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    Greg Basta • Underwater borrowers & Eminent Domain, Working Families Party

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    Homeowner relief through eminent domain, the recent Cuomo challenge and the role of third parties in an outside strategy--in particular, the working families party. Jay talks with Greg Basta, Deputy Director of New York Communities for Change – an organization of low income families with over 40,000 members fighting for social and economic justice throughout New York State. He’s also the Staff Director for the Home Defenders’ League – a coalition of organizations fighting to demand accountability from the banks and mortgage companies that caused the housing meltdown.

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    Joy Keys chats about eminent domain with Artist James Dupree

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    In December 2012, the City of Philadelphia seized the deed of Dupree Studios and granted acquisition to the Philadelphia Redevelopment Authority in accordance with the Pennsylvania Eminent Domain Code. City Hall has teamed up with private developers to transform the Mantua section, including the project and development of "The Plaza", a suburban-style supermarket encompassing four full city blocks, regretfully reducing Dupree Studios to a parking lot. Sign the petition to stop this action: http://www.change.org/petitions/jannie-blackwell-michael-nutter-return-the-deed-to-property-owners-of-3617-haverford-ave-philadelphia
    James Dupree is an accomplished artist, educator, and business owner.  Among the first black graduates of the University of Pennsylvania MFA program, and a recent recipient of the UPenn Black Alumni Society's Living Legend Award, he is in many ways an example of the success of Philadelphia’s art institutions in addressing the city’s underprivileged communities. jamesdupree.com 
    Melinda Haring is the activism manager at the Institute for Justice (IJ), a non-profit public interest law firm dedicated to defending private property rights.  IJ represented Susette Kelo and her neighbors before the U.S. Supreme Court in Kelo v. City of New London,as well as many others across the country.  Since the Kelo case, IJ has helped saved more than 16,000 properties through grassroots activism and played a role in reforming eminent domain laws in 44 states.  IJ has been working with James Dupree since late November.


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    The Wicked Domain on LiveParanormal.com with Guest Jim Jones

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    Join The Wicked Domain as Alex Matsuo interviews Jim Jones about his impressive career in the paranormal and current work in the field. Jim is the founder and Chief Investigator of Paranormal Research and Investigation Society of Maryland (PRISMd.) He is currently a 19 year career Maryland law enforcement officer and a 32nd Degree Freemason. He is also a confederate descendant, and member of the Sons of Confederate Veterans, and Sons of Confederate Veterans Maryland Division Color Guard. After having several paranormal experiences as a child, Jim was co founder of the Catonsville Ghostchasers in 1978. Later, he founded the Catonsville Society for Paranormal Research (CSPR) which expanded their operations by March 2004 became PRISMd.

    Jim calls himself an "open minded skeptic". Utilizing training, tools, and techniques from the law enforcement field, Jim brings his this into paranormal investigations. Also a history buff, he brings accurate roll play into paranormal investigations of historic locations, as well as detailed research, and interview techniques.

    Jim is a photographer, and an independent videographer. He produces several web series for YouTube called "LOST MARYLAND", "THE CEMETERY CHRONICLES", "ExploreQuest America", to name a few. Jim is a historian. He works with preservationists, genealogists, and historians in protecting and preserving historic buildings, landmarks, and cemeteries.

    Jim currently lives outside of Baltimore, Maryland in Catonsville. He is married to paranormal researcher and author, Rie Sadler. Both were featured on an episode of Animal Planet's "The Haunted" called "Stalked By A Vampire" with Rosemary Ellen Guiley and Carl Johnson.

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    The Wicked Domain on LiveParanormal.com with Guest George Turner

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    George Turner is the author of Shadows In Ink which is a collection of short stories that range from ghosts and witches to tales of deceit. George is also the owner of George Turner Paranormal Magazine (ISSN: 2374-669X). George has been researching the paranormal since 2001 after an experience that opened the paranormal rabbit role. His articles has appeared in several magazines and newsletters and has been a guest on other paranormal podcasts. Find out more by visiting www.georgeturner.us

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    The Wicked Domain on LiveParanormal.com with Guest Rosalyn Bown

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    Join The Wicked Domain as your host Alex Matsuo talks to investigator and researcher Rosalyn Bown.



    Rosalyn Bown is a former cast member of SyFy’s Ghost Hunters Academy. She has also filmed episodes of paranormal programs for Comcast Cable, the National Geographic Channel, and the UK’s Living Channel.

    Rosalyn joined her first ghost investigation group in 1999, and acted as assistant director of a local T.A.P.S. Family Group for several years. During that time, she has conducted hundreds of investigations and has given dozens of ghost lectures and seminars. She has since co-founded a group of her own, Perceptive Paranormal Research. She has committed to freeing her mind of her previously “accepted” beliefs regarding ghosts and expanding her knowledgebase through individual research, brainstorming with other paranormal investigators, and exploring exciting new theories and techniques in an effort to help move the ghost investigation field forward.

    Rosalyn’s background in psychiatric nursing and in customer service give her particular insight into the minds and motivations of both the living and the dead. She is also a Reiki Master, an Angel Therapy Practitioner, a Psychic Medium, and has experience with helping families deal with violent hauntings and inhuman entities.

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    Eminent Domain & REITS - Must Listen!

    in Real Estate

    Nathalie breaks down the eminent domain and REITS issues in the 1st half...


    2nd half, Olympian,Motivational Speaker, Author of "Success Beyond Sport" - Annette Lynch joins us


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    Metal Hammer of Doom: Cannibal Corpse - A Skeletal Domain

    in Rock Music

    Tonight we review the latest from the godfathers of death metal, Cannibal Corpse; A Skeletal Domain.

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    Wicked Domain Radio with Guest Ric Savage

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    Join The Wicked Domain for a special show featuring Ric Savage! Show, host Alex Matsuo will talk with Ric about his career as a professional wrestler, and his work as a Civil War history buff and in artifact recovery! 

    Official Press Release: http://liveparanormal.com/m/news/view/Ric-Savage-On-The-Wicked-Domain-10-26-14

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    Ric Savage, a North Carolina native, is a semi-retired professional wrestler and host of Savage Family Diggers on Spike TV, and The Savage-Turner Rock Express Radio Show with Erik Turner of Warrant. Contrasting his reputation as a brawler, Ric is an avid student of history, with a focus on the American Civil War. Ric is an artifact recovery professional, and an amateur historian who spends much of his time in historical locations from Tombstone to Gettysburg. Ric is married to Rita Savage and the couple share three children and two grand-children.

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    Wicked Domain on LiveParanormal.com with Cassidy Rae

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    Join your host Alex Matsuo as she talks to Cassidy Rae, Rhonda Bingham, and Jason Wilkerson about raising a family and going through life with a psychically gifted teenager.

    Cassidy Rae is only 15, but is handling her gift of being able to communicate with spirits like a pro.  She realized she had this gift at the age of 13, on Halloween weekend, while attending her first paranormal investigation in Narrows, VA, at the MacArthur Inn.  The Inn is an established landmark in this tiny town, having been a hospital, a nursing home, a bed and breakfast, back and forth since the early 1900s.  It is now a bed and breakfast, and the owner has most of the history since it was built.  During this investigation, which was for fun and lead by a group that she had been friends with for years, Cassidy began seeing and hearing things that weren’t there.  She described a man that no one else could see, and when the owner began to go through pictures of former residents, she pointed out the exact man she was seeing.  Records proved he had died in the exact room Cassidy was seeing him in.  The way she described him to other investigators, including his clothing, was exactly what he was wearing in the picture.  The picture had been taken shortly before his death. 

    Join us tonight for Wicked Domain! 

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    The Wicked Domain on Liveparanormal.com With Guest Rob Gutro

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    EMAIL: WickedDomainRadio@gmail.com




    Rob considers himself an average guy who just happens to be able to communicate with those who passed. He calls himself a "medium rare" because he's still learning how to meditate for more messages, but he passes messages on when he gets them. He has also been able to sketch out what a ghost or spirit looks like and have connected with many people and dogs and cats! 

    Often he'll get messages whenever someone emails him. He belongs to the Inspired Ghost Tracking group and helps cross ghosts over on private investigations.

    By trade he's a meteorologist, so he explains the facets of entities using science. He's had the ability since he was a teenager, when his grandfather appeared to him 6 months after he passed. One of his big focuses is on pets. Rob had a dog that was tragically killed as a puppy and who became the world's best canine communicator. He opened the door for other dogs and cats to give messages for others that he's proven over and over.

    Rob's Website: http://ghostsandspiritsinsights.blogspot.com/

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    The Wicked Domain Radio on LiveParanormal.com with Guest Michelle Hamilton

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    The Wicked Domain on www.liveparanormal.com

    Press Release: http://liveparanormal.com/m/news/view/Michelle-Hamilton-on-The-Wicked-Domain-11-9-14


    Join The Wicked Domain on November 9th, 2014 at 9pm ET as Michelle Hamilton joins the show as a guest to discuss her book, I Would Be Drowned in Tears, which is about the spiritualism movement and Abraham Lincoln. It is sure to be a fascination discussion!

    Michelle L. Hamilton earned her master's degree in history from San Diego State University in 2013. Her work can be seen in the magazine The Citizens' Companion. Fascinated with the American Civil War and the life of Abraham Lincoln since as long as she could remember Hamilton pursued her love of history by working as a docent at the Whaley House Museum in Old Town San Diego. In her free time, Hamilton is a Civil War living historian. Born and raised in California, Hamilton now resides in Ruther Glen, Virginia. “I Would Be Drowned in Tears”: Spiritualism in Abraham Lincoln’s White House is her first book. You can follow her at her blog http://michelle-hamilton.blogspot.com.

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