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    Success !! What's Your Definition? with Dr. Daphne Clarke-Hudson

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    Success !! What's Your Definition?

    As entrepreneurs we all seek success in all that we do, however do we really define success for ourself?

    Is success wealth?

    Is success health?

    Is success spirituality?

    Is success relationships?

    For me success is ALL of the above.





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    Celebration Continues with Dr. Daphne Clarke-Hudson & Dori DeCarlo

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    Today's  Featured Guests:

    Dori DeCarlo  Host Word Of Mom Radio

    Dori DeCarlo is a Mompreneur and founderof Word Of Mom Radio.

    Dori wanted to give women who work from home a voice and a platform to share to share who who they and what they do.Word of Mom Radio is always looking to continually expand and empower , educate and encourage Mompreneurs and Business Women Worldwide.

    Please donate toward our breakfast feeding program below.



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    Dr Daphne Clarke Hudson How the Wise Decide.

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    How the wise decide and lead businesses and organizations to great success is a question Bryn Zeckhauser and Aaron Sandoski posed to themselves after landing their first jobs as managers. Dispite the best training the world could offer Harvard MBAs and stints at McKinsey & Company , the elite powerhouse consulting firm they felt unprepared when faced with the pressure to make critical decisions. So they set out on a tree year quest to discover how people with remarkable success and experience in both corporate and public life "the wise"went about making cruicial ,often make or break decisions. Call: 1-646-915-8166 www.Blogtalkradio.com/Daphne-Clarke-Hudson

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    Sustainability Management For Entrepreneurs Dr. Daphne Clarke-Hudson 11:00 am

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    Dr.Daphne Clarke-Hudson is a nationally recognized empowerment specialist, inspirational professional speaker, author and a certified coach. Having more than 20 years  experience helping others to lead purpose-driven, authentic and empowered lives, Daphne continues to bring insight, hope and solutions to our current and future leaders. As a role model she demonstrates the ability for people to overcome adversity. Daphne began her life’s journey in Jamaica, daughter of dedicated, loving parents. Her mother had dreams of her obtaining a quality education, but passed before Daphne was 14 years old. Even without much money or formal education, she was determined to lead a purpose-driven life. Daphne found opportunities to shine time after time, eventually becoming a nurse then a career coach and program director. She knew there was more for her to accomplish and launched a new career in the United States as a professional in sales, management and coaching, finally earning her PhD. Throughout every position she holds, Daphne always finds time to counsel and guide others. She creates these needed platforms for growth and change through facilitation, retreats, coaching engagements and training sessions.  As the first Certified Michael E. Gerber Dreaming Room Facilitator in Connecticut, she also works with entrepreneurs to create visions that guide their businesses. Whether delivering  Key Note Address, facilitating corporate board retreat, coaching a small business owner ,or offering diversity training to a nonprofit organization, Daphne brings an engaging energy, direction and passion with her. She is intuitive, dynamic, inspiring yet still accessible. Daphne has very strong moral and spiritual compass and is guided by her sense of integrity and intuition.

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    COURAGE with Dr Daphne Clarke-Hudson

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     Do You Have A Vision? Do you feel like you’re living up to your potential? Are there situations in your life that leave you shrugging your shoulders, because you simply don’t know what to do or where to turn? Or maybe you’re at a standstill, not knowing what the next step is in your personal life or your business? Have you always wanted to start your own business, but did not know where to start? My name is Daphne Clarke-Hudson. Years ago, I was in what seemed like a hopeless situation. I had moved from Jamaica to New York with my young son, and I found out that my husband was living a double life. I had gotten into a bad business venture, had nothing to my name, and was homeless. Nothing made sense, and everything had changed in what seemed like the blink of an eye. By taking a systematic approach, I managed to get a job, save up money, buy a home, and start my own business. I am not any different than you are, except that now I have the experience and know-how to create a vision, make a plan, and follow it through. No matter where you are in your life right now, you can learn to do the same.
    I invite you to be part of my network, where you can get inside firsthand information on the things I am doing for my supporters and a selected group of people. This is your opportunity to say goodbye to adversity and welcome to prosperity.
    Thanks for your continued support!
    Dr. Daphne Clarke-Hudson

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    Kathleen Cage Shares New Launch & Dr. Daphne Clarke-Hudson Batting Cage Story.

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    Kathleen Gage is a marketing strategist and product-creation expert who works with consciously aware speakers, authors, consultants and entrepreneurs who are ready to package their expertise into money making products and services in order to reach a global market and generate sustainable revenue while doing their life’s work. 

    We al have childhood experiences, which continues to plague us into our adult lives. Join Dr. Daphne Clarke-Hudson as she shares Marc's Batting Cage Story.

    Please Donate:

    100 HUNGRY100 HUNGRY Children need your Support for breakfast at the Carmel Moravian School in Ja. CLICK Link Please http://www.gofundme.com/1g4m38 


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    Dr Daphne Clarke Hudson Happy Fathers Day

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    Happy Father's Day to all of the Fathers.
    Today is a great day to talk about the :
    a. Carmel Moravian School Breakfast Feeding Program
    b. Cafeteria Building 
    c. The Empowering Parents Farming Project for Parents at the School.
    Hope you will join the conversation.
    Please donate to the Carmel Moravian School Breakfast Program Founded by Daphne Clarke-Hudson by clicking on this link

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    Ask Dr. Daphne

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    Please join me as I give you a FREE gift to be up close and Personal with ME
    In this episode all callers to the Show can as Dr. Daphne any question about:
    Or other pressing issues....and receive a LIVE Coaching experience...
    Here is what some clients have to say about working with Dr. Daphne:
    Daphne Clarke- Hudson is one tremendous coach! Not only is Daphne Clarke- Hudson a great motivator, her keen insight and depth of experience allows her to help you hone in on exactly what it is that will help you propel your life and career to the next level of success. She did it for me and she can donor for you!     Wayne Winsley
    Daphne Clarke-Hudson brings to her clients a wealth of experience and wisdom
    as a life coach.  At a pivotal time in my career, she was instrumental to me in focusing and redirecting me in the area of my passion, strengths and gifting’s.  As I pursued my passion she counselled me to be all that I was called to be. And as a business person to become my own brand and never undervalue my services. She exudes a confidence in who she is and what she has to give to the world and encourages me to do the same.  I believe that she will help individuals at every stage in their lives.   Judy Handwerker
    This is your time for the BEST experience! Are YOU ready for a Change?

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    Dr Daphne Clarke- Hudson

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    Do you have a success story inspite of increasing obsticles?
    Is your business and income increasing even though there are lots of talk about a bad economy?
    Are you willing to share with others the things that are keeping you a float in your business?
    We want to hear from you! JOIN rhe conversation at 10:00 am EST by calling 1-646-915-8166

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    Re-Inventing The Whole YOU with Dr. Daphne Clarke-Hudson

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    A Re-Invention is a " Make Over"  often times we notice long lines in the Department Stores for a  "Make Over"

    The Hair

    The Face

    The Clothes

    Sometimes even surgery /surgeries

    The most important question then becomes, When was the last time you made over your inside?

    Join me as we have this conversation about Re-Inventing the Whole You


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    DA Williams with Dr. Daphne Clarke-Hudson

    in Lifestyle

    Dynamic Daphne” (aka )“The Queen of The Empowered soul is a life changer and problem solver who has dedicated her life and career in helping others connect with their true life calling and purpose. She is the Executive Producer and host of the A NEW DAY TV Show which airs on Comcast, Charter, Sound view and KDHXTV,and A New Day Radio on www.BlogTalkRadio.com/Daphne-Clarke-Hudson Dr. Clarke-Hudson will be featured in the April 15, 2010 issue of ELON Beauty Magazine www.elonbeauty.com.

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