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    For this another episode of Naughty Down Advice.  Who goes by the name of  Einstein who is a Songwriter, producer, engineer, and also Co-own D.R.E.E.M. Productions.

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    Best Of Einstein And Gump 2

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    Your invited to join us this sunday at 3:00 pm cst.for part 2 of the best of Einstein And Gump. Catch up on news of the weird, and the real news which is stranger still, and anything else we can dig up. We'll Meet You There!!!


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    Best Of Einstein And Gump

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    Your invited to join us this saturday at 3:30 pm cst for a special Best Of Einstein And Gump show. We'll Meet You There!!!


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    The Einstein Code Project! With Guest John McGuire

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    http://JesusChrisParty.com/ mission is to defend and promote the United States Constitution, its Bill of Rights and the United States way of “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” by the way of grassroots educational campaigns and political activity. The Anti New World Order Party singularly does not deny that the N.W.O. globalists control key offices and use their official authority to promote the goals of their brotherhood. Because they control key faculties they are capable of, and in fact do, obstruct justice from the American People. 

    If good government is to be restored all the New World Order Globalists must be expunged: “We must remove the weeds from public office, they are choking Freedom and the Tree of Liberty” (Daniel J Leach Jr).The Anti New World Order Party regards the N.W.O. as an exclusive organization that takes advantage of common folk and violates the United States Republic’s first principles. We deem that true United States Americans must organize to defeat these flaming traitors. We the citizens of the Anti New World Order Party resolve to support no N.W.O. globalist for public office. Under the “Anti New World Order” banner we mean to unite those who are discontented due to being disenfranchised and disenchanted with today’s political climate.


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    In the Eye of Einstein with Elliot Laurence

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    ELLIOT LAURENCE: In addition to a conventional education as an Architect and Planner, he has studied Eastern and Western philosophies, psychology and has a PhD. In Philosophy and Psychology. In his 20's, after he and a group of 12 others searched the world for schools of higher knowledge, Elliot Laurence finally discovered some hidden esoteric ideas. He spent many years practicing what he has learned, the first three years of which living in a secluded retreat, just studying and applying its principals. He has also studied, martial arts, Buddhism, Gurdjieff, Ouspensky, Sufism, Gnostics, Kabala, Esoteric Christianity, the Egyptian Book of The Dead, the Tibetan Book Of the Dead, Lao Tsu, Iching and many others practices and rituals. 

    Elliot Laurence's also has a multifaceted background. He is an Architect, Designer, Inventor, Musician, Writer, Artist, Actor, Director and Teacher. He has won numerous architectural design awards and has worked in the corporate world as CEO of 5 corporations and planning large, projects, including redesigning the Items Processing System for the Bank Of America and planning a 1,500-acre destination resort in Northern California. He also provided the concepts for the interiors of three major casinos in Las Vegas. 

    In 1991 he received the Educator of the Year award for his teaching methods at the Academy Of Art University in San Francisco.
    He has written 5 books, the latest one is called: “In The Eye Of Einstein” (Accessing your higher mind).

    Through his experiences, Elliot learned how to adapt Improvisation Theater to develop mind game exercises that would get people to expand their brain capabilities. He is the founder and director of Mindmavericks.org.

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    The Author's Talk Show with Jennifer Milius (Einstein & Moo kid's books series)

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    Jennifer Milius is a Rocket Science Productions published author!

    Jen Milius has enjoyed writing and reading since she was a young girl, leading her to earn her undergraduate degree in Communications.  Although her career path has involved intense management skills such as public relations, project management, organization development and continuous improvement, her love for storytelling, animals and helping people, especially young people, inspired her to write about her two adorable cats, Einstein and Moo. 

    The Einstein and Moo Series is about two black-and-white, brother and sister kitties who are playful, curious, friendly, and have many interesting adventures.  

    The third book in the series, Einstein & Moo and the Quest for the Catnip, comes out this April!  And look for an Einstein & Moo coloring book coming soon as well!

    To learn more, visit Jen's website where you can see more about her books, check out her upcoming events/signings, sign up for her e-mailing list,  and connect to her social media! 

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    Einstein and Me

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     Albert Einstein was born  March 14, 1879, He died April 18, 1955, I was only 7 months old. He was one of the greatest scientist of our generation. It was Albert who gave us the formula "E=mc2." What does that mean? Simply, "that matter and energy are really different FORMS of the SAME THING. Matter can be turned into energy and energy into matter." I wonder where did this Jewish man get that revelation?  Ah, the Creator of the Universe, YaHoVaH. Revelation 4:11b ... for thou hast created all things, and for thy pleasure they are and were created. In Hebrew 11:3  Through faith we understand that the worlds were framed by the word of God, so that things which are seen were not made of things which do appear. Matter & Energy in different forms or perhaps I should say Spirit and Material." And  John 1:1 In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with Elohim [God], and the Word was Elohim [God.]  Albert called it Energy, Abba called it Spirit. As he said, "E=mc2. everything is energy!"  Change your mind! Agree with Elohim [God]!  Even when we can't see anything perhaps it's because of the form it's in. Realize that just because we can't see it (spirit) doesn't mean it's not there. It is here just in another form. What form? Spirit. Never say you're waiting on God. What you're waiting on is TIME. Time is defined as only a landing pad for eternal purpose to manifest upon. The word manifest means to become easily seen by the human eye. Now you see it and sometimes you don't. 

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    Einstein And Gump

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    Please join us sunday at 4:00 pm cst.for saturdays 1000mikes.com replay. Catch up on news of the weird, and the real news which is stranger still ,Celebrity Crapola , and "Red Flag" with Scott Sharp. Contact us anytime on or off air by dailing:615-751-6295 or by emailing: einsteinandgump@gmail.com We'll Meet You There!!!

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    Einstein And Gump

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    Please join us Sunday at 4:00 pm cst. for Saturdays 1000mikes.com replay. Catch up on news of the weird, and the real news which is stranger still ,Celebrity Crapola , and "Red Flag" with Scott Sharp. Contact us anytime on or off air by dailing:615-751-6295 We'll Meet You There!!!

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    Ira Mark Egdall and Einstein Relatively Simple

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    Author and physics teacher, Ira Mark Egdall, quarks with myself and co-host, Marta Merajver, about his soon-to-be released book. One might call it "Einstein For Dummies" but it isn't really. After all, it's all relative, right? Hopefully, Marta and I can link Einstein's groundbreaking insights with major literary developments that coincided with his seminal work in the early 20th century. If true literature doesn't reflect contemporary, societal trends, than what should? Call in or post questions to the online chatboard for the author.

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    Time and Time Travel (Remembering Einstein) with James Essig

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    What would happen if we could travel faster than light?  What would happen if we could orbit a black hole?  What would happen if we could move through time?  See how Albert Einstein clarified the whole concept of light speed and its significance to time.  He made us aware of the possibility of time travel and the possible existence of black holes with his two extraordinary theories of relativity in 1905 (special relativity without gravity) and 1916 (general theory of relativity, including gravity.)

    James Essig is an a priori scholar who focusses on relativistic rocketry.  He believes that methods he discusses in his research can allow our technologies to explore the realm of traveling 10% or more of the speed of light, some 67,000,000 MPH.  This effort could also lead to time travel.  He did his under graduate work in physics at George Mason University.

    Please join James Essig, Melissa and me to explore Time and Time Travel, for a mind-warping experience Monday, March 17, 2014 at 8 pm EST.