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    Hip Hop Legend DJ Cool V

    in Hip Hop Music



    You can find him spinning to the likes of almost every major celebrity in America, and abroad. Cool-V has mega-events such as The Grammy’s After Parties, The Pre-Oscar Party and Will Smith’s Movie Premiere Events (in the states & overseas) under his belt.  The Essence Festival,  The Magic Johnson Foundation, State Farm’s 50 Million Pound Challenge, ESPN, the Super Bowl, the NBA Allstar Weekend, CIAA Weekend and many more are additions to his entertainment credit.


    Even after over 30 prosperous years in the entertainment industry, Cool-V continues to maintain his longevity while still pioneering innovative works. He lacks no creative constraints, and has the ability to move flawlessly through multiple genres of music outside of the Hip Hop world. Simply put, Cool-V is undoubtedly one of the most sought after DJ's in the world.

    For over three decades, heavyweight hip-hop producer and mixologist Cutmaster Cool-V has bought unmatched talent and work ethic to the music industry. Born in Elizabeth NJ, he’s touched numerous gold and platinum records by an array of artists; including Biz Markie, Big Daddy Kane, Kool G Rap and Technotronic.

    As a member of the Queens' Bridge based Juice Crew All-Stars, he began working side by side with Hip Hop groundbreaking radio personality the late DJ Mr. Magic, in the late eighties.

    He is one of three DJ's who are among the first to command the stage at the historical NAACP Awards. Cool-V also counts musical production credits on The Oprah Winfrey Show to his thorough repertoire of accomplishments.

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    Shark Dropper Episode 72 (Eighties)

    in Comedy

    Kyle, John, and Robert are joined this week by long time friend Jeannie. The foursome talk in-depth about of Mice and Men, and the works of Steinbeck, and depressing books. This launches into a conversation about walking out of movies, and giving up on books. Eveyone picks their dream team for narrating the Holy Bible. John brings up the YouTube 80's love letter, Kung Fury, and Robert discusses 80's movies in general. After the break they discuss the ins and outs of being a court jester, Caitlyn Jenner, and guess the plot of xXx State Of The Union.

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    From Inside Looking Out: Black Muslim to Muslim American(1956 to Present)P.4

    in Education

    Imam Muhammad Siddeeq historical accounts of the African American Muslim community's continuing evoloution during the late eighties to mid-nineties.

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    Societies Apology To Sixties Seventies And Eighties Babies

    in Entertainment

    The Sixties, Seventies and Eighties were low points in the ongoing saga of drugs infiltrating our neighborhoods. In the suburbs as well as in the hood Angel Dust, Heroin and Crack destroyed many families and generations of our children have been neglected. We owe the youth an apology, because their reckless behavior i.e. The "N" word and no respect for elders is a direct result of our broken homes and our addictions. We can't heal until we admit we have a problem.

    Join the Zaiyahs House Family as we try to heal the world... One laugh at a time.

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    From Inside Looking Out: Black Muslim to Muslim American(1956 to Present)P.3

    in Education

    Imam Muhammad Siddeeq during this series will expound on the ever changing events that occurred to the Nation of Islam under the new leadership of Imam Warith-u-deen Mohammed during the 1970's and early eighties. The NOI once an isolationist movement now becomes the World Community of Al-Islam in the West and becomes more engaged in American politics, economics, and social involvement.

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    Saturday Morning Cereal - Time Life & You: A Look at Nostalgic TV Curation

    in Pop Culture

    Take some time this week to remember your original happy hour: Saturday mornings as a kid, waking up at dawn, jumping on the couch with a bowl of cereal, turning on the ‘toons, tuning out the outside world, and working your way into a sugar hangover before noon. Join us this Saturday morning for a trip down memory lane via those classic 80's TV commercials we all know and love, including such hits as 'Sounds of the Seventies,' 'Ultimate Love Song Collection,' 'Mysteries of the Unknown,' 'Bob Vila's Home Repair Manual,' and who could forget the classic 'Sounds of the Eighties?!' Yes, that's right, Time Life Collections and Matty P are proud to present: The Best of Saturday Morning Cereal Talking About Time Life! We talk about these precursors to full on infomercials and how they're sraight up burned into our minds ('Turn it up, man!'), plus we learn from Time Life Senior Vice President of Programming and Marketing Jeff Peisch about their newest DVD box sets of classic television. Maybe you watched these shows during their prime time run, maybe you fell in love with these shows durning their syndicated run, or maybe you were forced to watch these shows with your dad (see Hee Haw). These shows have a special place in our hearts, and nobody cares for these properties or treats them with more love and respect then the people of Time Life. Find out how you can win box sets of The Wonder Years, Mr. Warmth! Don Rickles The Ultimate TV Collection, The Carol Burnett Show Lost Episodes, The Midnight Special, and hell yea Hee Haw! Plus, at the very end, you'll learn who shot first in the Mos Eisly cantina - according to the brand new Star Wars novel adaptation of A New Hope from Random House! It's canon. Mystery solved. Hosted by Grim Shea and Marke. Follow us @StayClassySDCC & @mattypradioshow and check us out MattypRadio.com

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    Crime Fiction Master ROBERT CRAIS is LIVE on Authors on the Air

    in Books

    Authors on the Air host Pam Stack is honored to welcome crime fiction master, author Robert Crais to the studio in a rare interview about his new book, THE PROMISE.    In the mid-eighties, feeling constrained by the collaborative working requirements of Hollywood, Crais resigned from a lucrative position as a contract writer and television producer in order to pursue his lifelong dream of becoming a novelist. His first efforts proved unsuccessful, but upon the death of his father in 1985, Crais was inspired to create Elvis Cole, using elements of his own life as the basis of the story. The resulting novel, The Monkey’s Raincoat, won the Anthony and Macavity Awards and was nominated for the Edgar Award. It has since been selected as one of the 100 Favorite Mysteries of the Century by the Independent Mystery Booksellers Association.  ELVIS AND JOE ARE BACK! This time they join forces with SUSPECT heroes Scott James and his K9 partner, Maggie, in RC's new novel, THE PROMISE.

    This is a copyrighted podcast solely owned by the Authors on the Air Global Radio Network LLC.  Find us on social media everywhere and send a tweet to @authorsontheair and @PamStackHost.


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    Chris Stein New Book"Negative – Me, Blondie and the Advent of Punk "

    in Pop Culture

    Though Harry is the breathtaking face and indelible voice of Blondie, she will be the first to acknowledge Stein’s central role in the development of the band as songwriter, guitarist, and visionary thinker. As Harry has said, “The singer is always a recognizable factor but oddly I don’t think Chris gets noticed as a guitarist. His musicality and the way he plays guitar is really an underlying strong part of Blondie.“We were living very much in the moment,” says Chris Stein of his early days in Blondie as he discusses the trove of photographs he’s taken since the start of the seventies. Though best known as an innovative guitarist and groundbreaking songwriter, this Roll Hall of Fame inductee has been equally passionate about, and devoted to, photography. The proof of his acuity as a visual artist is in ample evidence throughout his beautifully rendered coffee-table book, Negative – Me, Blondie and the Advent of Punk, which documents his life back stage, off stage, on the road and at home. Looking at the images, many of them printed in evocative black and white, he says, “There is time travel-esque quality to it, of freezing a moment in time. There really isn’t another art form that does that.”The cross- currents of Stein’s multi-cultural pursuits are all on display in Negative, along with images of seminal figures from the seventies and eighties whom he had befriended: artist Jean Michel Basquiat, designer Stephen Sprouse, hip hop personality Fab Five Freddy Braithwaite,  saxophonist  James Chance and his muse Anya Phillips, and, of course, Andy Warhol. Above all, Negative –as with so much of the music of Blondie – is a paean to the most enduring creative relationship in pop music: the collaboration between Harry and Stein.  It was Stein was gave the world its first photographic glimpses of that ravishing, now iconic face. 

  • Anna and the Angels with guest Erica Longdon

    in Spirituality

    Join me for another show where my guest is the wonderful healer, psychic and author Erica Longdon where we discuss relationships, spiritual awakening and the power of sound!

    Erica Longdon began working in television and radio in the 1970s heralding a career which spanned three decades. A major car crash in the eighties started her on an alternative path to holistic healing and energy work, and awakened her gifts as a healer and psychic. She now works and teaches as a psychic advisor on 12Listen.com, broadcasts her weekly radio show: Breakfast With Erica on 12Radio.com; has her own healing practice in Kent, England; and is the author of Starscopes, her monthly horoscopes, which are published internationally online via 12Listen and Xperience magazine, and also in Kent’s Verve Magazine.

    In Pursuit Of Perfect Timing is her début novel. 

    More about Erica






  • The Brotherhood Band Comes to CoffeeTalk JAZZ Radio "It's All About The Groove"

    in Music

    Take a heady musical amalgam of Detroit in the seventies and the eighties, factor in some of the hottest musical styles in contemporary jazz and what do you have? The answer is the "The Brotherhood Band" which finds legendary 'Motor City' session men Bruce Nazarian, Jerry Jones, and Jervonny Collier in the choice company of fellow Detroiters Mark Nilan and Kenny Meriedeth plus noted vocalist "Sir" Harry Bowens. Join the Music conversation. Wednesday, August 19th 7:00 - 8:30pst. / 10:00 - 11:30est

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  • Wth She Said Tuesdays w @TeeStunna954

    in Entertainment

    Tuesday Aug 18th...on #WTHSheSaidTuesdays #BreezySaysRadio

    We have an artist from South Florida joining us @TeeStunna954, he is on his #RejectedTour n has a big show in Orlando next Sat at Club Lux. He will joining us this Tuesday to discuss his new single #WalkLight, the new #Eighties movement, the ladies, and much more!!! Join us your hosts
    @BrwnBabyCoco & @MissEp_Ciara

    Music mix by @Dj_TruStory

    Tuesday at 10:00 pm on www.breezysaysRadio.com
    or call 347/202-0235

    S/o to the plug @RickEighties !!! #WthSheSaidTuesdays #Artist #Music #SouthFlorida #Orlando
    @MsDanniboo2u @Category4 #LuxNightClub