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    Free Psychic Card Readings With Emmy Moon

    in Spirituality

    Free Psychic card readings for those across the globe by Emmy Moon. All I need is the Question and person in questions name.   Please keep in mind that slots are limited to line up in queue and that all readings are chosen at random. I  also ask, to keep all questions short  up to 5 mins for there are others waiting for a reading as well.  Come with an open mind and heart and if destiny allows your questions will be answered on  tonight show.   For more of an in depth reading visit  www.EMMYMOON.Com to book a reading.  

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    Free Psychic Card Readings With Emmy Moon

    in Spirituality

    Free Psychic card readings those across the globe by Emmy Moon. Phone readings are just as accurate as an in person reading. All I need is Your name and Question.  Come with an open mind and heart and if desnity allows it I will answer your question in todays show.  All calls are done in random.  I ask that  each Caller remain only for  5 quick mins to allow everyone else to get a chance for a reading being that the lines will be long.  For more of an indeepth reading visit  www.EMMYMOON.Com to book a reading. 

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    Free Psychic Card Readings With Emmy Moon

    in Spirituality

    Free Psychic Card readings for those across the globe by Emmy Moon. All I need is the Question and person in questions name.   Please keep in mind that slots are limited for queue line and that all readings are chosen at random. Max questions answered per person are  two to get in as much readings as possible. Come with an open mind and heart and if destiny allows your questions will be answered on  tonight show. Starts at 11pm Est - 11:30-45pm . 

    If you would like a more in depth or have not been chosen no fret visit  www.EMMYMOON.COM to book your reading.  Also Like me on facebook www.facebook.com/PsychicEmmyMoon for your chance to win free readings with frequent contest. 


    Have a blessed day . EMMY MOON


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    And The Emmy/Oscar goes to....

    in Entertainment

    This installment of The Forbidden Fruit will discuss the plight of the black actor and actress in Hollywood. Did Viola Davis hit the nail on the head at the 67th annual Primetime Emmy Awards? Do actors of color have less opportunity than their white counterparts? After all these years and a black president in the white house, why are we still dealing with unequal opportunity in Hollywood? How do we change this? Is it that America, including black folks, don't care to see blacks on tv or the big screen? We've invited some black actors to the show to help us understand this. You won't want to miss a minuite of this. Lets talk about it here on The Fruit. 

    Call in number to just listen or if you have a question or comment at 347-202-0492

    Email us at AppleBrain@Live.com

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    Chatting With Sherri Welcomes Back the Amazing, Emmy Winning, Brooks Wachtel!

    in Entertainment

    This week we welcome back the talented Emmy Award Winning Producer/Screenwriter/Author Brooks Wachtel! Brooks is a such a talented man, he and his partner, Cynthia Harrison has done many amazing documentaries including ; "Silver Tsunami" winner of the; Audience Award Winner at the Awareness Film Festival in Santa Monica!  They also produced "Dogfights", a fasinating series on flying aces during WW!.  Brooks won his Emmy for "Tutenstein" an animated show about; 12-year-old Cleo's knowledge of Ancient Egypt is turned on its head when a bolt of lightning awakens the mummified body of child Pharaoh Tut-ankh-en-set-amun on display in a local museum.

    He is about to launch his first novel; "Lady Sherlock", he teaches film making at my favorite school; UCLA and he is a one of the top ten winners of The Chatty! A new award I created for my show. He is also a talented magician and a Magician member of the Magic Castle.


    Please join us for our chat with the fun, talented, witty and always lovable artist!

    Two pictures taken by the talented Steven L Sears.



    in Television

    It's Emmy Time!!!

    I am so glad to announce that The TV Talkers are back! We have such an amazing episode planned for you. This week we make our Emmy predictions.

    Since KC and EV are TV fanatics, this is like their Super Bowl!

    KC & EV have been watching hours and hours of content and now they are ready to do some major talking.

    Listening to KC and EV is like having a conversation with friends. They're clever and fun. To be a part of the live broadcast call 516-531-9237 on Wednesday at 2:00PM EST.

    To keep up in real-time, follow @TheTVTalkers on Twitter. 

    You can also find EV @ExpertViewerTV and KC @CruzMedia on Twitter.

    Like us on Instagram @TheTVTalkers.
    Catch up on previous episodes at www.blogtalkradio.com/tvtalkers. 

    Visit our page, tune in, catch up, leave comments and most importantly follow us on twitter every single week as we live-tweet the shows that we're tuning into and the ones we consider dropping from the rotation.


    @CruzMedia and @ExpertViewerTV

  • I'm Just Sayin'...™ - AT THE EMMY AWARDS!!

    in Entertainment

    CG PRESENTS™ I'm Just Sayin'...™ - the radio show where you can hang out with your favorite quirky gal – Carla G! YOU! 'n Carla G 'n Butch B AT THE EMMY AWARDS! Oh, wait, we're NOT "AT" the Emmys, but we still can still discuss 'em!


    Sundays at 10:30am ET, Carla G. invites you to share the fundom by calling (646)716-4732 during the show! And if the live show or the podcasts have you drooling for more of the duo, then just connect with her on Twitter: @IJSTweets !

    Click the links below for CLASSIC "stuff"!

    HILARIOUS DHCH™  episode right here! 

    SWAG! right here

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    Masterclass:Cindy Mollo/Editor/Emmy Nom/House of Cards/Broken City/Mad Men

    in Movies

    Cindy Mollo began her career in New York editing the critically acclaimed dramas “Homicide: Life on the Street,” and “Oz” for producers Barry Levinson and Tom Fontana. She was nominated for an American Cinema Editors Eddie Award for her work on an episode of “Homicide” directed by Levinson. She edited the HBO films “Boycott,” “Point of Origin” and “Path to Paradise,” and received an Emmy Award nomination for Outstanding Editing on “Dash and Lily,” a film for A&E directed by Kathy Bates. Mollo’s feature career includes a long collaboration with Allen Hughes. BROKEN CITY starring Russell Crowe and Mark Wahlberg marked her fourth project with Allen. Previously she worked with The Hughes Brothers on the feature THE BOOK OF ELI. Other feature credits include PANIC, THE SENTINEL, TEXAS KILLING FIELDS and THE BREAKUP GIRL. Mollo’s television work includes the award winning AMC series “Mad Men,” for which she received her second Emmy Award nomination..  She recently edited the independent John Sayles pilot “Dr. Del” starring John Hawkes and Chloë Sevigny. She just wrapped work on the fourth season of the acclaimed Netflix series “House of Cards” for which she’s been nominated for two Hollywood Post Alliance Awards. We will be discussing communication during the entire filmmaking process: important conversations to have with your director during prep and production; communication with the sound, music and VFX departments during dailies; and working with the sound department, music editor and the composer during the mix. You can email your questions to 123FilmEasy@Gmail.com 

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    Janette Barber: 6 Time Emmy Winner Chats w Garrett!

    in Entertainment

    Janette Barber, 6-time Emmy winner, returns to Rated G Radio to spill the beans on what's happening in her world!  Currently hosting the wildly popular weekly podcast, "Completely Uninformed With Janette & Pete" - Janette's hour long simply is not enough!  We need more Janette - and tonight we're going to hear it all!

    Like Completely Uninformed with Janette and Pete on Facebook here!
    Join Kristy's Elves Group on Facebook here!

    Visit Completely Uniformed with Janette and Pete's website here!

    Want to TALK WITH Janette?  Call 323 657-1493 to ask this dynamic lady a question and join the fun!

    Donate to Kristy's Elves Wish List on Amazon here!

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    Profile:Joe Beshenkovsky/Editor/Emmy Win/Kurt Cobain: Montage of Heck

    in Movies

    Joe Beshenkovsky is an editor of numerous television programs and documentary films. He's been nominated for three Emmy awards, most recently for "Kurt Cobain: Montage of Heck," and won for his work on Showtime's "This American Life." "Montage of Heck" also received an IDA award for Best Edited Documentary Feature. Some of his other projects include: "It's Me, Hilary" for HBO, executive produced by Lena Dunham and Jenni Konner, "Knock, Knock: It's Tig," a comedy special with Tig Notaro, "Another Day, Another Time" with producers Joel and Ethan Coen, the documentary features "Teenage" from director Matt Wolf and "Objectified" for director Gary Hustwit, and the previously mentioned "This American Life." You can email your questions to 123filmeasy@gmail.com or follow us on Twitter @123Film.

  • 14 time Emmy Nominee Jon Hotchkiss

    in Entertainment

    Today's topic is " 14 time Emmy nominee Jon Hotchkiss" Discussing the creation of brand new indie TV Network Adorable Puppies, Inc, and the TV Shows currently featured: This Vs That, Get Sexxx Tonight and Pizza With Writers. Jon Hotchkiss is an industry legend who wrote and produced television's top shows Pumpkin Chunkin, Penn & Teller: Bullshit, The Rose O' Donnell Show, Politically Incorrect with Bill Maher and many more. Jon and I will discuss his TV Network, Adorable Puppies, Inc and what led him to break off on his own. He will tell us about some of the shows he has created and what viewers expect to see on his latest creation, "Pizza With Writers." He will share some of the craziest thing he learned while interviewing the TV Legends featured on "Pizza With Writers" and how listeners can tune in.  For more information on Jon Hotchkiss and his brand new indie network, be sure to go to jonhotchkiss.com. 

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