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    Inside Raleigh with Elyse Archer

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    Inside Raleigh with Elyse Archer

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    F.A.B. Camp with Elyse Wagner!!!

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    Elyse Wagner, is The Kitchen Shrink & Creator of F.A.B. Camp! 

    Her mission is to help you realize your greatest potential, help you create health and feel fabulous by drawing upon your inner strength to transform your life and create sustainable F.A.B.(food, atttiude & body) health.

    She’s a certified nutritionist, licensed mental health counselor, coach and the creator of the award-winning webshow, ETV!, and has been featured in numerous publications including the Chicago Sun-Times, and Andrea Metcalf’s Women’s Forum web show, among others.

    Through her Balance Your Food, Elevate Your Attitude and Love Your Body initiative, each for-profit training program is tied to a non-profit partner that supports women, positive body image, health at every size, empowerment and acceptance.


    Elyse Wagner, Kitchen Shrink

    Founder & creator of My Kitchen Shrink Inc. and F.A.B. Camp

    Author of Smoothie Secrets Revealed: A Guide To Enhance Your Health 

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    Il giornalista Sandro ravagnani dedica la puntata di Coffee square alla intervista in diretta di Pasquale Sorabella con Radio MPA di Salerno, la nota emittente campana collaborera' attraverso una serie di dervizi giornalistici e di curiosita con il gruppo editoriale WBE Channel.

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    Prower of perception radio with If Not For Dreaming

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    Join Scott with If Not For Dreaming


    If Not For Dreaming is an indie alternative rock band from New Haven, CT. With "extremely catchy riffs, addictive melodies, and smart lyrics" according to English music blogger Him Up North, this band writes original songs that are beautifully layered and deeply personal. Their music is fueled by both emotion and a true love of creating songs. With music styles ranging from laid-back to highly energetic, If Not For Dreaming focuses on female vocals and intricate guitars to help shape songs appropriate for a wide variety of listeners.

    The band is currently at work on their third album while also playing live to support their previous full-length release, "Awake and Asleep". They will be joined on their forthcoming release by additional musicians, contributing further intricacy to their musical arrangements. The songs of If Not For Dreaming can be found on iTunes, Pandora, Spotify, and Soundcloud, just to name a few. They have been given positive reviews by bloggers and critics in the United States, England, Germany, and South America. Professional videos can be found on their YouTube channel.

    If Not For Dreaming was formed in fall of 2008 by Pasquale Russo and Amity Wahl, and this duo continues to form the core of the band. Their songwriting grew out of their desire to make songs that reflect their lives and experiences. Brian LaRue of The New Haven Advocate concludes that "the songs are composed and arranged with finesse and great attention to both detail and mood setting".


    Call in with questions 516-590-0357


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    Interview with Elyse Saunders & Jesse Slack

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    Peterborough, Ontario born & Toronto based ELYSE SAUNDERS is blazing a trail in country music. A contender in 2013 and 2014 for CMAO’s Female Artist of the Year, she was also nominated for a Toronto Independent Music Award in 2012 for Best Country Artist. Recently awarded FACTOR’s Juried Sound Recording funding, Elyse’s evolving sound & lyrics will be showcased in a new album. Her new single at country radio is called Just Like Mama and was written by Elyse, Peter Linseman and multi-hit songwriter Tim Taylor. In the strong spirit of her give-back attitude, Elyse created the JUST LIKE MAMA Mother’s Day Fundraiser in conjunction with Mississauga’s Sheridan Centre Mall, and fitness facility, Curves Erin Mills. Taking center mall stage on May 10th, Elyse's concert and storytelling will bring awareness and raise much needed funds with total donations benefitting The Women’s and Children’s Health Centre at Trillium Health Partners, Credit Valley Hospital in Mississauga, with emphasis on the creation of an emergency paediatric triage area within the hospital’s emergency department. 

    JESSE SLACK grew up in Peterborough, Ontario listening to his Mom sing country songs around the house. He learned to play guitar with the hope of becoming a rock star and first got involved in music with his twin brother Jake Slack in a duo group called The Slack Brothers. After exploring different paths, Jesse continued his endeavors in music by moving to London, Ontario where he attended the Music Industry Arts program at Fanshawe College. Jesse recently released his debut EP Going Drinkin’ Tonight with producer Jody Anderson. He has also joined forces with fellow Music Industry Arts alumnus Steve Rivers to play many shows across Ontario. Jesse has been spending productive time in Nashville this year to begin writing for his next album.

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    Vickie Blythe: sweet Americana. Polaris Rose, new album, Telescopes

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    Victoria Blythe combines jazz, folk and pop music into original songs in a style uniquely her own. This Award winning singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist's thrilling vocals have been compared to Alison Krauss, Joni Mitchell and Evanescence. Her song "Dancing with You" won the West Coast Songwriters Song of the Year award and has appeared in a number of movies and on TV. She performs solo and with her Americana band "Calaveras" which she founded with her partner Greg Beattie. She will join us thsi Friday

    Polaris Rose is a Los Angeles Alt Rock duo comprised of Peter Anthony and Madelynn Elyse.  They emerged onto the LA scene in the Fall of 2013 with the release of their debut EP, "The Moon & its Secrets" and released their debut single, “Goddess” in February of this year. Their follow-up single,"Hurricanes" was followed by  “Ocean Songs” on April 22nd, 2014.  Following the release of their third single"OceanEnding", the band was voted ‘LA Artist of the Month’ on LA Deli Magazine. The duo’s debut full-length "Telescopes" is coming this November. The first single, “Perfect View” is currently available and we talk with them this Friday

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    Visit Reggio Calabria with Pasquale Pacicca - Italy's Double Secret Gem

    in Travel

    Calabria gets a bad rap and it's sad.  The toe of Italy is surrounded by some of the most beautiful coastline in Italy if not the world, the mountain ranges are so picturesque you'll wonder why the Alps get the props, the food is spicy and delicious, it's safe, and the people are wonderful.

    Join Pasquale Pacicca from Visit Reggio Calabria as he shares the secrets and hidden gems of his homeland of Calabria.

    Everything from outdoor activities, to wine, to food, to sights, to Nduja, to why you need a car, to the mafia (yes the mafia) and how Calabria will melt your heart and be your new Tuscany.

    Be sure to visit www.visitreggiocalabria.com/

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    Modern Combat Masters on the Docradio.net network is extremly proud to welcome Michael DePasquale to the program. Wednesday-November 5, 2014 at 9 PM EST. Our guests can call into the program and speak live to our Host, Co-Host and Special Guest.

    Tonight we welcome Michael DePasquale Soke to the program, he is one of the martial arts pioneers in America, his Father Michael DePasquale Sr. O'Sensei is one of the original practicioners of Martial Arts in America. If it were not for Michael and his Father, martial arts would be a lot different in this country. Because of this Father and Son team, we are thankful that we have the opportunity to practice and work out with Martial Arts legends. Michael Sr. is no longer with us, however, his Son is and we look forward to bringing you the history and journey of these two great martial arts legends.

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    Domestic violence awareness with K.L.Taylor

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    Life has taught KL Taylor that she is so much more than any title or accolade she has attained. The greatest accomplishment in life did not come from her profession but a gift from God. Her daughter is the driving force in her life. She is a mother, educator, author and CEO/founder of Diamond Dandelions, Inc. She has written for over 20 years and has worked and volunteered with youth for a plethora of non-profit organizations for over 15 years. She holds a BA in Social Work from Rutgers University, has certification in Criminal Justice & Paralegal Studies, and holds a Master’s degree in Business Administration.

    Her professional life spans the areas of juvenile justice, law, biotechnology and pharmaceuticals. Her volunteer work includes assisting teenage girls and work on a suicide and victim hotline. She is now a co-author interacting with a diversity of social networking groups, as well as other individuals, where she is learning about branding, empowerment and the support of women businesses.

    - See more at: http://www.empoweredwomenofsocialmedia.com/co-author-kl-taylor/#sthash.wxUl27X9.dpuf


    Also featuring music from Trading Faces!

    check everyone out on face book:

    Trading Faces

    Beyond the barstool

    The Paradigm of Success Codes

    We are following this miracle child Praying for Baby Elyse Reeves. Please join us in prayers and light for this little and angel and family.

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    Ladies Night with Breitbart's Lisa De Pasquale

    in Politics

    It's ladies' night, and the feelin's right. 

    It was a rough show technically (no internet access will do that!) but we had Breitbart's Lisa De Pasquale join us to talk about her latest article giving advice to young women trying to find "Mister Right" who is also "Right Wing".  Now before you starting thinking that we went all "Etiquette Class" on you, this is actually pretty cool - the article is a primer for Lisa's book coming called Finding Mr. Righteous hitting real and virtual shelves on February 25, which details her dating experiences in DC and the many challenges conservative women face along the way.