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    El Heraldo Informa / Enlace Latino

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    noticias, deportes, sociales, entrevistas y mucho mas...

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    El Segundo Art Walk

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    Our guests this morning are Holly Socrates of Holly Socrates Gallery, Max Yoffe of Big Door Studios and photographer Jason Olive.

    Holly Socrates is perhaps best known for her serene imagery and unusual combinations of media, like charcoal and coffee or paint and fibers. After six years of showing and selling her work in the South Bay and West Side, Holly decided it was time to open her own gallery. In November of 2014, the Holly Socrates Gallery opened their doors on Main Street in downtown El Segundo. 

    Max Yoffe is an award winning producer/director with over 20 years in the industry. His philosophy has been to build a company where innovation and ideation are the driving forces..

    Jason Olive graduated as a member of the National Honor Society on an English Scholarship from the

    University of Hawai’i. The Governor's Award for Academic Excellence. While attending college Jason also embarked on an illustrious career as a fashion model. He holds the distinction of being the first African-American Male Super Model in the world. He has appeared in numerous A-list editorials, magazine covers, print Campaigns,TV commercials (Chanel, Calvin Klein, Revlon Versace, Yves Saint Laurent, Ralph Lauren etc.). 

    Big Door Studios is hosting a Coastal Inspired Group Show tonight at the El Segundo Art Walk 

    This morning, we’re going to learn more about the final El Segundo Art Walk for the season happening tonight beginning at 5 p.m.


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    The Return of the El

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    It's coming.

    Sciwntist aren't just predicting it they are warning against it. El Nino.

    California and Nevada are experiencing their worst drought ever and folks have been praying super hard for water and rain. The last time so many prayed for rain .... Noah built an arc.

    The last time El Nino hit in 1997, a desert in Peru turned into a 90 mile lake.

    Yeah, it's that big. And they are expecting bigger. Join Jackie and Rob as they talk about El Nino and ways your family can prepare, or watch the distaer unfold if you are midwest with good cable tv.

  • El Heraldo Informa / Enlace Latino

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    noticias desde Hernando en la Florida y Puerto Rico, Massachusetts y mucho mas...

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    El Heraldo Informa / Enlace Latino

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    noticias, entrevistas, analisis, noticias desde Puerto Rico y mucho mas

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    028. El Colesterol por Angélica Salomón

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    COLESTEROL, tema desarrollado por Angélica Salomón de FutureCooking.com



    3.    HUEVOS






    9.    ¿A QUIEN ESCUCHAR?


    Angélica Salomón  201-681-4363

    Jorge Gallego 720-400-9355


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    Cómo fortalecer el matrimonio

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    Amigos y amigas,

    Este programa es un poco la continuación del programa del de la semana pasada ( 20 agosto), aunque no tenemos la varita mágica para las respuestas, si puedo compartir con Uds.alternativas, ideas y experiencias que les pueden servir para reavivar la chispa del amor para que vivan la pasión con su pareja como el primer día. Compartiré consejos para que aprendan a descubrir y conocer a fondo los secretos de su pareja

    >>Programa disponible a partir del 27 agosto a las 1:30 p.m. Pac. Standard Time escuchar aquí

    No se pierdan nuestra discusión y el programa también haré una lectura de cartas por teléfono a la primera persona que  llame a mi teléfono gratuito 800-982 1648 o visiten mi página web www.salmatarot.com




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    Prosperity Wednesday With Hostess Sister El

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    Today we will discuss wellness,  prosperity and current events. Your hostess is Sister El. We will continue our discussion of The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle.  Let's focus on balance, clearing way for positive energy and dealing with the circumstances of today.  Are we in the day of judgment Are we watching the signs in front of us.  Are we acknowledging our spirituality during this physical walk?  Let's make the most of this time and leave with solutions.  Come listen, share and take positive action.  Most of all we want to hear from you.  Get what's on your mind on the line, 424-222-5250 press 1. 


    in Politics Conservative

    Trump can hold his own.  Be it against NBC 2 aka FOX. Oh Fox who signed your death certificate? Did someone say the tea party will not all leave us. We will make it up on the communist count. Kill Trump now and the Rinos will buy more ads. Trump is starting to pull Latinos and surprise Americans of color. Black women are opening web sites supporting Trump. The more he is attacked the stronger he gets. FOX do yourself a favor so that you don't look so obvious. Move the 8 o'clock Fox team? to five with the low rating crowd. Put the five o'clock team with the big number guys. Trump may pull 30 million this time. Don't turn them off like you did last mistake. It is about the candidates not your panel. You should know better. Stop looking so desperate. What happened to we report you decide? Is it now we distort let's run and hide? Stop being unfair and partial. If you are working for the Rinos say so. We are Americans we can handle the truth. If i was a candidate I would tell the truth. My campaign slogan would be. I promise only to steal half of what the other guys are stealing.

  • La Oracion Puede Cambiar Tu Suerte, Conoce el porque.

    in Spirituality

    La Oracion Puede Cambiar Tu Suerte, Conoce el porque; La oracion es una de las herramientas mas poderosas que tenemos para realizar lo que deseamos. En ella podemos encontrar alivio a nuestras angustias, desesperaciones y hasta resaltar la energia que conocemos o frecuentemente llamamos suerte. Entiende porque la oracion deberia ser tu primer recurso para los cambios que deseas y necesitas en tu dia.