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    Embedded Enemy: The Insider Threat

    in Military

    Command Sergeant Major Bart E. Womack, USA (ret.) “is the recipient of two Bronze Stars, one for Valor. He has served the US Army with distinction for nearly 3 decades as a professional soldier who is truly a tactical and technical expert, combined with the dedication & discipline associated with only the finest America has to offer.

    Since his retirement, Womack has worked in the entertainment industry, both as an actor and a Military Technical Advisor for feature films and television. He spent 18 months in Afghanistan training the Afghanistan National Army, as well as time in Nigeria, as part of the African Contingency Operation training that country's Army. He works with returning Veterans in the Saddles for Soldiers program that uses horses to help Veterans and their families better cope with the trauma and stressors that often come with returning from combat and readjusting to civilian life. He now proudly adds the title of 'Author' to his resume. Command Sergeant Major Bart E. Womack is the author of Embedded Enemy: The Insider Threat.

    According to the book description of Embedded Enemy: The Insider Threat, “Shortly after deploying for the war in Iraq, an unprecedented attack was about to take place; the first of it's kind in U.S. military history. Embedded Enemy is the true story of the deadly attack against the men and women of Headquarters and Headquarters Company First Brigade, 101st Airborne Division. The Bastogne Brigade was staged at Camp Pennsylvania in Kuwait where they prepared for combat. During the early morning hours of 23 March 2003, a fellow American soldier, Sergeant Hasan Akbar, executed the unthinkable by throwing hand grenades into his Chain of Command's tents. He then followed up with small-arms fire while his Commanding Officers slept in preparation for war.”

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    T.H.E Journal's Chris Piehler brings La Quinta CA Ed Tech teacher Kirsten Wright to our show

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    Bliss Point part 2 with Dr. E.D. Brown

    in Self Help

    Clinical Psychologist and author Dr. E. Douglass Brown will continue his talk on Bliss Point part 2, re-broadcast show, talking about bringing out the Bliss Point. The makings of the spiritual bliss point are deeply embedded in each infant. Whether the makings of the spiritual bliss point become an actualized experience depends on the person, once an infant, learning the difference between his or her true self and “somebody” that he or she has come to believe is “me.”  Wise parents encourage a child to ask the right questions and to seek and accept the right answers. Unwise parents encourage a child to only ask questions when given permission from others and to accept answers endorsed by them and others. Wise parenting models and guides towards the bliss point.  Unwise parenting models and guides towards the "miss" point.

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    Alien Contact Org Presents Bret Sheppard Lunar Anomalist Researcher

    in Entertainment

    Bret C. Sheppard (Founder of the Lunar Anomaly Research Society)

    In 1982, Bret Colin Sheppard was 15 years of age and an aspiring art student, when he was asked to stay after school with another art student and view a slide show presentation of some very strange art. The woman who showed him this art was from SRI, Stanford Research Institute and Bret felt a strange sense of deja’ vu as he was shown the images and he never forgot the experience. Bret went on to have a professional career in art, his art style being of a surrealistic type, a dream scape of the mind.

    Years later, Bret is strangely compelled to pursue research into space images of the moon. He founds the Lunar Anomaly Research Society and, along with other anomalists, peruses lunar imagery looking for structures, unnatural architecture and other types of anomalies. Then, he is confronted with an image that stirs his memory and he is seeing an image that he remembers seeing as a teenager in that darkened room. This sends him on a quest, looking for more of this surreal, embedded imagery that is found in hundreds of space mission photography. Over time, Bret becomes convinced he is seeing what may be extraterrestrial or extradimensional (ET/ED) beings in contact with humanity by embedding imagery into space photographs using advanced holographic technique. He has not created the imagery but rather finds it and highlights it as a unique art form. He discovered the subject matter this art is based on, visualizes it, and then colorizes it to share with others. At first, he shares this with his Lunar Anomaly Research Society (LARS) cohorts. Now this fascinating imagery is available in this volume for others to enjoy.


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    WIIM Radio Prospects Report: January 28th

    in Hockey

    If you've already listened to this week's episode of WIIM Radio, you'll have already noticed a bit of a hole in the middle of the show. We had a timing hiccup this week and couldn't get the prospects report cut into the main episode in time. We don't want you to miss out on it just to miss out though. What we've got here is this week's WIIM Radio Prospects Report. 

    In this report, Michelle runs down the Griffins' relative return to health and what kind of an affect those injuries have had on the team in the standings lately, since the Griffins have had kind of a roller coaster season so far.
    Vili Saarijarvi and the odd case of a bad Flint Firebirds team, along with the odd case of his juniors eligibility and potential for next season.
    Svechnikov is hot since returning from the World Juniors. We like hot.
    Joe Hicketts and his impact on the Victoria Royals
    Dominic Turgeon's offensive growth
    Axel Holmstrom's dominance in Sweden
    Ehn and Vahatalo
    Listener Questions: Mantha/Bertuzzi callups? What's the future for Frk?

    You can listen via the embedded player above or at our Blogtalk Radio page. You can also download straight from iTunes for listening as well. This episode is rated for everybody, so play it for your children's bowling league. 



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    The Propelled Heart

    in Health

    Welcome to the Healthy Baby Boomers Network Blog Talk Radio Show.  I am your host, Dr. Erica Goodstone, Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Spiritual Relationship Healer and Somatic Body Psychotherapist, Helping Men and Women Heal Their Bodies and Their Relationships Through Love, author of the book: Love Me, Touch Me, Heal Me and the romantic novel, Love in the Blizzard of Life, and creator of the life changing 30 Day Love Challenge.
    Today I am speaking with Dr. Toni Luisa Rivera, Doctor of Chiropractic, Certified Rubenfeld Synergist, author, and workshop facilitator was born and raised on Air Force bases until her father retired in Puerto Rico when she was 11.  After her studies at Life Chiropractic University, she returned and opened her first chiropractic office in a rural part of the island where there was no other alternative healthcare.  She quickly learned the vital role of body, mind, spirit and emotions in healing.  To explore this further, she moved to Santa Fe, NM where she did dressage horseback riding, hot yoga, motorcycles and used her training with Ilana Rubenfeld, to become a master teacher focusing on helping her clients with self-healing.  In her book, The Propelled Heart: Moving from Injury to Insight, she shares her own personal story embedded with lessons learned and wisdom attained and she provides a set of exercises to help the reader heal. ToniLuisaRivera.com

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    in Entertainment

    Saxophonist Tony Craddock, Jr.’s mission is to connect weather and life through music. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Atmospheric Science and uses weather to illustrate inspirational stories embedded within his music. We’ll talk to Tony about his latest project Convection and his upcoming Valentine Day Smooth Jazz Brunch event with special guest Ken Navarro.

    Follow Tony on Facebook and Twitter.


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    Why are State worshipers so terrified of people who believe in honesty?

    in Current Events

    Tonight we are going to talk with boots on the ground at the vigil at Berns, Oregon. Scott Bennett will co-host and interview an embedded journalist in Oregon. The worship of human power, in demanding service to the state, has been the basis of the most popular forms of false God worship. States are designed by men to appeal to different forms of idolatry, like the democratic rule of the majority, or the republican rule of representation, or the rule of monarchies or oligarchies, or parliaments. But the rule of the King of kings is the highest form of worship and it cannot be achieved by human devices. No one can truly force anyone to worship a Holy God who is hidden from mankind by the sin that defines our nature. The Kingdom of heaven makes no sense at all to people who live by their senses. No one can see the kingdom who has not been born again, by the Spirit of God. It is written, "The wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life through faith in Jesus Christ." The kindoms of man are at war with the Kingdom of God, and there is only one path to peace with God. That path is found in the gospel of Jesus Christ.

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    in Politics


    All the social revolutions that have intervened since the age of polished stone (Neolithic), no matter how radical, have not succeeded in completely wiping out the original clanic structures, which still remain embedded  in our respective societies and are recognizable, by numerous characteristics.

     A modern European language like French reflects, in its deep structure the nomadic Indo-European institutions unfavorable to women: there is no proper word in French to express the murder of mother of sister; the terms relative to the murder of one’s father or brother respectively are used:  Parricide=murder of one’s father or  one’s mother by extension; Fratricide=murder of one’s brother, one’s sister by extension . 

    STRUCTURE OF KINSHIP AT THE CLANIC AND TRIBAL STAGE. Process by which the name basses from the clinic collectivity to the individual.

    The structure of the kinship depends strictly on the material conditions of life; it evolves or changes with them in a way that Levi-Strauss’s structuralism would be incapable of of foreseeing.  A Nuer explained to Edward Evans -Pritchard that the child bears the name of his mother’s clan as long as the marriage is matrilocal; foliation then is matrilineal.  But, If the situation is reversed during the lifetime of this same child, with the woman rejoining the clan of her husband, the marriage becomes patrilocal, and dilation becomes patrilineal: the child changes this or her name and henceforth bears the name of the father’s clan." CHEIKH ANTA DIOP 'Civilization or Barbarism An Authentic Anthropology'

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    Will You Be Able to Stomach the Internet of Food?

    in Technology

    As if this world wasn't wired enough, there's a movement afoot to use technology to bring the "Internet of Things" concept to the dinner table.  Realizing that consumers are obsessed with diet, wieght loss, food allergies and a host of other nutrition-related bugaboos, acadamecians, technologists and entrepreneurs are looking to cash in by designing and marketing gadgets under the guise of "The Internet of Food."  Everything from automated food scanners and tracking sensors embedded in meat & produce (can you say "Connected Cow?"), to AI-driven diet algorithms designed to help you count calories.  (Open the refrigerator door, Hal!)  On this episode of Working the web to win, we will endeavor to show you how your relationship with the grocery store is going to go high tech.

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    Extraction Road

    in Politics Conservative

    Government is intended to create the conditions for an ordered free market, which requires sound money and the rule of law.  We replaced sound money for debt-money in 1913. We’re a long way down the road to extraction and yet we do not revolt! Why?  Because the oligarchs permit us to participate in elections between two pre-selected canned-idiots every now and then. The globalists control the high-ground on Wall St, Washington, academia, the press and are using their leverage to pull us down extraction road and erase our national sovereignty.  In a rigged scheme voting is merely giving legitimacy to tyranny. 

    Campaigns are not about democratically electing people to office. In Congress, there are no votes, merely procedures to maintain 'emergency' tyranny. The players change, the power shifts from the left to the right and vice versa; yet the only constancy is tyranny. The lie is so big and embedded that it cannot be upended from within by conventional methods. That which is required is a massive vulgarian wave of vengeance led by a nationalist who is larger than the globalist scheme of extraction.

    This has nothing to do with ideology, policy, substance or even an electoral process, or any candidate or party, not even Donald Trump. This is the last peaceful option to dislodge the globalist oligarchs and their sycophants and restore American Nationalism in the hope that liberty may rise once again. Break the rigged system, smash it to pieces. To defeat the lawless hordes of Cultural Marxists, corporatists, oligarchs, kleptocrats, useful idiots and their fellow travelers you MUST CRUSH the globalist progressive-corporatist oligarchs and their canned-idiot meat-puppets on the ‘left’, ‘right’ and everywhere...for liberty!

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