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    What to Expect in Employment Agency Hearings

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    Hearings with agencies are usually performed with the parties, their attorneys, and the administrative law judge over the phone. Administrative law judges handle issues strictly pertaining to employment and are well versed in rules and cases relating to their particular area of law. Sometimes attorneys are involved and other times clients represent themselves pro se. Generally speaking, an employment hearing is like a mini trial where you will present your witnesses and cross examine the other side’s witnesses. You are able to submit documents which you may wish to enter as evidence in advance to both the judge and opposing party. It helps to have these clearly identified and readily accessible during the hearing, especially considering its telephonic nature. You are usually able to have both a closing and opening statement as well. Do not expect a decision at the conclusion of the telephone conversation. The decision will come in writing and it could take several months before any such decision is rendered.

    Tune in to this podcast with Heidi Kuffel to learn more about what to expect during an employment agency hearing. 

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    When Does an Employer Need and Employment Lawyer?

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    Even the most conscientious employer occasionally needs help from a lawyer. Although you can handle some employment matters on your own, a great many issues are particularly tricky and require legal expertise. Employment law can change rapidly. Courts and government agencies issue new opinions interpreting these laws every day, sometimes completely overturning what everyone thought the law meant. When you also factor in that lawsuits brought by former employees can end in huge damages awards against an employer, it's easy to see why you should seek legal advice when you get in over your head. Join Bill and Rick to learn when and why you need a business employment lawyer on your side.


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    Reducing Unfair Barriers to Employment at the Workplace

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    Joining Host Kelly Scanlon on this episode of Smart Companies Radio is Darren Dupriest, President and CEO of Validity Screening Solutions. Dupriest is a founding member of the National Association of Professional Background Screeners and is an industry expert of background checks.

     The National Employment Law Project (NELP) just published a report in which they make a case for Executive Action by the President to mandate “Fair Chance” and “Ban the Box” hiring practices. This episode will discuss the potential presidential action on the “Ban the Box” campaign that is attempt to end discrimination at the workplace; opening opportunities for people with past convictions.

    to learn more about Validity Screening Solutions go online to: http://www.validityscreening.com/

    To hear more shows hosted by Kelly Scanlon visit the Smart Companies Radio archives

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    On tonight’s episode of The Dymonds Radio Show, we want to speak to our listeners regarding education and employment. The most important thing that a Black person can do, is to go to school and get an education, regardless if you’re an adult or a teen! In order to get a career and not just a mediocre job it’s pertinent to go to school after high school and recieve a degree.

    So tune in tonight to hear our perspective on the importance of employment and education in todays society.




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    Labor & Employment Law Conference

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    Join BluPrint Radio on Wednesday November 12, 2014 when we talk with Deriece Pate Bennett - Vice President of Government Affairs at the Maryland Chamber of Commerce.  Deriece will share with our listening audience details about the upcoming HRCI Approved Labor and Employment Law Conference on November 20, 2014 in Annapolis, Maryland.  She will give details about conference topics that reference the legal landscape in Maryland particularly based on the outcomes of the mid-term election. 

    As a lobbyist for the Chamber, she is responsible for advocating on the behalf of business on all issues pertaining to employment law, energy and environment and transportation.  Deriece earned a Bachelors of Arts degree in Political Science and a Master of Public Administration degree with a concentration in Public Policy and Management.

    Prior to her tenure at the Chamber, Deriece served as the Executive Director for the Legislative Black Caucus of Maryland, Inc. where she was instrumental in implementing the Caucus’ agenda while operating as an intermediary between the Caucus, its constituents and community partners.

    Enjoy the show!


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    Employment Discrimination or Harassment: Education and Training

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    Join us today on Women Leading the Way Radio as Cecile Bereal your host of Serving Up Diversity, interviews Chris Olmsted, Shareholder/Employment Law and Litigation at Ogletree, Deakins, Nash, Smoak & Stewart, PC.

    Today we will ask Chris about employment discrimination and harassment. Currently, California employers with 50 or more employers are required to provide harassment prevention training to supervisors. Under this new law, this training must also include training and education on the prevention of ‘abusive conduct’ or bullying.

    Mr. Olmsted regularly consults with clients regarding employment law compliance, and also provides training to management and staff, as well as other attorneys.

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    The Candidate Experience - How Important is Employment Branding?

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    ~ February Series: Candidate Experience ~

    Shannon Smedstad Uncovers the Value of Employment Branding 

    HR Latte welcomes Shannon Smedstad, Employment Brand Director at CEB, to kick off our month-long series on The Candidate Experience. Shannon first developed an HR Social Media Strategy back in 2008. She'll share what she has discovered along the way and why employment branding is an imperative part of the candidate experience. 

    Should social media be a standard tool for hiring?
    What are some of the mistakes being made? Positives that are taking place?
    What does the future hold for hiring companies doing it right? Doing it wrong?

    Join us for a quick impact conversation about the virtues of employment branding.

    HR Latte is a fast-paced, quick hit show where you can expect not only surprises but the information you need to know for success in the world of talent management.

    Follow the action on Twitter:

    Shannon Smedstad - @shannonsmedstad

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    Employment with Federal Contractors

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    Work for Life provides job readiness material for job seekers. We give job seekers information on who's hiring; assist with getting up to date job titles; provide links to assist job seekers in preparing the best resume possible. We will get you working in 30days. Whatever is happening in America, as long as consumers are out spending, money is being made by companies, and jobs are being filled and created. There is no reason to remain jobless in America. Listen to my job readiness shows. Send those you know to this site to access job readiness shows. Listen live on Mondays, call in, or use archive files 24/7. Together we will get you working. Jobs numbers for February 2015 is at 5.5%. Great for those with the jobs, not so great for others. We will fix that here at Work for Life. Our task this show is to search for Federal contractors in your city and apply for jobs this month. Take time and listen to my last show then use this list of Federal technology contractors and use this list of Top 200 Federal Contractors. Time for you to change your life.

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    Employment Resources

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    This show will highlight my Subject Tracer titled Employment Resources and available directly from the Virtual Private Library. The Employment Resources Subject Tracer™ will keep you on the latest path to maintain employment sources or give you the required guidance you need to stay at the leading edge of employment resources, sources and sites available over the Internet. We will also be reviewing the latest happenings from my blog during the last week. We will also discussing my latest freely available Awareness Watch Newsletter V12N3 March 2014 featuring Business Intelligence Online Resources 2014 and my freely available March 2014 Zillman Column highlighting Green Resources and Files on the Internet 2014. You may call in to ask your questions at (718)508-9839. The show is live and thirty minutes in length starting at 2:00pm EST on Saturday, March 29, 2014 and then archived for easy review and access. Listen, Call and Enjoy!!

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    Michelle Skipper, Employment Guru, Discusses Innovative Ways To Find Employment

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    Hello World,

    Welcome to Happy Talk Radio. 

    Michelle Skipper is the President and Founder of Empowerment Consulting, LLC, a Human Resources Consulting and Career Coaching firm. Michelle formed the company based on her passion to help others pursue their dreams and true talents, individually and professionally. As an innovative and thought-provoking leader, she has over 15 years experience in human resources, government and healthcare operations:  Strategic Planning; Team Building; Conflict Resolution; Labor Negotiations; Customer Relations; Employee Relations; Coaching; Counseling and Motivational Training.

    Michelle holds a Masters Degree in Human Resources Management from Troy University and a professional certification in the human resources field as well as Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI).

    As an advocate for small businesses, Michelle is committed to providing them with affordable human resources solutions and business building strategies for building strong company practices. Having worked in Fortune 500 companies such as Cox Communications, Kaiser Permenante and the federal government, Michelle has witnessed first-hand what a business must do to become successful. Michelle is associated with several organizations throughout the Metro Atlanta area, which includes holding the Vice-Chair position in the Career Ministry at Cascade United Methodist Church. She is an adjunct professor of Human Resources in Healthcare at the University of Phoenix.


    Organizing key Human Resources initiatives for mergers and acquisitions of Department of Navy employees; helping to successfully integrate eight regions into one organization.

    Directing Employee / Labor Relations workforce that supported 5 multi-state locations.

    Providing strategic leadership and expertise in the implementation of a talent review and succession planning process

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