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    Jay Electronica and Kate Rothschild: The Verdict

    in Spirituality

    The streetz got alot to say about Mr. Electronica and his past relationship with is old lover Ms. Kate Rothschild. In this episode The Hip Hop Priest weigh the evidence and render their verdict on whether this "Act" of Jay-E is of God Science or a let down to the Hip Hop community. We will bring forth "discovery" in this case and weigh all the "Exhibits" as it pertains to Mr. Electronica. Is this a spiritual move that the carnal eyes can;t see or is it a straight sell-out move? Tune in, this one is sure to stoke the furnace and have the Hip Hop community on fire! 818-369-0368 9 pm eastern 10/13/14.

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    GetAtMe3PcSnack "WeMadeIt" Jay Electronica ft JayZ

    in Hip Hop Music

    On tonight's show with all the buzz early in the week about JayZ's verse on the Jay Electronica "WeMadeIt" remix, we had to spotlight it (man this thing here).  Also we have Jay Cole's "New York Times" ft 50Cent & Bas (great song) and we wind it up with Jhene Aiko's (HipHop's Sade) "The Worst" and it's got a Raekwon remix thats fire.  Get with us at 11PM on blogtalk radio.com/getatmenow.

  • 01:26

    Epiphany's House welcomes Wendel Patrick!!!!!!

    in Poetry

    I am quickly approaching my 9th year anniversary on air and really it just keeps getting betta..I am so very proud to have Wendel Patrick come thru..he is just magical as all get out...I promise u...here is a taste of what he is about...

    Wendel Patrick is rapidly making a name for himself as a producer to be recognized. Patrick fuses together different elements of jazz, electronica and Hip Hop to create lush musical collages that are entirely and undoubtedly his own. Wendel Patrick’s cd Sound: began as a cathartic project…late nights spent flushing out sounds and intricate rhythmic patterns that had built up in his mind over the course of the day, a day usually spent at the piano improvising or rehearsing for jazz and classical performances. As the late night recording sessions started to yield more and more interesting results, Wendel Patrick began sharing the tracks with other musician friends, who would repeatedly ask, “What are you going to do with these?”

  • 02:00

    Jade Sol Luna

    in Spirituality

    Weaver of the Electronica music of Luna 13, Jade Sol Luna, makes his return with tales of his stay at the infamous Cecil Hotel. Come find out what he's been up to. You can find more information on Jade in our latest blog post, and by following him and his band, (where you can find more videos) on Facebook.

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    How to Effectively Solve Your EDI Problems with Tom Keynon of ITrexus LLC

    in Business

    In today's episode, we'll be discussing the complex subject of EDI with Tom Kenyon of ITrexus, LLC.  He'll be talking about a new way of looking at EDI and what his company is doing to create new solutions.  Don't miss his episode. 

    ITrexus' motto is EDI Faster, Cheaper and Easier.  Since most companies look at it as a necessary evil (and a very expensive one), this will be of particular interest to those who are looking for solutions "out of the box".

  • 01:27

    Author Kevin Lucia and Electronic Music Producer 3dtorus

    in Entertainment

    Kevin Lucia's new Through a Mirror, Darkly is a Supernatural Thriller collection masked as a novel. With elements of mystery, suspense, and otherworldly horror, Through a Mirror, Darkly successfully delves into the worlds of Lovecraft, Grant, and the mysterious Carcosa.

    Lucia is a Submissions Reader for Cemetery Dance Magazine and his podcast "Horror 101" is featured monthly on Tales to Terrify. His short fiction has appeared in several anthologies. He’s currently finishing his Creative Writing Masters Degree at Binghamton University, he teaches high school English and lives in Castle Creek, New York with his wife and children.

    German DJProducer and owner of netlabel MobiusSpin, 3dtorus  explores, creates and communicates new worlds via electronic musicAt 15 he was DJing Drum´n´Bass, organized parties and DJing in deserted military facilities.

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    Westchester On the Level with Narog and Aris

    in News

    Kevin Winterfield, “Electronica 1.3″ event organizer, and Katie Schmidt Feder, co-founder and executive director of Embark Peekskill, the Electronic Music Epicenter of the Hudson Valley open WHYT Radio's "featured" Westchester On the Level with Narog and Aris broadcast day 10 10am ET. Our guests speak to the “EtCeter4″ presentation that takes place every month at 925 South Street, at 8pm. Tickets $10.  Those who attend the monthly shows are appreciative of the creative and amazing pieces of sound and energy that are unrivaled in their presentation at the Embark | Peekskill space. Totally … sublime. 

    New York State Senator George Latimer will speak to concerns revealed at the New York State Legislature in light of the recent changing of the guard and its impact on the conduct of the Senate delegates. Listen to the senator from 10:30 - 11 am.

    Mount Vernon City Councilman Richard Thomas attends the program at 11am with news that may affect the political demeanor of Mount Vernon.

    Dr. Victor Zeines will guide us in an exploration of holistic dentistry. The journey will open our eyes to what your mouth can tell you about your state of health. Dr. Victor Zeines will attend the program day at 11:30am and take us to the conclusion of our broadcast day.

    Your participation is shamelessly solicited; share your perspective; ask a question, be heard! Engage us during this weekly radio time slot using or on our newly installed Chat Room place your call to (347) 205-9201. You are only asked to please stay on topic.

    Listen live or on demand: http://www.BlogTalkRadio.com/WestchesterOnTheLevel/

  • 01:59

    Westchester On the Level wit Narog and Aris

    in News

    John & Laurie Wiles present WHYT Radio’s “Driving Me Crazy” program with “Bugsy” Lawlor and Win Morrow this Thursday, May 14, 2015, and every Thursday from 10-10:30am.

    Mount Vernon City Councilman Richard Thomas attends the Westchester On the Level with Narog and Aris” segment from 10:30-11am.

    Kevin Winterfield, "Electronica 1.3" event organizer, and Katie Schmidt Feder, co-founder and executive director of Embark Peekskill, the Electronic Music Epicenter of the Hudson Valley speak to the "EtCeter4" presentation that takes place every month at 925 South Street, at 8pm. Tickets $10. Attend to appreciate the creative and amazing pieces of sound and energy unrivaled in the Embark | Peekskill space. Totally ... sublime.

    Host Hezi Aris pivots onto the international news arena should time permit prior to 12Noon end of our broadcast day.

    Your participation is shamelessly solicited; share your perspective; ask a question, be heard! Engage us during this weekly radio time slot using or on our newly installed Chat Room place your call to (347) 205-9201. You are only asked to please stay on topic.

    Listen live or on demand: http://www.BlogTalkRadio.com/WestchesterOnTheLevel/

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    Terry Burrus - Songwriter, Pianist, Musical Living Legend

    in Entertainment

    Terry Burrus performs a wide variety of music from the grooves of house and techno to traditional jazz to classical to R&B Soul genres. Terry Burrus can take it even further with hard groove and dance tracks that's being featured on his forthcoming album. Burrus strives to create musical projects that can be described as tasteful and enjoyable. But it was not always the case for the pianist in the beginning. Alot of years, training and learning made him a visionary. Studying Beethoven, Dvorak, Grieg, Mozart, Chopin, he is also deeply rooted in Soul, Jazz, Gospel, and dwells deep in Electronica. Making home between Europe and the United States, his musical journey becomes more exciting and challenging when working with new and exciting people in different genres.The musical versatility is due to the many artists and recordings Terry has worked on as well as his extensive worldwide travels and experiences for years.The native New Yorker learned the piano at age five and became a church organist at Washington Temple in Brooklyn, New York by the time he was seven growing up in that church alongside singers, James" D Train" Williams, Ronnie Dyson and the Reverend Al Sharpton. Terry Burrus studied with Sticks Evans his musical mentor teacher in Junior High School and it was there where Terry put together his Junior High School band as a guitarist which he got quite proficient on and also as a keyboardist. The band would play locally in New York including the prestigious Lincoln Center Performing Arts Center, performing jazz,soul,r&b and Broadway classics. He attended the La Guardia School of Music And Art in New York City diving further into jazz and formal studies and absorbing the concepts of arrangement and counterpoint, he excelled so fast as a musician that by the time he was sixteen he was touing with Jean Carne, Lenny White, Michael Urbaniak, Tom Browne, Melba Moore and others...

  • 00:23

    Special Guest March to May!

    in Music

    Please join Miss Catherine as she welcomes in March to May!  When is the right time to take a chance?  Who are the right people?  What are the right conditions?  March to May was born under unusual circumstances.  Neither Darren nor Beth realized the musical potential they shared when they first met in December 2012.  It took several chance encounters -- passing vocal harmonies on a trip to the coast with friends, tentative instrumental work one cold winter evening, comments here and there on lyrics and melody -- before the spark hit.  But when it did, it didn't take long for them to catch fire.  By March 2013 they had co-written their first two songs, by April they had a paid gig under their belts, and by May they had a name and shows booked out into the months ahead.  Both halves of the duo are passionate about the music they write and play, and view March to May as a constant evolution; from pursuing collaborations with other artists (with styles ranging from classical to hip hop and electronica) and keeping an ear attuned to the myriad ways they can expand the range and expression of their own music, their primary interest is to keep the music fresh and personal.  And, above all, to keep love - love for the music, love for each other, love for the world they live in - at their core.

    The chat room will be opened for questions and comments.  See you then! 

  • 02:57

    WKPJB Radio presents Celebrating the Independent artist!

    in Poetry

    This week's show is where we will celebrate the independent artists! We will have two independent artists who are the best at their craft. Prodigal and AChickWitBeats will join us to discuss the business of the independent artists.

    Hailing from the C-Port, Prodigal is a multi-dimensional lyricist brings knowledge, witty punch lines, and real life issues to ear drums. His agenda is to bring hip-hop back to the essences of story telling, metaphors, and raw street life. 

    AChickWitBeats hails from Michigan and simply put she's a CHICK. She makes BEATS and NOT the free kind.
    She is a Producer/Songwriter of R&B, Soul, Hip-Hop, Jazz, Pop, Electronica, Poetry and everything in between.
    She wants to see great artists succeed and she offers the tools to help them do just that...beats & beyond.

    For more information on Prodigal: http://www.reverbnation.com/Prodigal22

    For more information on AChickWitBeats: http://achickwitbeatz.com

    Event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/356859794512339/

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