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    Diane Yeager, EHR Expert

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    Diane Yeager RN worked as a nurse in Labor & Delivery and Intensive Care for 7 years until 1992 at which point her career shifted to education. For the next 15 years, Diane worked as a Nursing Instructor in Northeast Ohio. Her results were impressive with an NCLEX pass rate for her graduating students of 97% throughout her teaching career. Her impact as a teacher was recognized when, during her fifth year of teaching, she received the Ohio Organization of Practical Nurse Educators' award for Distinguished Practical Nurse Educator of 1996.
    Diane's success as an educator was due to her enthusiasm for integrating computer technology into her teaching methodology which led to the creation of FreeNurseTutor, launched in 2006. Freenursetutor.com is a unique and completely free website that lets educators and students use a collection of self-paced and learning activities with a focus on interactivity and individualized learning. FreeNurseTutor is now used as an educational supplement by healthcare instructors and students at hundreds of schools.
    In 2007, Diane followed the trends in healthcare technology and transitioned to a career as an Electronic Health Records trainer. Diane has developed curriculum and instructional materials and trained healthcare personnel during large scale EHR system implementations at major hospital systems.
    As an EHR trainer, and through continued contact with healthcare educators, it became clear to Diane that most career tech and nursing schools simply do not have a way to prepare their students for the new world of electronic records. She enthusiastically embraced this as a personal challenge and used her experience in education and electronic health records to create an academic EHR system: EHR Tutor. EHR Tutor is designed to immediately deliver the "missing piece" of electronic records to any school's program. More information regarding EHR Tutor can be found at ehrtutor.com.

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    Integrating the EHR with Your Contact Center

    in Health

    Join us as we explore the challenges hospitals, physician practices and health systems face to realize the benefits of integrating electronic health records (EHRs) into the contact center through workflow redesign and optimization. While EHRs were suppose to reduce errors and streamline care, our observations highlight a multitude of usability and productivity issues that cause frustration for patients, caregivers and physicians alike.

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    Is a Cloud-based EHR for you?

    in Technology

    Mark your calendars and join me in an up close and personal interview with the remarkable Rosemarie Nelson’s from MGMA Health Care Consulting Group.  She has led new technology planning and development for improved clinical operations. Rosemarie has managed project implementation teams and software engineers in the design and implementation of medical practice software and subsequent training of personnel. She joins us today to discuss Cloud based Electronic Health Record EHR -Is it right for you?
    www.mgma.com/consulting/nelson twitter:  @rosemarienelson

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    EHR Adoption and Implementation in the Mental Health Industry

    in Management

    Debbie Henderson is the CEO of Manna Health Professional Services and has been handling mental health billing and practice management for behavioral healthcare providers for over 15 years.  Manna Health is a family-owned, exclusive mental health revenue cycle and practice management organization.   Today we will be discussing her experiences with electronic health record software adoption, why Manna exclusively works with mental health providers and organizations, and how the mental health industry changes have affected her billing company.

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    The EHR Revolution

    in Health

    With guests Daniel Kivatinos, Founder and CTO of DrChrono, and Matthew Douglass, Co-Founder and Vice President of Platform at Practice Fusion.

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    Behavioral Health EHR with Dr. David Lischner of Valant Medical Solutions

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    Electronic Health Record systems for Behavioral Health Medical Practices are a special niche. Dr. David Lischner of Valant Medical Solutions talks about what his company offers the behavioral heatlhcare provider that is looking for an EHR that meets their needs. Dr. Lischner is a practicing psychiatrist, co-founder and CEO of the Evidence Based Treatment Centers of Seattle, a 25+ provider group practice. After receiving his medical degree from the University of Washington, David completed his internship at the University of Pennsylvania and then returned to the University of Washington for specialty training in psychiatry. David is CEO of and spokesperson for Valant, an EMR software solution designed for behavioral healthcare professionals.

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    Meaningful Use and Electronic Health Records

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    Joyce and Mike speak with Dr. Joshua Seidman about the concept of "Meaningful Use" in healthcare and how it can be used along with electronic health records (EHR) to improve patient care.

    Dr. Seidman is Vice President in charge of Payment and Delivery Reform at Avalere Health.  He is also the Immediate Past President of the Society for Participatory Medicine.

    Previouslyt, Seidman was the Director of Meaningful Use at the Office of the National Coordinator (ONC) for Health Information Technology within the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services. At ONC, Dr. Seidman guided development of resources that helped providers become meaningful users of HIT, and helped to evolve meaningful use practice and policy. During nearly two decades in health care, Seidman has focused on: quality measurement and improvement; the intersection of e-health and health services research; and structuring consumer e-health interventions to support improved health behaviors and informed decision making.

    Before that, Seidman was the founding President of the Center for Information Therapy, which advanced the practice and science of delivering tailored information to consumers to help them make better health decisions and lead healthier lives. At the IxCenter, Seidman focused on stimulating innovation, diffusing best practices, and evangelizing for a patient-centered orientation to implementation of HIT applications.

    See also e-patients.net and http://participatorymedicine.org

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    Behavioral Health EHRs: Opening Pandora's Box with Eileen Casella Rider, LMHC

    in Psychology

    This morning we have the pleasure of interviewing Eileen Casella-Rider, LMHC. Eileen has her masters degree in counseling psychology from Antioch University. She has unique experience in the field of mental health working in both private practice and as a program director, clinician, and EHR advisor for mental health organizations.  She has also provided training, sales, support, and clinical documentation expertise in the behavioral health electronic health record industry.

    Eileen gravitated to the technical and software side of psychology during her times spent as a clinician.  This unique vantage point gives her the perspective behavioral and mental health providers and organizations need to determine which EHRs to take seriously.

    It isn’t just about the software! 

    This candid discussion about the behavioral health EHR industry is refreshing, open, and a must listen for any organization looking for the facts when it comes to EHR purchase and adoption.

    Let’s open Pandora’s Box shall we? 

    Questions for Eileen?  More information?

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    Pro Fighter Rachel Sazoff

    in Sports

    Looking for her firdt pro win, four year vet of the sport Rachel Sazoff will face Allison Haynes in Pesnnslyvania next weekend.

    We will talk to Sazoff about ehr career and what she is doing to gain a much needed win.

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    Social Networking for Nurses with Julie Jones

    in Health

    Today we are speaking with Julie Jones, EHR Clinical Application Analyst Staff at Fletcher Allen Health Care about Social Networking for Nurses and its importance. The number of healthcare facilities that make use of social media increased by 210 percent between 2009 and 2011.

    With experience as a nurse for over 15 years, Ms. Jones has experience in various settings which include Oncology, Women’s Health, Surgery, Medicine, Endoscopy, and most recently as clinical informatics nurse in the electronic health record department.

    As an active member with the STTI Honor Society, Julie quickly began to implement online platforms to help improve communication within her chapter to grow a stronger community within the vast geographical area. From this experience, Julie grasped the possibility to use electric platforms to help organize and address certain issues amongst a community. Due to her positive experience, Ms. Jones championed to integrate electronic health records (EHR) into her work environment. Today, we will be discussing about social networking for nurses, and the effect that it can have on the medical profession.  

    Leading with Technology: Transforming Nursing through Social Media

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    Health Information Systems Revealed

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    It’s always interesting to weigh in on the topic of health information technology (HIT). Some seem to love it, while others avoid working with HIT (or seem to think they hate it until they realize they need them to survive). Sharon Seeder, an HIT industry leader, joins the discussion shedding light on topics ranging from electronic health records (EHRs) to Big Data.

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