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    Join me in a state of emptiness

    in Self Help

    Last week I experienced a state of emptiness. I went silent. I had nothing to say. I still have nothing to say, nothing to talk about, but I'm daring to be surprised. Join me in my conversation about no-thing! 

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    Becoming empty through emptiness

    in Spirituality

    Emptiness is understood in many ways. It is not a religious idea. It is a state of being where we are acquainted with the totality of life. Being someone means individuality which is one aspect of being. The other aspect is to be empty.

    The experience of emptiness or being "a-temporal" has lasting effects in our psyche. It is through that experience how deep changes towards a  more peaceful, empathic, gentle being come about.

    Through emptiness there the experience of a silent mind.

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    Ending Emptiness and Finding Fulfillment with Intuitive Coach April Adams

    in Lifestyle

    My name is April Adams and I can fully relate to what you're going through. I was there myself. In fact, there was an especially difficult point in my life where I was obsessively negative, controlling, and depressive for three years straight.

    It took me another three years to find my way out and create the life of my dreams, and now that I'm on the other side, I never want another soul to have to go through what I did. It sucks to be wading through all of that alone, not knowing if there's a way out.

    But there is a way out.

    Visit April at http://www.fillingyourcup.com

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    Part II! Move Away from Self-Medication to Fill the Emptiness in Life!

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    PART II:  THE SOLUTIONS REVEALED!  Many individuals find an emptiness in life because they lack healthy relationships or relationships of any kind!  How do you fill that void?  Do you turn to self-medication and self-harm?  Are you hurting yourself through behaviors that are poisoning your body as well as your mind?  Do you feel confused and wonder how to fill that void?  Are you identifying yourself based on your behaviors?  Seek the somplicity in finding the how to fill that void.  You need to understand that you are the solution and can do this!  Loving and healthy relationships.  But.....the question remains....how? We will begin our journey in this first part discussing the concept of whho is lonely, how we are filling that void and begin to look at simple solutions!  Please join us and share with us!  Email your questions ahead of time to thetajlgroup@gmail.com and reference this show!  Go to our website at www.thetajlgroup.com and live chat to share your questions and get some simple answers or other resources.  We want to help YOU!

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    Adoption, A Beautiful Expression of Love from Unfamiliar People

    in Lifestyle

    Join us, Tuesday March 17th, 2015 at 7:00 pm Est Usa, as Miss Raina reaches out to the souls and families of adoption. 

    Adoption is a beautiful expression of love from a set of unfamiliar people to an infant baby of whom would be without family and a decent start in life. For many adults, adoption is about giving a child love, a home, a family and a true chance at life. Even as a family gives their adopted child the essence of what they need, still many adopted children go through life with displacement and emptiness.  A common batch of uneasy feelings race through the minds of many adopted children which leave them feeling unloved, unaccepted and isolated evening in a loving world. 

    Miss Raina will reach out to those adopted children and their families whom have struggle with the struggle of emptiness

    Call Miss Raina and speak live: (310) 861-2341



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    Guru Yoga - What is Emptiness: Part 2

    in Buddhism

    Weekly practice of the Guru Yoga of Je Tsongkhapa. The Dharma talk is, "What is Emptiness? Part 2" In order to attain enlightenment, one must meditate on emptiness, and in order to meditate on emptiness, one must begin with a clear understand of this phenomenon.
    To participate, please download and print a free copy of the puja and an explanation of the visualizations here:

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    Womanly Word: Water for Your Thirst

    in Christianity

    There are many out there feeling an emptiness as though something is missing in your life. Some think this void is a lack of companionship, the loss of a loved one, or something simple such as a lack of motivation. This "spiritual dehydration" drives us to seek the quenching of our thirst where we should not be. Some even have thoughts of suicide. Tune in to hear where this comes from and how to obtain " Water for Your thirst."

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    Finding the Love of Christ with Valarie Gray

    in Religion

    Throughout life we can feel self sufficient and yet know that we need something more. Today's guest is a very brilliant, successful and goal oriented woman who found herself asking the tough questions of herself. Do I need the savior? Is there something more? Join us this snowy afternoon as we are encouraged by Sister Valarie Gray from the beautiful southern state of Virginia. We are all sure to be blessed and encouraged.

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    Synthetic Harvest

    in Christianity

    Every day we sow and reap a harvest. Many people today are sowing a synthetic harvest that is nonproductive, and it's not effective in the harvest for lost souls. This synthetic harvest produces a false sense of reality and a demonic illusion to the truth of what is soon to come upon the earth. This synthetic harvest will only bring you full circle to a state of emptiness, and false hope that will lead you bitter and confused. This synthetic harvest will only produce a short-lived emotional high that will be linked with the ideas of the world, flesh, sin and a compromised decision of spiritual suicide with a life of immorality. This synthetic harvest produces pain, hurt, and guilt that will produce another harvest of bondage and a eternity in hell.

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    Understanding and Moving Through the Various Stages of the Grieving Process

    in Romance

    The vast majority of us never fully heal from the loss of a love. It appears that we're getting over losing someone as we move through the accute stages of grief, and yet feelings such as hurt, loss and disappointment that we fail to fully process remain trapped within the body indefinately. And that can adversely impact any subsequent relationships. In this episode you will develop a greater understanding of the grieving process and learn about the deep level processing that needs to take place to facilitate healing of the loss of a love. 

    Painful losses and the subsequent feelings that arise become fuel for growth when we learn how to work constructively with them. This process will enable us to open our hearts, develop greater compassion and increase our capacity to love and be loved. 






    Special thank you to David Patterson for allowing me to use his "Heart Abstract" Image http://david-patterson.blogspot.com/ 

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    “Illusion is the need to disguise the emptiness within”

    in Politics

    What has really changed for the  African Americans residents of Ferguson Mo, since the 1700? 

    Today’s Guest:

    Thomas Fortenberry, TLW Senior Producer

    David Adams, The Peoples Champion Blog (www.peopleschampion.me)

    Dr. Grace Liem Galloway, Chair 8th Congressional District NCDP

    Robin Bradford, Democratic Candidate for NC District 92

    Richard Pratt, Blue Magic with Richard Pratt

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