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    G.T.E. Professional Radio Network

    in Business

    Join us as we have Special Guest Mr. Emeka Robinson of Kemet Life Movement to share with us about how he is assisting families throughout the State of Texas and around the country...

    Global Touch Enterprise Professional Network Radio is for small business owners who want to expand thier marketplace.

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    The Law of Attraction...a better way to get what you want out of life.

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    Join us on the Golden Hope as we talk with author Emeka       He has written the Miracle Trilogy...a 3 book series on the Law of Attraction.  His latest book, Mandi's mracle has just been released.  Find out how this very basic anc very powerful law can work for you.

    During the second hour, meet a missionary from the Uniterd States, now serving in Cambodia.

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    Emeka Iwenofu--Moving Ahead With His Passion 06.Jun.14

    in Finance

    Emeka Iwenofu gotten bitten by the writing bug at a late age. But he didn't let that stop him from realizing his dream. He's gone on to self-publish 2 books of a trilogy. They're based on autobiographical characters who grow up in disadvantaged homes and triumph against all odds. Emeka is hoping to help others rise up just like he did. His story is incredibly inspiring. 

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    Strategic Approaches to Starting New Relationships

    in Relationships

    With his extensive knowledge of 'Attraction' based theories and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Emeka Bronson has thrived in successful collaborations with personal development firms like “The Art of Charm" and MTV's hit "Keys to the VIP".

    Emeka has counseled men in the art of personal fulfillment and social mastery since 1999, and his expertise has been featured by various mainstream media outlets like CTV, Maxim Sirius Radio, MTV, E-Talk, 680 News, Fashion Television (City TV) and a slew of others.

    Emeka will be sharing strategic approaches to starting new relationships.

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    Sports Midweek Madness with T-Spence and Brad Miller

    in Sports

    More on the Rondo rumor, as well as updated information on the futures of Josh Smith/Thad Young. We will also be discussiong the latest news around the NBA from Eric Bledsoe, Emeka Okafor, and Greg Monroe. Also, feel free to call into the show tonight and give our co-host Brad Miller a hard time about his beloved Steelers being arrested today. T-Spence is also going to go off on an epic rant to call out some people. Tune in at 8 PM Pacific/11 PM Eastern.

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    Author Emeka Iwenofu stops by Conversations LIVE

    in Books

    Host Cyrus Webb welcomes author Emeka Iwenofu to Conversations LIVE to discuss his book JACKIE'S MIRACLE. 

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    Emeka Iwenofu--Success Is Available To All 27.Feb.14

    in Finance

    www.FinancialSurvivalNetwork.com presents

    Emeka Iwenofu is an aspiring young writer who lived mostly in Cleveland where he attended Cuyahoga Community College before transferring to Cleveland State University where he earned his degree in Accounting. Afterwards, he later became engrossed with free enterprise and engaged in a number of solo business ventures before finding his true calling, which was writing.

    He eventually read several books on success development, mental attitude, and the law of attraction which inspired him to write the three book series, called: The Miracle Trilogy. He feels that this series is one of the first books of its kind to touch on the law of attraction in such a comprehensive and scientific format among characters as a basis of why and how this phenomenon works.

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    Francine's Miracle Special Guest: Emeka Iwenofu on Inspiration From Spirit

    in Spirituality

    Francine's Miracle 

    Special Guest: Emeka  Iwenofu 

    Emeka has written a powerful book, entitled, "Francine's Miracle." It follows a young Irish girl named Francine who immigrates to the United States with her family during the 1920's Prohibition era before enduring a life of having an alcoholic father, a bitter mother, tragedy, poverty, verbal abuse, and endless chores, desperately crying for help from her situation. It isn't until a twist of fate connects her with a stranger that eventually teaches her the "secret" which propels Francine to become an extraordinary woman. In this book are step-by-step fundamentals any person can use to accurately attract any and everything they want in their life. Emeka will talk about the release of his new book and share with the audience the secrets to success. He will discuss the victim mentality and how to take full responsibility for everything that happens in order to create positive change in their life. To view a video for the book, please visit: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dX5yyBtKk8E.

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    The Miracle Trilogy with Author Emeka Iwenofu

    in Lifestyle

    Author, Emeka Iwenofu joins host Michele Mattia to discuss  his three book series The Miracle Trilogy (Francine's Miracle, Jackie's Miracle, & Mandi's Miracle) and how The Law of Attraction not only were the inspiration behind this trilogy, but how his own life has been transformed.
    Join Michele & Emeka at 2pm ET for a lively conversation about the power of our thoughts, words, actions and emotions, as well as the power of choice and how we receive, react and respond to the world around us.
    If you would like to participate in today’s show, please call the studio at 714.333.3349, email the show at Connect@MicheleMattia.com or post on the Life Design Facebook page.

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    When God is all you have...

    in Family

    What do you do when God is all that you have? Do you pray, sing, praise, speak in tongues, prophesy, give alms or do what? Our is guest Barr. Gozie Emeka Udemezue is the CEO and founder of of Healing Hearts Widows Support Foundation Inc. In her assignment as  a minister to widows she deals with those who have nothing and nobody but God. As a woman of God she knows what it means to rely absolutely on God. Barrister Udemezue is a lawyer and a highly annointed woman of God. Take a listen!


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    Why Aren't The Phoenix Suns Setting Their Sights Higher?

    in Basketball

    I went on the radio in Phoenix this morning and played party-pooper, because I don't think qualifying for the playoffs is such a grand goal.

    It is a nice goal, don't get me wrong, especially for an overachieving team like the Suns. But the ultimate goal is to win a championship, and if the Phoenix Suns could have acquired Pau Gasol from the Los Angeles Lakers for the insurance-covered contract of Emeka Okafor, along with a first-round draft pick, they should have done it.

    Gasol could have gotten them out of the first round, and maybe even further. And that is why columnist Chris Bernucca listed the Suns as one of the losers in his column looking at February free agency.

    And again, the goal is to win a championship, not just to make the playoffs. After all, the Milwaukee Bucks made the playoffs last year, which has meant nothing to them this year. They have the worst record in the NBA.

    Also, the Suns haven't quite made it into the playoffs yet, and with the way the Memphis Grizzlies (currently ninth in the West) have been playing, you'd have to think Phoenix is the most likely team to get caught. That wouldn't have been the case if Gasol was on their team.

    More on the situation in Phoenix in this podcast with Brad Cesmat on Sports360az.com in Phoenix.

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