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    Conservative Grassroots Gearing Up for for the 2016 Presidential Election

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    Join us with our guest James Hardin. Call in and talk with our guest and panelists and you stay on the line. Join our Round Table Discussion.

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    James Hardin: Highlights of Qualifications

     Field Representative for Taub for State Senate – Birmingham, MI.
     Consultant for Fortuna for State Representative-Ferndale, MI.
     Consultant for Francois for St. Martinville City Council – St. Martinville, LA.
    West Bank Coordinator for Bennett for Jefferson Parish Council – Harrahan, LA.
     Activities History
    1980 and 1984 Reagan for President – Lansing, MI.
    1988 and 1992 Bush for President – Lansing, MI.
    1996 to 2000 Chair Southfield/Lathrup GOP – Southfield, MI.
    1996 City Director - Gramm for President – Southfield, MI.
    2000 and 2004 Bush for President – Baton Rouge, LA.
    2000 City Director - McCain for President – Southfield, MI.
    2010 Hardin for State Senate – Southfield, MI.
    2012 City Director – Gingrich for President – Southfield, MI.
    2012 Campaign Action Team – 14th Cong. Dist.

    Some of the topics/issues : His time working with/for Newt Gingrich's campaign, illegal immigration, abortion, energy independence including alternative energy sources, America's role in the future of space exploration, the Russia/Ukraine situation, protecting the environment, and your general stances on economics, State sovereignty, and America's foreign policy.

    Bards Logic is the Grassroots, We the People Show.

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    #ARPX Election Day Podcast with Robert Coon, Blake Rutherford & Lance Turner

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    Arkansas Business political columnists Robert Coon and Blake Rutherford talk with Online Editor Lance Turner about the 2014 midterm elections in Arkansas in an Election Day special podcast.

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    Bilderberg - VA scandal - Pres. Putin - Predictions for the 2016 fake election

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    Tonite (5.19.2014) we covered:

    Bilderberg will be meeting later this month to plan how to ruin the lives of the unwashed masses (you and us).

    Veterans Affairs bureaucriminals are in hot water for making Vets wait for treatment. 40 have already died waiting.

    President Vladamir Putin has kept peace in the Middle East since the threat by the U.S. Corp. and barry soetoro to bomb Syria into the Stone Age. Pray that President Putin stays in power for a very long time. He is the only one on Earth that is keeping the Babylonian Mafia and Masonic Mafia from destroying the planet and establishing their Old World Nightmare a.k.a. New World Order. President Putin has help from YAHWEH Elohim.

    The 2016 campaign which is nearly in full-swing. Carl rove says Hitlery is too old and may have suffered brain damage. She is physically unfit for the office of president of the United States Corp. That will not stop her, but she will lose to J.E. Bush in 2016. He will reign for 8 years and then in 2024 a Democrat will get the job. That person could be Chelsea Clinton. After a Democrat reigns for 8 years Jeb's son George Prescott will reign from 2033 to 2041. By that time we will be close to the "End Time" called the Tribulation in the Bible. We cannot predict who will illegally occupy the White House after George P. Bush. If Chelsea does not occupy the White House from 2025 to 2033 she most likely will from 2041 to 2049.

    Visit - FreeWorldFilmWorks.com for DVDs exposing the CRIMES of Big Brother!

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    Conservative or Republican: Which Will You Support In 2016

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    The choices are going to bubble to the surface pretty quickly.  Ted Cruz or Jeb Bush.  Chris Cristie or Rand Paul?  These choices and the support these possible candidates are given will spell the destiny of the nation.  So, how are you going to go in 2016?  Are you the pragmatic one that is looking for the electable candidate of the the ideological candidate? Are you the "damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead for the cause of conservativtism?

    How will you make your decision?

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    2016 .... Is It Too Soon To Talk About It? ... Let's Talk About It.

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    It seems like no sooner than one election season ends another begins. The yard signs from the 2014 mid terms are still in the ground, tattered and worn from exposure to the elements, and yet the focus on 2016 is heating up.

    Will Hillary run? Has she already been running? Will Liz Warren Run? Will she put the Obama on Hillary? If neither Hillary nor Liz run then are there any democrats who will?

    And what of the GOP? The Tea Party seems to have accepted their near perfect losing streak in the midterm primaries, so is there a Republican that can pull it all together?

    It appears that the Democrats are just as fractured ather their 2014 debacle as they claimed the GOP was .... so who will run? Who can run? And what factor, if any, will Obama play in in influencing his successor?

    This may turn out to be the longest presidential campaign on record and WE the people will be caught smack dab in the middle.

    Splash dives into 2016 and takes YOUR phone calls tonight on Jump Right In!

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    November 16th, 2014: PPTS Beginning Again for 2016

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    Do we as Democrats and Progressives deide to throw out the baby with the bath water, and all those who dedicated themselves for her care? Or, do we look fundamentally at what we have achieved, critical messaging points, and determine to show a strong, united front to the American Voter? Can we continue a "reaction-only" political strategy? Or shall we determine and carry out OUR message, no matter what?

    Join us today as we look at these and other issues relevant to the 2016 elections. We are a looking forward bunch, so we will be doing precisely that. No jabber about what happened. It's gonna be fun, and if you call our live show, or join in our lively chat room with your questions and comments, it could just be legendary!

    We're on the AIR!


    We'll see YOU there!

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    Presidential Election 2016 Part 1

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    Presidential Election 2016 Part 1


    Let's do it again Not Ready for Primetime players

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    GOP to Nominate John Ellis Bush for 2016 - U.S.A. Made in China

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    Seek the Truth - Face the Truth - GOP to Nominate John Ellis Bush for 2016

    GOP Conservatives need to face the truth.  The GOP Establishment has already decided John Ellis Bush will be their nominee for POTUS 2016.
    Communist Core
    GOP Money and Power Rules - Not the Republican Voter/Constiuent
    Stop Funding the GOP Establishment

    Seek the Truth - Face the Truth - U.S.A. Made in China

    American Government empowers Communist China regardless of harm to Americans
    American Government destroys manufacturing in America
    American Government sacrafices Americans for any/all foreigners
    American Government sells citizenship to Communist Chinese - EB-5 Program
    Beware of the "Enemy from Within"  The American Government - POTUS, U.S. Congress, State Legilatures, Local Municipalities willing sacrafice Americans for personal wealth and power.


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    The only choice for 2016

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    Who I am, my beliefs, our political deterioration, Why am I the best choice

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    John Dummett Jr. for President 2016

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    John Dummett Jr. is running for the Republican nomination for President of the United States in the 2016 election cycle. John is a Conservative/Constitutionalist and he has a plan to restore our Republic to what our founders built; one with the Constitution and We the People in control. He will not bow to the will of the party establishment, he knows that is major problem with our nation today. He intends to empower We the People by taking tyrannical authority away from the career politicians who rules rather than govern. John will join us in the first hour and we'll talk about his plan.


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    Carson's Corner: The Election Boycott Advocates.

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    On the last Carson's Corner on 2014, the Election Boycott Advocates welcome Jill Dalton to the show to discuss the biggest political events of 2014. Dalton, who is the author of the eBook, "Is It Fascism Yet ?", has been writing for non-corporate media outlets, such as Dandelion Salad, OpEdNews, RSN, NationofChange, for many years. Jill has been one of the few reporters who have questioned whether or not voting really matters in America.

    Will 2015 be a year marked by the billionaire ruling class or will the workers continue to rise up in the face of the deteriorating conditions of capitalism?  Will elections and the state continue to lose legitimacy in the eyes of the working class? Tune in to hear a discussion you will hear few places elsewhere.

    Here is Jill Dalton’s bio: Jill Dalton is a writer/actress/army brat/activist/truth teller. She can be seen in and consulted for William Hurt on the HBO film, Too Big To Fail, about the global financial meltdown. Her articles have appeared @ Dandelion Salad, OpEdNews, RSN, NationofChange. Her eBook, Is It Fascism Yet? is available on amazon.com. Her play, Collateral Damage, was a semi finalist at the 2014 O’Neill Playwrights Conference.

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