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    Robb Rourke of Texas

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    Well, I made a bit of a mistake in rescheduling of my show once again. So, I  ask everybody please forgive me and please tune in tomorrow from 5:30- 6 p.m. cst.

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    Today we will discuss Politics.

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    Election Wrap Up

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    What happened during this Election Cycle?
    From Independents, Non-Partisans, 3rd Parties and Candidates from all factions of American History and Culture.
    What did we learn and what can we do to help ensure Fair Elections and Candidate Exposure in future elections? Did we fail or were we successful in pushing the message of independent presidential candidates? Are the American people any more or less informed today as a result?
    We are going to discuss this and much more this Friday. As well as disussing what the next step is for the Non-Partisans, Independents and 3rd Parties. 
    Election Rhetoric!  
    What is new this week on the campaign rhetoric? Lets review the inside stories.
    The effort continues!
    Join me in in continuing to Educate the American People about their choices. Elections to Party Politics to Civics. Its about bring solutions and information to the People rather than the typical Party Line that takes away from the truth. 
    Do you want to be on our show? Contact us at: media@politution.com 

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    After the ELECTION....were do we go from here?????

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    It is a few day after the Historic election....how do you feel about the outcome....and is something that you can live with???....What will you do in the next four years to make improvement for the better, for yourself, and your community.

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    Presidential Candidate Merlin Miller

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    Presidential Candidate Merlin Miller
    Joining us from the campaign trail will be Merlin Miller who is yet another Candidate for President that very view people know anything about.
    He is the American 3rd Position Party Nominee and Film maker with a list of accomplishments. He is a Graduate from the United States Military Academy in West Point, NY. He earned his MFA in Cinema and Television from the University of Southern California and worked at Paramount Pictures.
    To learn more about him and his dream for America you can visit:
    He will join us to discuss the Economy, Immigration and Foreign Policy. We hope to get him to open up on some of those pressing Debate Questions. 
    Join me in getting out the word and expanding the exporsue of ALL politically Motivated Americans who want to bring about Positive Change through a Solutions Driven America. Ending the Campaign Slander Mongers and Speech Fabricators. 
    Do you have a small business and need exposure? Contact us at: media@politution.com 15 Secs of air time free on The Balanced Approach!

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    This will be and informational session about the history of voting in this country and why it is so very important that people get out and vote in this election....

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    Politicking with Mademan /Election Day 2012

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    Listen in with you host mademan4real as he discusses the big issue of the day. Voting. Its finally time to decide whom you want for president. Obama or Romney.

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    UGP #20 Electoral College & Debates

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    We will go over the electoral college historically as well as how the electoral  college map is shaping up for the 2012 elections. We will take a peek at the debates and whatever else may come up...

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    hey family this will be another opportunity to talk with me about the importance of the ELECTION 2012....call me at 818-475-9224

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    Lady Smarts & Parts

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    With your hosts Anna Belle & Anthony. This week's topics include:
    The Stephanopouli Binder Derangement Syndrome Debate moderators and how they've performed Eva Longoria & the meaning of verbal irony Michelle Malkin's new slogan "Vote with your lady smarts, not your lady parts." Polls Our special guest this week is Jennifer Lee. This American Election is a production of Peacocks & Lilies.

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    Episode 31: "The People of Sensata"

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    There are two hard and fast rules in American politics:
    1. All Politics is local.
    2. All politics is personal. 
    I can tell you two things about this election.. The fact that more citizens in my county are now registered AND qualified to vote than has ever been the case...EVER. 68% (D). And every day of this early voting session of the General Election has, in my community, set a new daily early voting record. That's politics: local, and personal. Tennessee may yet turn Blue this year. 
    I came to Tennessee from Southern Illinois. I was, for several years, a proud Illini before breaking my personal history of following the "Lincoln Trail". I am aware of Illinois politics. 
    Sensata (previously Honeywell) in Freeport, Illinois has been the property of Bain Capitol for some time. After non-stop record setting quarters, Bain has decided to move the plant to China, for yet MORE profit. But, what of the employees left behind? 
    After they train their replacement Chinese workers, they will be left to their own devices. Period. We'll spend some time today with some of them. Call in with your questions or comments, or join us in our lively chatroom during the live show. They have words to say which you should hear. Locally. Personally.
    Join us as we highlight the activities, activism and activists of the Progressive Southern United States each Sunday afternoon, from 2:30 PM - 4:30 PM (Central Time). Call in and speak live with our hosts and guests, or join us in our live Chat Room during the show. 
    We'll see YOU there!