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    Show #98: Enabling Employee Voice with Digital Tools

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    Special Guest: Antony Cousins, Director of Customer Success at ProFinda

    Join us as we talk about employee engagement through enabling employee voice via digital tools.

    Host: Jo Dodds

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    The Myth of Employee Burnout

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    Burnout (lack of motivation/engagement) is a very real thing, but the reasons it happens often escape people, which is why we see the cycle repeat itself over and over again. An employee starts a job enthused, engaged and motivated, then somewhere along the line they become unproductive and show a lack of initiative.  One of the main reasons this happens (which few people admit) is due to the environment created by a leader.  The trick is for each leader to look in the mirror to determine the source of the breakdown. Matt Heller joins us to talk about this important topic.

    Matt is the founder of Performance Optimist Consulting. As a trainer and facilitator, Matt has a developed a proven track record for being able to relate to any audience and give them solid tools they can use immediately.  Matt is the author of The Myth of Employee Burnout.

    Today’s show is sponsored by Audible.com and Clarity of Course Sales Training Program. Audible.com is a leading provider of spoken audio entertainment and information. Listen to audiobooks whenever and wherever you want. Get a free book when you sign up for a 30-day free trial at audibletrial.com/businessgrowth.

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    Show #71: The Employee Engagement Awards with Matt Manners

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    Special Guest: Matt Manners, The Employee Engagement Awards

    Last week The Employee Engagement Awards launched across the UK & Ireland.

    Our very own David MacLeod is the principal judge.

    The Employee Engagement Awards (EE Awards) represents the game changers, the forward thinking businesses that strive to do things differently and put their workforce at the heart of its operation. In a competitive labour marketm businesses have to offer and be seen to be doing things differently to create an engaging and rewarding working environment.

    The EE Awards celebrate the best small and big businesses the UK & Ireland have to offer. Even the 'unsung heroes' in an organisation.

    Matt Manners, founder of the EE Awards, is with us talking more about them and the opportunities that exist for all Engage for Success supporters.

    Host: Jo Dodds

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    The Power of Employee Feedback

    in Management

    Greg Pantelic, Co-Founder of WIRL, stops by HR Latte 

    Feedback is where it's at. Greg Pantelic will share with HR Latte why employee feedback is so valuable today.  Greg co-founded WIRL in 2013 with the intent to empower employees. WIRL is all about unleashing potential. 

    We'll chat about how employers and employees can work together, in real-time, to improve communication and most importantly, why they should. 

    Join us for an interesting conversation about internal organizational communications today. 

    HR Latte is a fast-paced, quick hit show where you can expect not only surprises but the information you need to know for success in the world of talent management.

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    The Employee Experience: The Law of it All

    in Legal

    HR Latte kicks off its month-long series: The Employee Experience...

    Employment Law Experts Heather Bussing and Mary Wright on HR Latte

    Heather Bussing and Mary Wright chat with Rayanne about HR and the law of it all when it comes to the Employee Experience. With so much talk about the Candidate Expereince in HR circles over the last several years - very little has been said, let alone improved, when it comes to the Employee Experience.

    Heather and Mary will join Rayanne for a conversation about which is more important - the letter of the law or the spirit, when it comes to the Employee Experience.  

    Can HR truly better the work experience for the employee? 
    Is there a quick fix for a discgruntled workforce?
    Does a happy workforce make for a more successful company?

    HR Latte is a fast-paced, quick hit show where you can expect not only surprises but the information you need to know for success in the world of talent management.

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    Heather Bussing - @HeatherBussing
    Mary Wright - @Lawyer4Employer



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    Employee Engagement and Employee EI

    in Lifestyle

    Employee Engagement is often times considered equivocal to employee satisfaction.  But in truth, it is actually so much more! 

    Find out what it actually entails and how it is highly affected by your human capital's emotional Intelligence.

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    Show #70: Serco's Approach to Employee Engagement with Gareth Moss

    in Business

    Special Guest: Gareth Moss

    Gareth is Local Government Director for Serco, responsible for strategic partnerships delivering a wide range of services.  Gareth was previously Director of Resources at Bridgend CBC (where he won the Local Government Finance Director of the Year) and East Staffordshire Borough Council.  He has also worked for Newport CBC, Price Waterhouse and Somerset County Council.

    Join us when we discuss Serco’s approach to employee engagement, including:

    • Overcoming the barriers

    • The link to organisational performance

    • Impact on operational delivery

    Host: Jo Moffatt

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    Show #74: Social Enterprise Games to Strengthen Culture and Employee Engagement

    in Business

    Special Guest: Michael Daun

    Join us as we talk about the considerations going into implementing social enterprise games with a purpose of strengthening corporate culture and employee engagement, and how companies can balance the fun factor with corporate seriousness.  

    How do different companies react to social tools and games?
    How can games be productive or aligned with corporate objectives?
    How must corporate games and social tools be designed to reach the whole organisation?

    Michael is the founder/CEO of Wellevue, the corporate game that improves organisational performance. He is a serial entrepreneur in the internet industry as well as a corporate advisor and co-founder of the management consultancy Fluidminds. Wellevue is an enterprise social tool that has won the ILCC innovation award and has just done its first 1000 seat implementation.

    With both his clients and in his own companies, Michael has been an advocate of strong corporate cultures and walk-the-talk leadership. He created Wellevue to provide a more scalable way for companies to allow their employees to enjoy work, whilst at the same time orchestrating organisational change and alignment with corporate goals.

    Host: Jo Dodds 

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    How Are Private Exchanges Impacting Employee Benefits?

    in Business

    On this week's program, Doug and Brent welcome two guests to the program as part of an hour-long discussion of private exchanges and their impact on the employee benefits landscape. 

    The first guest will be Jim O'Connor, president of employee benefits at CBIZ. In this segment, Jim and the hosts will discuss how private exchanges have developed with time and their current and potential impact on the health care market. Jim will discuss trends he sees in the employee benefits space and the role that private exchanges will have in this space -- especially among small and mid-sized businesses. Jim and the hosts will also discuss the ultimate impact of private exchanges on employers’ bottom lines.  

    For the second segment, starting at 11:30 a.m. (ET), the hosts will welcome Alan Cohen, chief strategy officer and co-founder of Liazon, to the program. This conversation will quench listeners' thirst for learning about private exchanges from their onset in 2007. As one of the earliest leaders in the private exchange market, Alan Cohen will provide an enlightening overview of the early lessons learned from running and operating a private exchange and offer insights to those who want to learn more about embarking on a private exchange implementation.

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    Our 2014 Employee of the Year Interview with Tom Gombarcik

    in Business

    Join us as our host, Carol McDaniel (@carolmacd), sits down with guest Tom Gombarcik, the 2014 All Children's Hospital Employee of the Year. 

    Tom works as a supply clerk in Materials Management and has been with All Children's Hospital since 1990. Because he goes above and beyond in his role, he has received numerous Employee of the Month nominations over the years, including 2014 May Employee of the Month and 2003 July Employee of Month. Most recently, he was recognized by his fellow employees for his hard work, positive attitude, dedication and kindness. 

    Tom's department director said: 
    He has been nominated for Employee of the Month many times because of his helpful ways and the pride he takes in his Service Excellence and his role-modeling of the ACH Service Standards. 

    The night he received this Employee of the Year honor, Tom remarked, "I am very thankful to be part of the group of people who were recognized this evening and be part of the more than 3,000 wonderful people who daily care for the families and children who come through our doors," said Gombarcik, who is known throughout the ACH campus for always being helpful and willing to go the extra mile.

    "I am truly thankful to be part of these two wonderful names in health care - All Children's Hospital and Johns Hopkins Medicine. I consider it a privilege to work here and I thank you very much."

    To learn more about our 2014 Employee of the Year, tune in Wednesday, February 4 at 12:30 p.m. EST. Remember to follow the backchannel on twitter! #ACHRadio

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    Show #69: Encouraging employee voice at Volkswagen Group and FS

    in Business

    Special guests: Fiona Roberts, HR Director, Volkswagen Group UK and Julie Stayte, HR Director, Volkswagen Financial Services UK.

    One in five new cars sold in the UK come from Volkswagen Group UK, which manages five brands: Volkswagen, Audi, ŠKODA, SEAT and Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles.  Volkswagen Financial Services (VWFS) provides finance and insurance services to customers across the entire Volkswagen Group in the United Kingdom.  Although both companies have distinctive cultures they share a commitment to employee engagement recognised by their Great Places to Work accreditations and have each adapted their German parent companies’ approach to employee consultation and made it relevant to the UK workplace.

    Join Julie and Fiona as they talk about the exciting ways they are giving employees across the two businesses a genuine voice with their approach to consultation and collaboration called co-determination.

    Host: Jo Moffatt

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