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    Elmo The Muppet's Gay Origins

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    John Glines, Tony Award Winning Producer of Torch Song Trilogy 

    History will show that Harvey Fierstein became a star when he did in great part because of theatre producer John Glines, but just how do Captain Kangaroo and Big Bird figure into this success story? Find out! John Glines won the Tony Award in 1983 as producer of Torch Song Trilogy. When accepting his Tony, he was the first person ever to acknowledge a same-sex lover during a major televised awards show.

    Check out Nicholas Snow's HIV Memoir, Life Positive: A Journey To The Center of My Heart, and visit his web site.

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    Our Special Guest Dr. Elmo!! Writer of “Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer”

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    Our Special Guest:  Elmo Shropshire — a.k.a DR. ELMO — is best-known for his recording of “Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer,”  the Christmas classic which has sold more than 11 million copies since it was first broadcast by a San Francisco radio station in 1979. Now, in December of 2012 “Grandma” is once again #1 on Billboard’s Chart.

    Consistently the most requested holiday song of the past three decades, “Grandma” has secured its place in American pop culture and made Dr. Elmo the king of comedy carols.

    To learn more about Dr. Elmo here is a link to his website.  Thank you for listening!! 


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    Interview with Yung Elmo

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    Tune in to the interview with Yung Elmo right here on Talk2Me ROD Radio Show.
    Yung Elmo is a young talented and gifted rapper who is climbing his way up the charts to stardom.
    Hear what he has to say about being young in the music business and what it takes to be successful.

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    E.E.R.S: Yoko's Gun Propaganda | Elmo & Beyonce's Problems

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    Lots to talk about tonight, on the eve of the host's birthday!
    1st set: Yoko Ono tweeted a pic of John Lennon's blood stained glasses, and tried to make an anti-gun statement.  How is she totally off with this?
    2nd set: Elmo voice actor Kevin Clash is facing a fourth lawsuit, alleging a "meth sex party". Is there fire where there's always smoke?  Also, Ernest addresses the rumors that Beyonce & Jay-Z are part of the Illuminati, and/or are devil worshipers, and/or that there is an Illuminati to begin with.  How crazy is crazy???
    All this plus NPR news, weather.com 3-day outlook, mini listening lounge, music, and a lot more.  Don't miss this one!

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    John Carver Show - You Can Be Influencial

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    In today's show I am sharing parts of Ed Keller and Jon Berry's book called "The Influencials."  ne American in ten tells the other nine how to vote, where to eat, and what to buy. They are
    The Influentials 
    Who are they? The most influential Americans -- the ones who tell their neighbors what to buy, which politicians to support, and where to vacation -- are not necessarily the people you'd expect. They're not America's most affluent 10 percent or best-educated 10 percent. They're not the "early adopters," always the first to try everything from Franco-Polynesian fusion cooking to digital cameras. They are, however, the 10 percent of Americans most engaged in their local communities...and they wield a huge amount of influence within those communities. They're the campaigners for open-space initiatives. They're church vestrymen and friends of the local public library. They're the Influentials...and whether or not they are familiar to you, they're very well known to the researchers at RoperASW. For decades, these researchers have been on a quest for marketing's holy grail: that elusive but supremely powerful channel known as word of mouth. What they've learned is that even more important than the "word" --what is said -- is the "mouth" -- who says it. They've identified, studied, and analyzed influence in America since the Standard Oil Company of New Jersey (now Exxon) hired Elmo Roper himself to develop a model for identifying opinion leaders, and in The Influentials, they are finally ready to share their results. 

    You can order a copy of this amazing book at http://www.amazon.com/The-Influentials-American-Tells-Other/dp/0743227298


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    elmo quits sesame street/the effects of unionization

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    welcome to " Table Talk with Ti" During this show we are going to talk about Elmo puppeteer kevin clash resigning from sesame street.

    we will also be discussing Jesse Jackson Jr. resigning his seat in the US Congress admist the federal investigation into his campaign funds.

    were  going to discuss texas women who got scammed at the gas station for $200 when she brought a fake ipad.
    last but not least we will be dicussing unionization.
    is it a good thing or a bad thing? Hostess Brands Inc., the maker of Wonder bread and Twinkies, said it will shut down and liquidate after a strike by members of its bakery workers’ union “crippled” the company’s operations. over 18.500 people have been laid off=(
    join us in the chat room or call us at 9pm CST
    respect is a must.

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    "The roots of 21st century terrorism, what its goal is."

    in Current Events

    First airdate: 5/1/2014

    Lt. Colonel James G. Zumwalt, USMC (Ret.), is a retired Marine infantry officer who served in the Vietnam war, the U.S. invasion of Panama and the first Gulf war. He is the author of "Bare Feet, Iron Will--Stories from the Other Side of Vietnam's Battlefields," "Living the Juche Lie: North Korea's Kim Dynasty" and "Doomsday: Iran--The Clock is Ticking." He frequently writes on foreign policy and defense issues. He is the son of Admiral Elmo Zumwalt.

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    186pointDUCE (WWR) "Tickle me Elmo Monday"

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    186pointDUCE (WWR) "Tickle me Elmo Monday"

    1st HR  “Tickle me Events”

    2nd HR "Elmo Party Time”

    Kevin Clash, the voice and puppeteer of Elmo on “Sesame Street” for more than two decades, took a leave of absence from the show on Sunday after an unsubstantiated report that he had a sexual relationship with a 16-year-old boy. 186pointDUCE news threw one of the most trusted preschool properties into turmoil as the show’s nonprofit producer, Sesame Workshop, moved quickly to protect the 43-year-old brand, estimated by Forbes to be worth more than $500 million. Elmo is one of the PBS program’s most famous Muppets, with his own 11-minute segment called “Elmo the Musical” in each daily show. He also has been featured in popular toys, including Tickle Me Elmo.

    And Twitter Shot outs @goofybone




    and much much more call in


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    Creating Your Own La La World—with Sally-Anne Cast

    in Spirituality

    How do you go from having a traumatic experiences as a child/young adult to fulfilling a dream to having no home or job to having a dream job find you? This is some of the life that Sally-Anne Cast has experienced. 

    Sally-Anne Cast knew at the age of 16 that she wanted to work in the field of sign language. At 19 she achieved that goal, but it was not in a job that felt right. After a few years, she discovered she had another purpose—to be a wife and mother. Over the next 20 years, Sally-Anne focused on raising her four children (including one who was diagnosed at age 3 as being deaf). Even though Sally-Anne cut back her sign language career, she taught all of her children American Sign Language (ASL) as a second language.  

    After 25 years of marriage, Sally-Anne and her husband realized that it was not a situation they should continue. On July 15, 2012, Sally-Anne boarded a plane with her two minor children and six backpacks and travelled 3,000 miles from New York to California to begin a journey that she labels to be “of epic proportion.” After a year of spiritual growth, accompanied by a few challenges, including housing issues and not having a job, she now describes her life as living like Elmo from Sesame Street, living in a La La World. On Monday, Sept. 1,  noon PDT/3 p.m. EDT/8 p.m. UK, she will she how it all came to be.

    Join host Cindy Freeman on Mondays live at 12 noon PST/3 pm EST/8 pm UK with her guests who are living their life with a purpose and are willing to share with listeners how they got there and how others might benefit from their experience. Check out more information at Purpose Talk Radio and join the conversations on Facebook at Purpose Talk Radio Conversations.

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    Da Shizznett!!! Pinkie Sanchez Vs Foundle me Elmo

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    Tonight on DASHIZZNETT we will be interviewing Pinkie Sanchez, Elmo get's framed, I actually like RAW,So much great independent wrestling this weekend and do we  care about WWE's Survivor Series. 
    Warning, The following program contains subject matter that is not appropriate, such as
    Black People talk,
    Female wrestlers with phat asses,
    Way too many Sexual references
    and shenanigans that will blow yo Mutha F'N mind!!!

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    Technicality Me Elmo, or, "The Breast and Brightest"

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    Tonight on a 36DD edition of the Never Daunted Radio Network, we open with an update on last night's story concerning the San Diego man who went to court yesterday to face 13 counts of vandalism via sidewalk chalk.Next, a federal judge has dismissed allegations that former Sesame Street Elmo puppeteer Kevin Clash lured three men into sexual relationships when they were only teenagers, on a technicality. We'll share the story which is less than tickling.Then, thought the only place capable of taste was your tongue? According to a new report, testicles are also capable of limited tasting. Maybe this is why some of us crave seafood so much?Later, just when we were convinced that the Millenial generation was only good for general laziness and pointless lumberjack beards, a new information shows that there might be a benefit to this generation of layabouts: Big Tits. According to a bra maker, average bra sizes have jumped 20% in less than five years. We'll put on our Captain's hat, because there's some motorboating to be done!Finally, the usual response from a blackout drunk after a long embarrassing night of debauchery is, "I'll never drink again," forgetting that resolution almost as soon as they say it. Now, researchers have found that a drug normally used to aid recipients of transplanted organs can turn off the part of the brain that is triggered by reminders of booze. But will we remember to pour one out for our homies?All this and more, tonight on the Never Daunted Radio Network!

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