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    Season One Episode Four (Shining A Light)

    in Pop Culture

    In this episode, the hosts of Voice-N-Opinion discuss the A&E special, "Shining A Light", recent events in Minneapolis surrounding the death of Jamar Clark. Show will include movie review and inspirational words.

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    The Shining Man With Hurt Hands, call-in with Michael-Jay

    in Current Events

    This is the final chapter of a wonderful book. THE SHINING MAN WITH HURT HANDS is a book detailing some of the experiences people have had in seeing the Lord Jesus Christ reveal Himself in the spiritual worlds within people who were broken, literally, into many pieces, as a result of trauma, much of which is intentional. Tonight's program is about shining light on the epidemic of enfranchised and institutional cruelty and evil and that has been spreading throughout the world, by the technology that very evil people use to turn little children into mind-controlled slaves. There are truly monsters in this world and this generation is filled with the millions of people that have suffered at their hands.

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    Carry On

    in Christianity

    Join us as Brother Brandon Teague preaches the truth from the Word of God.

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    10: Krystian Leonard, President of Shining S.C.A.R.S, TEDx Speaker, Author

    in Entrepreneur

    Krystian Leonard is a 19 year old student and award-winning author and advocate with an adventurous spirit. She dedicates countless hours volunteering and supporting various charities annually. Since her journey into self-acceptance began, Krystian wrote her first children's book at age 15, titled Shining Scars, a Mom's Choice Award recipient, which was published by Headline Books, as a way to meet the need of children just like herself, who are healing and living with visible scars. Krystian founded and now serves as the President of her non-profit organization Shining S.C.A.R.S. as an outreach to help others. 

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    The Hustle Culture podcast features interviews with entrepreneurs and hustlers from all walks of life going through the climb and trying to make a difference simultaneously. These hustlers share tips and ways they overcame difficult situations. Please email hustleculturepodcast@gmail.com for any questions or suggestions.

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    Everything Soup

    in Religion

    Everything soup, means talking and preaching alot of things.

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    Paul's Example

    in Christianity

    This morning we take a look at Paul's faithfulness and reliance on God through tribulation and trials.

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    Are you asleep in the boat?

    in Religion

    If you are not in the boat sleeping you should be.

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    Terrific Minded Thursday - Leading Youth from Negative to Positive Paths

    in Education

     Peace and Blessing ONFIYA Mentoring will be joining Terrific Mind Thursday with Host Brotha Curtis Wise Jr. (The WiseOne) and Sistha LaDea Sanders(Queen Deja) call in to (713)955-0708 and press 1 to chime in. Can't wait it is going down child style. Join our Special Guess Queen Janie Aadhya. Our Topic this evening is. "Changing Negative to Positive".........in Love and Service.

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    Unequally Yoked: Can Couples on Different Paths Survive?

    in Relationships

    Unequally Yoked: Can it work if your Spouse in Not on the Path?

    One of the most common questions I get in my work is about whether a relationship can work, or how to make one work when the spouse, girlfriend or boyfriend is not on the path? Are you sleeping with the enemy lol!, this is the mind set sometimes. Well, this Sunday we’re going to talk about what the term “Equally Yoked” means. It’s a term that often influences how we approach new potential relationships and how we deal with current ones. Does the way we look at that term hinder our relationships. Could it be keeping some of us single? Could our understanding of being “Equally Yoked” be creating friction in your current relationships? Join us in this discussion as we address questions of whether compromise is good, can love elevate a couple beyond they’re differences, how to deal with your partner when there is resistance to your path, whether your approach to you practices & beliefs are causing division, and should you recruit your spouse or beloved to your path?

    Its going to be a hot topic, and we’d love to hear your insights, thoughts, and questions

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    in Education

    Shining light on the confusion, the basic facts, and the ultimate goal of the moorish movement in love and understanding

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    in Spirituality

    My name is Meilin. I am here to guide you to live an adventurous life. As a medium and healer, I am interconnected. Together, we will bloom and grow, gaining awareness of our potential. I speak or act with guidance to help you remember what you do. I assist you in acknowledging your true self so you can own your own wisdom.

    When the flower is ready to bloom, she blooms so beautifully and everyone can see her beauty, Schönheit. There is nothing to study, you are learning to understand who you are so your strengths and gifts can be reclaimed; this is how we flourish. Our teachers, friends and families members have crossed our paths to nudge us along our journey to see our magnificence and connect us with the ancestral energy of light beings and starnations.

    Life always presents experiences to grow and blossom anew. When you become calm enough feel free to expand into lightness, that’s when you know that you have foundGeborgenheit, the feeling of peace and security. And once we begin to live in light, our petals of perception open and welcome a deeper awareness of interconnectedness,Verbundenheit. Our awareness helps us rely on our experiences to give us insight into our consciousness and materialize beauty.

    Once you begin to rely on insights from your experiences, you can begin to see how everything materialized from the heart, the source, it is beautiful. You have come to me because your own gifts and your intuition have brought you here so an exchange can take place.

    My expertise has evolved through remembering and reclaiming who I am and what I can do. Through all my experiences, far beyond my expectations, it has become natural for me to say there is no “I”, but a “We” in my body at all times. The connectedness to everything and everybody is so clear.