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    What is Emotional Physical Therapy?

    in Motivation

    This show will discuss the effects of Emotional Physical Therapy upon one's Life and the fulfillment of personal and professional goals. 

    Callers' questions will be answered LIVE on Air!

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    LUwJC#053 Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual Alignment

    in Self Help

    LUwJC#053 Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual Alignment with Special Guest Dr. Laurie Patterson

    Today on Lighten Up, Jen and Cheri welcome Dr Laurie Patterson to the show. With Cheri’s experience with Massage and Craniosacral Therapy and Laurie’s knowledge of Chiropractic Treatment there is sure to be some Brilliance revealed on this show!

    Focusing on the Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual Alignment this show that is sure to be overflowing with awareness and suggestions to support YOU in your Personal Alignment and Aliveness.

    Have a question? Call in and talk to Jen, Cheri and Laurie directly! (646) 200-0825

    Learn more about Jen Halterman

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    Emotional Intelligence

    in Self Help

    Today, Matt Perelstein joins Dr. Daniellle Mincey White to discuss Emotional Intelligence. 
    In this broadcast, Matt and Dr. Danielle will talk about his 25 years of helping people improve their lives by taking responsibility for their OWN emotions.
    Matt Perelstein is an Emotional Intelligence advocate and Instructor of New Directions workshops.
    New Directions-Emotional Breakthrough Workshops  http://www..NewDirectionsWorkshops.com

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    Emotional-Energetic-Physical Decluttering Tools! Life Coach Tee Ming Ooi!

    in Spirituality

    Topic: Unity Project: Experiment with 3 Mental-Emotional-Energetic-Physical Decluttering Tools


    My role as a success coach is to help my clients create more joyful lives through getting very clear on what they want in life, resolving areas of conflict within themselves, replacing undesired patterns of behavior with empowering new behavior, and supporting them on their hero's journey. We use a variety of mind-body-emotion-spirit techniques as intuitively guided in our coaching sessions. I help my clients in transforming difficult emotions into creative opportunities for personal growth, inner peace and happiness. I am also acertified "Tapping into Wealth" coach, working with entrepreneurs to dissolve their inner glass ceiling and double their income. If you'd like to be supported in realizing the grandest vision of the greatest version of you, I invite you to contact me or schedule a time to talk.

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    Efficacy of Music Therapy

    in Health

    Tory Sherlock is currently in the last year of her undergraduate studies at the University of Massachusetts Boston, graduating with Honors and a BA in Psychology. She is trying to continue on to graduate school for music therapy. For her senior thesis this year, she is researching the efficacy of art therapies in a variety of contexts including healing and rehabilitation. This study will focus on the perspective of the therapist and giver of treatment, not just client/patient outcome. Part of her research will include carrying out interviews with prospective therapists who are willing to answer some questions about their stance on their work, what brought them to the field, along with some other similar topics.

    Since I get requests for interviews or information from students frequently, I thought I'd record this one so that other students looking for similar information might be able to use it for their projects, too.

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    Who is Dr. D

    in Motivation

    This show re-introduces "Dr. DAM" after a six-month hiatus. She will discuss what has been going on with her; Emotional Physical Therapy and HOW the six-months were crucial to Being Who She was Created to Be.

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    Emotional Purchase. Daily Gogetemism #448

    in Lifestyle

    Many people feel like the way to happiness when you're feeling down is to go out and buy something. Does it work? Maybe temporarily but will it work in the long run? What about if you're buying on credit? What emotions will people have when it's time to pay the bill? 

    What must be going on in a person's life that would make their lives better with a new purchase? How does it play out in the end?

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    The Black Issue with Dad. Urban Therapy with Sun #168

    in Lifestyle

    The issue of the Black father has been going on for generations and unfortunately in a negative way.

    Whether we are talking about the absentee father, the deadbeat dad, the abusive father, the man that never really came around, the man that had all those kids, the man that wouldn't marry my mom, the man that we never met or the one that we can't seem to get it together with, the Black father is a polarizing figure. He commands a lot of attention for a man that so many people say hardly exists in our lives.

    The issues with fathers is not exclusive to Black people. Other races and ethnic groups have had similar issues with fathers but their issues seem to have dealt more with abusive or neglectful fathers inside the home. Many Black people have the opposite experience.

    This is not a general show concerning fathers though. This show will focus on personal issues that people have had in the Black family with their fathers. 

    What has been your experience concerning your dad? Was he there? Was he absent? Have you been mad at him most of your life or have you been looking for him most of your life?

    Has someone else that is not been your biological dad been your dad all your life? How did that turn out?

    Have you been taught to feel like a father is not as important in your life as a mother is?

    What about people who have sons? Do we secretly fear that our sons won't be there for their children if they grew up without a dad? Do we try to prevent that from happening or do we let the chips fall where they may?

    What can be done to remedy the situation of the Black father in relation to the child, the family and the community?


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    Vegan Bodybuilding

    in Motivation

    This show discusses, "Dr. DAM"; Emotional Physical Therapy AND, "Vegan Bodybuilding"!

    The previous three (3) shows have set the stage for this topic. You don't want to miss this broadcast.

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    7 Tips to Refuel Emotional Energy

    in Entertainment

    Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired? Learn 7 amazing tips how to refuel emotionally when you feel defeated. Gain a new persepctive on what you can do to improve your emotional well being. Stop feeling as your streched too thin and stressed out, running on empty. These are are signs it is time fill up on the beautiful things in life that will give you the vibrant life you well so deserve. Join us live today on Brown Suga Radio. 

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    Physical and Mental and Spiritual Security

    in Religion

    Live one hour inspiring show with Brother Dave Jesusonian and co-hosts Darren Steven Henley and Richard Stinson.

    Physical and spiritual security from the public domain Fifth Epochal Revelation of Truth:

    70:9.1 Nature confers no rights on man, only life and a world in which to live it. Nature does not even confer the right to live, as might be deduced by considering what would likely happen if an unarmed man met a hungry tiger face to face in the primitive forest. Society’s prime gift to man is security.

    111:7.1 Uncertainty with security is the essence of the Paradise adventure — uncertainty in time and in mind, uncertainty as to the events of the unfolding Paradise ascent; security in spirit and in eternity, security in the unqualified trust of the creature son in the divine compassion and infinite love of the Universal Father; uncertainty as an inexperienced citizen of the universe; security as an ascending son in the universe mansions of an all-powerful, all-wise, and all-loving Father.

    Show call ins are welcome in the last 15 minutes. The number is 347-838-8506 and you may use our open Chat Room to comment and to ask questions.

    Truth-seekers and Truth-finders should find value in our shows.

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    There, scroll about 30% down that page and you may read, download and share my always free 100 page .pdf of spiritual highlights in my books on the nature, life and teachings of our Sovereign Savior Jesus Christ.

    Love, peace and sure progress in Spirit and in Truth !