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    Pimpin' In the Pulpit 2: Charisma vs. Theatrics

    in Religion

    Lights, camera, action...it's SHOWTIME! Yet, showtime in the church, really? Join Truth Talk for Pimpin In the Pulpit Pt. 2 to contine the discussion of the media's new twist of featurnig the Gospel message through reality television with controversial and opposing views among men/women "of the cloth".

    Tony Taylor, in his artcle Emotionalism vs. True Worship (2013) defines emotionalism, in the church, as a reaction that is based on a human sentiment or feeling. It is devoid of true worship and holds no real sustaining substance. To take this a step further, what about when the ministerial leader "lays hands" on a person? Is the impartation they recieve a spiritual act of faith or an emotional gesture that can affect the reciever in a negatie way, leaving one questionable of what has just happened to them and the reason for such an act.

    Some highlights of the discussion will be defining imparation; is imparation necessary?; and understanding charisma (spiritual character) vs. theatrics (emotional/physical behavior). Happening at 6:00 pm. Tune in or call 347-945-7377.

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    LIVE! with Cathi---Medication and Women's Feelings!

    in Fitness

    CIRCA 2015...More WOMEN are on psychiatric medications than ever before and staying on them far longer than was ever intended.  Sales of anti-depressants and ant--axiety meds have been booming in the past two decades, and they've been recently outpaced by anti-psychotic drugs, this quote from a psychiatrist..."I must tell you this is INSANE!"

    Women are moody (that's debatable)...by evolutionary design, we are hard-wired to be sensitive to our environments, empathic to our children's needs and intuitive of our partners' intentions.  Women's emotionality is a sign of health, not disease, it is a source of POWER-OUCH!


    Women are under constant pressure to...etc.

    Women are twice as likely to...etc.

    Monthly women experience emotions and...etc.

    Over-medicated emotions become...etc.

    Stop labeling sadness and anxiety as...etc.


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    Friday Night Dance Party: All The Locals LIVE!

    in Indie Music

    Get ready for an awesome Friday Night Dance Party tonight!  2 hours of commercial free, fun music and chat with today's rising acts!

    Hour 1:   ALL THE LOCALS joins the show to talk about their music, inspirations and how they all came together.  OH YEAH - you'll hear their music, too!

    Hour 2:  Listener Requests!   

    Call 323 657-1493 to ask ALL THE LOCALS a question, or to make a request for hour 2!

    All The Locals is John Schmarkey (keys and vocals), Ty Barksdale (guitars), Denorris “Deno” Pennyman (drums), Christian Camp (bass)  and newest member Earl “EJ” Jordan (who shares bass duties). Schmarkey writes lyrics with earthy emotionality and brings an unassuming flavor with his keyboard prowess. Barksdale is steeped in blues and adds a lightning rod of dynamics with his fluid style. The rhythm section of Pennyman and Camp/Jordan is telepathically funky, adroitly shifting feels while keeping the beat consistently bumping. 

    It’s a powerful union of musical and cultural backgrounds that’s been fortified by ATL living together and cultivating deep connections as a musical family. The four-piece’s moniker evokes this sense of coming together in a pure and natural way. “The name has a real communal feel,” Schmarkey says. “It reflects the diversity of the music because when you travel, you always know the place best places to visit are where the locals are. So, on one level, it reflects our traveling musicality, always going to that down home place in the music.” 

    Check out All The Locals Website by clicking here!

    Check out All The Locals on Facebook by clicking here (AND LIKE 'EM!)

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    What does this high "relational time" mean for you, for me, for all...

    in Spirituality

    During such a high "relational time" in the Middle World, beings are experiencing life from such an emotional space.  Some speak of conflict, others of love, some of confusion...the list of different experiences goes on and on.  The common denominator is the deep emotionality of it all.  

    What does it all mean in this high "relational time"?  What does this mean for you, for me, individually and collectively...   

    Join me on Thursday, Sept. 11th @ 11 AM, as we delve deeply into the waters of the unconscious...of the spiritual human experience to:

    ~discuss what this "relational time" and all that is being experienced means
    ~identify ways to shift our experience
    ~ be able to honor every reality as one is learning how to shift, and create/live in a different reality 

    These 3 bullet points are just an entrance into the doorway of Thursday's discussion which will be filled with much, much more!

    And please, even if it feels unclear to you, I invite you to still check out the show, I think it will get clearer as we go; the beautiful human experience in the Middle World is being lived ever so powerfully and emotionally, so let us capture the essence of it all~

    See you on Thursday!
    With Love, Peace, and Harmony, siempre~
    <3 <3 <3




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    Universal Law & Life Path Personalities

    in Spirituality

    On the July 23, 2014 edition of "Nature of Reality Radio" I ride solo to discuss Universal Laws and Life Paths that people choose, courtesy of some articles at http://in5d.com/20-universal-laws.html and http://www.in5d.com/which-life-theme-did-you-choose.html

    I go into great detail on how the universe actually works from a standpoint of "laws of metaphysics" and talk about many different personalities that people have while they experience life as a human.

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    in Politics Progressive

    @IDECLAIRMEDIA Political EMOTIONALITY: The Political Emotion of Being Black in America ~ CLIMATE CHANGE: Sec. of State POWERFUL & URGENT Message http://ideclairmedia.com/political-emotionality-scientific-impact-of-climate-change-processing-the-political-emotion-of-being-black-in-america-climate-change-as-weapon-of-mass-destruction-sec-kerry-speaks-NoMatterWhat... Know YOUR Value!

    NoMattterWhat... Know YOU Matter!  

    Life. Work. Policy & YOU. 

    Dealing With The Difficult. REAL. RAW. RIGHT NOW... 

    FOCUS On Public Policy Because Public Policy Is Focused On... YOU. 





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    Crisis Intervention - Hostage and Crisis Negotiation

    in Training

    Hostage negotiation is included in this Crisis Intervention series because there is a remarkable amount of crisis negotiation which goes on. Only 12% of all hostage incidents involve a perpetrator who is barricaded and has hostages. Most involve barricade situations, they occur in the home of the perpetrator, they are unplanned, and they involve males who are involved in domestic disputes. 

    Additionally, if you teach school, are a counselor, a mental health worker, or even a medical staff member you have a greater chance of being a hostage than others. Roughly 52% of all hostage takings are performed by the emotionally disturbed who are often in these settings. Also, workplace violence is increasing and it is growing more likely crisis interventionists will be involved in helping reconcile these operations.

    If you really look at crisis intervention you find it is at the heart of hostage negotiation. Your trainer, Mike Pozesny, was trained by his state in Hostage Negotiation and admits crisis intervention was not a part of his training. Still, hostage negotiation is also called “crisis bargaining,” because there is a "give and take" where one person is attempting to convince another person to comply with their direction. In Crisis Negotiation all the elements of a crisis exist: disequilibrium, stress, poor cognition, heightened emotionality, and the trauma that occurs after event resolution. 

    This is a public affairs presentation of the American Public Safety Training Institute located at: www.tapsti.org

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    Steven James Wylie album Everything I Love The 5-song release

    in Entertainment

    Steven James Wylie is now releasing his most sincere and well-crafted batch of songs with the EP "Everything I Love" (Red Cabin Entertainment). The 5-song release is an uplifting and intimate collection of sophisticated pop.

    Wylie’s work draws inspiration from the poetic emotionality of 1990s Seattle alt-rock, the storyteller heritage of country music, and the gorgeously haunting atmospherics of ambient music. His unique aesthetic has garnered favorable comparisons to such diverse artists as Pearl Jam, Peter Gabriel, Keith Urban, Kenny Chesney, Willie Nelson, and Dave Matthews.

    As a child, Wylie grew up in Spokane, Washington, surrounded by Seattle’s 1990s alt music revolution. That music would prove to be his foundation as he explored his musicality until real estate development consumed his life. During the transitional period after the demise of the company—when he was living in his parent’s basement—country videos reawakened his dormant creativity. Those two vehicles of expression would be the bedrock of Wylie’s creative resurrection.

    Three LP’s, one EP, and various singles, have brought Wylie to the mature and masterful expression that appears on Everything I Love. The EP represents the optimum balance and integration of his formative inspirations to showcase a true Steven James Wylie aesthetic.

    On Everything I Love, Wylie writes about faith, family, friends, and everyday life struggles with a tone that is spiritually centered and empowering. On the shimmering Americana of the EP title track he writes with sweet resilience of that transformative time back living his parent’s basement. On the track he sings such lines: These are the things that you can’t take away/The simple joys of living, that God gave me today.These are the things that you can’t take away. 

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    Daily Soul Soothing Series 1 Peacefully Positive

    in Women

    Join host Kate Burke, Ba. Health and Physed, Certified Professional Coach, for 30 mins of tips and tools to release the days unwanted feelings.

    Start the day or end your day noticing beyond the past emotionality, if any, for the present inner peace and inner wisdom.

    The host or what is presented, does not treat, diagnose, cure or advise on any medical or psychological condition. It is recommended to have listened to some previous episodes or be familiar with the resource The Sedona Method.

    For more information visit http://www.youtransformingyou.weebly.com

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    Creative Orange County, The Couples Show...

    in Culture

    Interview with Kevin Kwan Loucks, a pianist of "exhilarating polish, unity and engagement" and Iryna Krechkovsky, a prize winning violinist celebrated for her "tone, emotionality and precision", one of Orange County CA's dynamic "creative" couples...
    Iryna Krechkovsky has been featured at venues from Stern Auditorium at Carnegie Hall, Alice Tully Hal, NYC, to Town Hall in Seattle, and The American Church, in Paris, France. 
    Born in Ukraine, Iryna began playing violin at age six. She earned her BA and MA of Music degrees from the Cleveland Institute of Music where she won the Dr. Jerome Gross Prize in Violin.
    Kevin Kwan Loucks has been featured on National Public Radio’s Performance Today, he has earned ovations from Weill Recital Hall at Carnegie Hall, to Pro¨sels Castle in Italy, the Kennedy Center, Lincoln Center's Alice Tully Hall, and Lichtenstein Palace in Prague.
    A Korean-American, graduate of The Juilliard School and Claire Trevor School of the Arts at UCI, Kevin Kwan Loucks is an alumnus of programs at the Aspen Music Festival, Music@Menlo, The Banff Centre, and the Gijo´n International Piano Festival in Spain.
    Kevin and Iryna were recent winners of the prestigious 2012 Beverly Hills Auditions, recent appointees as co-music directors of the LA new music group Synchromy and Artists-in-Residence, Claire Trevor School of the Arts, UCI and founding members of Trio Ce´leste with cellist Ross Gasworth.  And both are completing their Doctor of Musical Arts degrees at Stony Brook University.
    Visit - - www.kevinloucks.com and www.irynakrechkovsky.com...
    Creative Orange County, a "think tank @ the intersection of culture, commerce and community, www.creativeorangecounty.com...

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    Finding Your Spirituality Again After Tragedy with Christopher Reburn

    in Spirituality

    Things are going great, and then tragedy strikes and you are overcome with emotion, and are unsure of which direction to turn. During those very emotional and challenging times, it's easy for one to question their spirituality or to place their spiritual journey 'on hold' while grieving and going through needed healing time.  
    If you've went through tragedies and alot of struggles and have or are questioning your spirituality, then this would be a great show for you to listen to as I'll share ways on how you can reconnect to your spirituality both during and after tragedies as well as some powerful exercises on how you can maintain your spirituality while grieving, and understanding the emotionality that comes with it.
    Don't miss this very powerful episode!
    Visit Christopher online http://www.reburn.org
    Follow on Twitter http://www.twitter.com/chrisreburn
    Be friends on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/christopher.reburn