This week we discuss post traumatic stress disorder in EMS. How do we deal with it, how does it effect us and our performance in the field?
    Join us for this dicussion along with other topics of interest.
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    EMS Table Top Discussion

    in Health

    Table Top Discussion on various topics in EMS. Question that were emailed or sent in to be discussed by our EMS providers

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    EMS Language | Professional vs. Communication

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    This week we discuss the language of EMS. Using profesional communication as a standard vs communicating amoungst each other with common EMS slang. Is there a place for EMS slang or should we do away with it and focus on a standard of communication that leaves no room for error?

    We also plan on talking about EMS Facebook pages and the culture of negativity as well as answer a few questions sent in by listeners.

    Join us for another live episode and give your opinion via toll free call in or n the chat room.