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    Spiritist Talks - Reincarnation: Missionaries of the Light

    in Spirituality

    Vanessa Schiodtz from Seattle broadcasts another Spiritist talk from wordlwide speakers. Don't miss it!

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    The Holy Universe: David Christopher's Soulful Story of Creation

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    When asked why he wrote The Holy Universe, David Christopher replies, "Like so many people who left the faiths of their youth, I still wanted to believe, yearned to believe in something. But just as I found the interpretation of the stories of traditional religions deeply unsatisfying, the cold, factual stories of modern science also failed to speak to my spirit. Like the Seeker, I threw out the story of the scriptures that I was given, but couldn’t reconcile with the “Big Dumb Rock” theory of creation that emerged out of the mechanistic worldview of the European Enlightenment. More important, since I found myself in a world that seemed bent on economic and ecological self-destruction, I wanted a new spiritual direction beyond the platitudes of the self-help era."

    David Christopher is an award-winning author and teacher of the “new story,” a story that integrates the science of the 20th and 21st centuries with a spiritual sensibility toward the creation of the Universe.

    Today, David travels around the United States teaching about the importance of telling our collective story and finding one’s role in facing the crises of our age. He appears before a variety of audiences, including Unity and Unitarian Universalist congregations as well as college classrooms.

    David has served as a facilitator and facilitator trainer for the Awakening the Dreamer Symposiums produced by The Pachamama Alliance. His work and his book are part of a growing worldwide effort to cause a major shift in humanity’s consciousness and worldview regarding ecology, social justice, and spirituality.

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    This show discusses information of relevance to women such as, personal development, grantwriting, housing, personal relationships, literatu and morre

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    Tonight a discussion on Frequency with Alice Tobin

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    Searching for the answers to life's mysteries? So are we. Let's look for them together. Join us as we try to cut through the lies and deceit on the way to elightenment. Don't let The New World Order seperate YOU from your OWN Divinity!

    Tonight we will be visited by Alice Tobin from  The Energy Center where she performs Intergrative Holistic Care via frequency healing with the use of Gongs, Tuning Forks and Himilayan Singing Bowls.



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    Dreams. Do they always have meaning?

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    Searching for the answers to life's mysteries? So are we. Let's look for them together. Join us as we try to cut through the lies and deceit on the way to elightenment. Don't let The New World Order seperate YOU from your OWN Divinity!

    Tonite we'll discuss dreams. Are they always prescient? Are they always mish mosh? Or are they a bit of both or possibly something more? We'll also attempt to once again delve into the Power Animal realm and it's meanings. Last week produced so much talk on Soul Contracts we never got to the power animals so we will try again. Join us!



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    Brave New Mind: Living in a Future Science World with Elliot Maynard

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    Brave New Mind: Living in a Future Science World with Elliot Maynard

    Elliott Maynard believes his new master paradigm [Future Science Technology] is the quantum-field science for the future. He is convinced that integrating traditional, linear science with non-linear consciousness technology will yield new breakthrough solutions for the global problems we face as citizens of Planet Earth. Future Science Technology is a unique system which supports the development of a new and superior human mind - a master paradigm containing 25 keys to personal and planetary enlightenment.

    To this end, Dr. Maynard has invented an entirely new paradigm format, which - unlike linear paradigms of the past - is flexible, evolvable and timeless. He calls his living paradigms “enlightened pathways into the future.” Although he admits that opening Pandora’s Box entails accepting responsibility for dealing with the gifts inside, and that any pioneering effort will have its share of detractors and unintended consequences, he quips, “Even the turtle will not get ahead unless he sticks his neck out.”

    Elliott Maynard is a leading-edge consciousness scientist and conceptual designer. His background spans the fields of Zoology, Coral Reef Ecology, Oceanography and Tropical Rainforest Biology. He earned his Ph.D. in Consciousness Research and served on the faculties of Adelphi University and Dowling College in New York. He is also a Certified Professional Consultant to Management (CPCM).  Dr. Maynard is Founder and President of Arcos Cielos Foundation in Sedona, Arizona and has been active with the World Future Society, the Aerospace Technology Working Group (ATWG) and the London-based Humanitad International. 

    For more information visit: http://www.arcoscielos.com/index.php


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    Soul healing Miracles - Enlightenment Journey with Master Peter

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    Soul healing Miracles RadioBlog Shows with master Peter Hudoba Spiritual teacher from Vancouver BC Canada

    Master Peter Hudoba is first Disciple and Worldwide Representative of Master Sha.
    He has dedicated his life to supporting Master Sha and the Divine mission, serving in any way the Divine chooses for him.

    Master Peter’s professional background is in university education as a highly successful teacher and researcher.

    As a Worldwide Representative of Master Sha and a Divine servant, vehicle and channel, Master Peter travels worldwide to teach and offer soul healing and enlightenment.

    Master Peter’s desire is to teach anyone to heal oneself and others and to help people to reach enlightenment.

    His book My Soul Enlightenment Journey with Master Sha, can be a model for transformation for any spiritual being.

    Master Peter is a lineage holder of one of oldest Daoist traditions in the world and leads special classes to most dedicated students of Dao.

    He resides in Vancouver, British Columbia, where he offers public lectures and personal consultations.


    Master Peter’s Connections:

    My Facebook

    My Blog

    Master Sha's Soul Healing Centre Vancouver

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    An Intimate Conversation with Mz Reason..

    in Self Help

    924 Network proudly presents an exclusive conversation with the Blog Talk sensation Mz Reason.

    Marie Summers is a native of Michigan, where she has become an inspirational advocate and “Voice of Reason” known as Ms. Reason to her loyal fans and followers of The Ms. Reason Show.  Marie believes it’s Imperative to Unite the Creative and Beautiful Minds. She has been through it all. Never afraid to share her thoughts and is always ready to speak-up and help others. Marie shares her wisdom through her passion for life and her radio show—The Ms. Reason Show (focusing on “Uniting Artists” The creative beautiful people). She now extends her wisdom as a motivational speaker and holistic life-coach. Marie’s amazing inspirational ‘voice’ shows through the core of her being—promoting positive self-esteem and potential personal growth for all. Just listening to her you will gain the courage to ‘Stand-Up’ and follow your dreams. Marie finds her greatest inspiration, joy and peace in being the proud mother of her beloved daughter Keyera and her Shih Tzu Snow.

    So tune in and ENJOY...

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    Unmasking the Feminine - Question and Answer segment

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    Unmasking the Feminine has certianly been an adventure! With the limited time we are on the air, and the amount of information that is flowing, it is diffucult to really answer your questions. so I posted a query on FB and WOW, the responses were full of curiosity! some questions were more personal and some were very existencial. On today's show I will try to answer them all. 

    Remember, you do not have to wait for me to call for questions. You can contact Renee or me anytime by email or through the FB group.

    I am on my own this week. Join me as I try to answer your many questions. 

    ...As we continue our journey we focus in on the outer authorities in our lives and the identities that we have created that keep us locked in a limited reality.

    From the perspective of the feminine, we look at the wounded feminine collective and the roles that are created that are familiar but not conscious. 

    What if more of the essential feminine is available to come online which will create a gateway for new possibilities? 

    Are you willing to explore this and choose without knowing anything? 
    Is life an adventure you are willing to live from a space of full embodiment?

    Time to choose something more. Join us for this expansive experience!


    Renee S LeBeau               &    Geralyn St Joseph

    info@Ahkana.com               Geralyn@VoiceofSpirit.com 

    www.Ahkana.com              www.WholisticUniversity.org

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    4 Relationship Pillars Comprising your Self Gnosis Required to Ascend: #2nd

    in Education


    There are 4 basic relationships that every person must attend to as their primal way of closing gaps here on earth, alias the Hermetic wisdom of "As Above so Below". All gaps are separation from God-Creator & cannot continue to exist if you desire to maintain connection with your Divine again. 

    Communication is one powerful way God-Great Spirit closes all gaps of separation. How else can peace on earth be created if not by honest authentic communications? 

    This is part 2 of 4 parts. The 2nd Pillar  involves all your loved ones and those people in close proximity to you.  This includes people on the street, the beggar at the corner store, you neighbors, friends, co-workers, pen pals, et al.  

    These relationships are the communication of life, our networking and daily fare of being a Human being. We aren't packs of people only here to survive.  Clearly, we are intended to have deeper communicating and grander purposes beyond merely survival.  

    We form societies, memberships, affiliations, clubs, and the like because we are Creator Beings. Let's explore this aspect of our beingness and how it relates to our ascension into elightenment and our grand destiny of freeing our Spirit Selves!

    The only way to end suffering and man's inhumanity to man is to understand our need to communicate, care and discover how to be in touch with mutuality as our common core/heart.

    Your Who I Am  needs to expand & be in touch with others in a manner that 's open & honest.This relationship corner is integral to your wholism.  We'll cover its value with enough depth so you can understand what wholism actually demands for healing & progress with your Divine Roots..

    A show not to be missed because you deserve TRUTH lost in the maze of crazy misdirection.