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    T.H.E Journal's Chris Piehler brings La Quinta CA Ed Tech teacher Kirsten Wright to our show

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    Cowboy Wisdom Radio

    in Spirituality

    Robert will talk about expand your life energizing your dreams by understanding life executes experiences to release embedded history within u

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    PODCAST: Legal Insights Into BOE Meeting on Exempt Embedded Software Tax in CA

    in Finance

    Welcome to the SC&H Group Podcast Series.  On May 22nd, the California Board of Equalization (BOE) held a meeting that resumed discussions on the challenging issue of quantifying and proving the costs of non-taxable embedded software within high tech equipment for the purpose of property taxation.

    Today, we are speaking with Joe Vinatieri, who is an attorney with the law firm Bewley, Lassleben and Miller, who will provide us with some more insights into this issue.

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    Is AA Embedded with The Medical Profession? How did this Happen?

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    Join Monica Richardson as she interviews Doctor Michael Langan, who knows first hand what is going on in his field. This will make your head spin! AA is embedded with our research, our medicine and forcing Doctors to join their 1935 religious cult for behavior issues around alochol.  WOW in 2014. Even I'm shocked by this one.

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    Join us this Monday for the welcome return of Author and Musician Jill!

    She will be speaking about enlightenment and unloading your baggage for the trip, and we will be playing some of her fabulous music!

    Special frequencies, rhythms and harmonics expand our consciousness. 

    Fibonacci and phi tones and ancient Solfeggio tones are embedded in her soul soothing music (the free mp3s)!

    Music of the movements of the stars is converted into sounds in this healing music!

    Also added are associated frequencies of carbon, hydrogen oxygen and nitrogen - found in the stars and in our bodies.

    Soul therapy and the sounds of flower energy, frequencies and music to clear negative emotions and build positive feelings!

    With archaeology, history, science  and chaneling, Jill has pieced together ancient techniques for healing with sound and energy - vibrational healing. These ancient techniques are the last to come out as they are the most powerful and were carefully guarded until mankind was moral enough to use them properly.  

    Free soundhealing mp3s at bottom of home page at www.JillsWingsOfLight.com & at www.JillsHealingMusic.com  

    http://www.jillswingsoflight.com/media.php there are a broad variety of applications of this ancient wisdom for our modern world!



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    Top 5 Bug-Out Mistakes to Avoid, How Fast Can You Evacuate?

    in Prepping

    Tonights episode will deal with these topics:  How Fast Can You Evacuate?, Top 5 Bug-Out Mistakes to Avoid,  Do civilians with guns ever stop mass shootings?  Got 10 Minutes? 

    Starting a M.A.G. and Bible Study

    Group for Preparedness!

    Contra Radio Network Facebook page .  Here at Contra Radio Network we are now building and designing a new dedicated website in which a player will be embedded.  So check here and listen in to Contra Radio Network to stay advised of ongoing improvements for our audience.  

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    Christopher Wiese(South Africa Shoprite) deft situational leadership style

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    This week discussion will focus on the personality of Christopher Wiese the South African Executive Director of Shoprite retail giant. He started by practicing law at Cape Bar before heading Pepkor store as the director. His leadership style will be analyzed. Markedly, his horizontal and vertical acquisitions of comparable and complementary businesses will be narrated. Most significantly, what is embedded or ensconced in this discussion will be the company use of Just-In-Time methodology, the #IoT and #IIoT, the PESTLE and SWOT analysis of expanding the chain of the business. Finally, the convergence of Information Technology (IT) and Operational Technology (OT), the Big Data phenomenon, all within the operational chain of this business will be discussed 

  • Jesus Heals the Demonically Beseiged Personality

    in Spirituality

    This episode of A Sound Heart will explore the need to recognize the existence of evil supernaturalism in this age.  The belief that the robust misery and shocking examples of heartless violence in our society and in the world are merely of human origin is terribly flawed.  Therapies will come and go but until the mental health community wakes up to the reality of evil supernaturalism little will be accomplished.  Evil supernaturalism is embedded within the institutions that we revere and celebrate.  Darkness has a way of walking with us in such a way that we fail to detect its destructive presence.  During his public ministry Jesus encountered the demonic and he overthrew its tragic claims over human lives by the power of God.

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    Talk with Marie Presents Regulating Desire by J. Shoshanna Ehrlich

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    Today's show highlights new books, live music and upcoming shows in Second Life and Concert Window. First up is a new book, Regulating Desire: From the Virtuous Maiden to the Purity Princess. by J. Shoshanna Ehrlich.

    She is a professor in the Women's and Gender Studies Department at the University of Massachusetts Boston. Regulating Desire explores the legal regulation of young women's sexuality in the United States. The book covers five distinct time periods in which changing social conditions generated considerable public anxiety about youthful female sexuality and examines how successive generations of reformers sought to revise the law in an effort to manage unruly desires and restore a gendered social order. J. Shoshanna Ehrlich draws upon a rich array of primary source materials, including reform periodicals, court cases, legislative hearing records, and abstinence curricula to create an interdisciplinary narrative of socially embedded legal change. Capturing the complex and dynamic nature of the relationship between the state and the sexualized youthful female body, she highlights how the law both embodies and shapes gendered understandings of normative desire as mediated by considerations of race and class.

    Let's connect on Twitter and Pinterest!

  • Hybrid Jazz From Trish Hennessey - with guiltypleasures Founder, Rick White!

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    The first awareness of Rick White's talent: knowing that he had written a song that was discovered during WSMJ days in Baltimore.  It was called "Anticipation" and it featured smokey vocals by Mycah Chevalier and Troy Sol Edler.  Yours truly was so smitten that the lyric was embedded in memory.  When Rick visited our radio station brunch some ten years ago, he was astounded to see me mouthing the words when it was performed on stage :)  That was the beginning of our friendship.

    In time, the song was re-recorded, this time Kal-El Gross was paired with Mycah.  It didn't take long for Washington's WHUR to jump on board - and it became one of the most active songs in their rotation.  Rick has never mentioned this, but the song's popularity probably paved the way for the emotional confidence to pursue the first guiltypleasures project.

    That was 2009 - and "lovestories" featured some of the strongest voices in the region.  The strength of the songwriting was observed.  Strongly.  The pop of this debut created a ripple effect throughout the D.C. region - AND overseas.  You know that our brothers and sisters across the pond LOVE authentic Soul.  Especially when original songs are involved.  

    Fast forward to NOW and "cautionarytales", the new kid on the block from Rick White and Company.  What a follow-up! We'll even forgive him for the six years that we had to wait!  This time, Kal-El is on board.  A tremendous vocalist who allows vulnerability to infuse his performance.  There are three exceptional female singers in this journey, too.  With beautiful reputations to coincide with their artistry.  Blez, classically trained; Jerrica White, a songwriter with a Go Go background; Kia Bennett, a "Soul Tracks" Best New Artist nominee.

    Ready for some HONEST music?  See you on 9/22!  

  • QSI: Seerah Of The Prophet "The Changing Of The Qiblah and Quranic Abrogation"

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    “There was a hidden message for the Yahud and He will supercede your Prophets. He is not just a Jewish Prophet” and telling the Qureish that they aren’t qualified to be custodians of the Ka’aba.” Sheikh Yasir Qadhi (Youtube Seerah #33)

    What is the scholar’s methodology?

    They only report what is confirmed by evidence (sound sources that meet approved standards)

    They only report what scholars have surmised and any differences of opinion they may have regarding their perceptions and reasoning about the Quran and the Hadith.

    They use logic in their reasoning and interpretation but don't emphasize it to their public.

    The focus of their tafsir is to prove and uplift the honor, nobility and honesty and trustworthiness of the Prophet.

    The focus of their tafsir is to prove has the aim of encouraging the people to be “Obedient and Morally Good”; to invite people to Worship and Virtue”.

    What is the difference between other scholars and the Imam?  Language Logic and Sensitivity

    Language is any expression (message, word, sentence, saying, symbol, ritual or event etc.)

    Logic is The Reason(ing) for something embedded in that expression (the message): The Logic is discovered by asking “What does the message etc. mean for behavior in any domain?” The Logic also means “The Strategy, Vision, Purpose, Mission. In other words, the behavioral end that the message points to?”)

    Sensitivity (What you’re on the lookout for as a result of the message?)