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  • 02:00

    vsmile radio " Adult Talk*

    in Entertainment

    This week we will be talking everything about the adult industry ! What is your favorite kind of adult videos ? Whats in your collection of videos? if it has anything to do with the adult industry  we will be talkin about it on this show. Of course some special friends will call in on the subject  

  • 02:01

    One Night Stands

    in Entertainment

    Ever woke up one morning and didnt know where you were? Then to ad to the confusion you wake up next to someone, who is sleeping and you cant see they face? lol One night stands is the topicn this week. I think almost everyone has that one crazy one night stand story, dont be shy call in and share it with the world! You have to tune in you never know who will call in and share a story or two, as always i will have my adult ent friends call in and thats always a treat.

  • 00:30

    E.MarieSTAR & Trina Starz

    in Entertainment

    For this another episode of Naughty Down Advice. I have a special guest that goes by the name E.MarieSTAR who is a co owner of  Vsmilexxx.com  which is a up & coming adult entertainment website, and much more. Also I have another guest who goes by the name of Trina Starz who is a Published Model, Professional BootyClapper, Ambitious Vixen , and much more.