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    Imma Need You To Do Better Episode 3

    in Comedy

    Imma Need You To Do Better Episode 3

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    Ecstatic Yoni ~ The "New" Yoni Egg Lifestyle!

    in Spirituality

    Join Rev. Goddess and one of her Crystal Diva Sisters for a fruitful, joyful and exploritive explicit conversation about you and your Yoni Egg Relationship! The Lovely and Beautiful Lisa R Charles, A Spiritual Midwife, Sensual Healer and Advocate for Freedom will assit in this conversation to help all women learn the power off their yoni and the importance of how to live with the "New" Yoni egg lifestyle. So many questions women have with how to insert, play and develop and heal their yonis! And, now how to become even more spiritually attuned to all life energy with your yoni egg! Don't miss this night of ecstatic connection as these two sensual crystal Diva Sisters share their yoni expertise, trials, mishaps and erotic growth and mystal wisdom! Call in to get your questions answered and learn to live the "New" Yoni Egg lifestyle! 

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    Eleven Things to Know About Egg Quality

    in Health

    Hearing from a physician that you have 'bad eggs' is one of the most discouraging things.  But is it really true?  And is it really that simple?

    In this information-packed call, you will learn:

    1.  Why determining egg quality is not black or white

    2.  What you can change about your eggs, and what you cannot

    3.  Nine health factors that effect your eggs, including stress, nutrition, gut health, blood flow and more

    If you are concerned about your egg quality, or just curious about the whole topic, you don't what to miss this expert review of egg quality factors!

    Call in live if you have any questions.

    To learn more about our Baby Launch Camp program, starting July 15, click HERE.

    Wondering if Camp is a match for you?  Set up a free time to ask me my phone HERE, in a complimentary phone consult (see distant client category.)

    Remember, the early bird discount deadline ends July 3!  Get in and get pregnant this summer!

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    Green Egg Radio w/ founders of Panda Project

    in Spirituality

    The Panda Project sees people who have lost jobs and homes, barely hanging on without enough to feed or clothe themselves or their families. A person wants to help, but doesn't know how. The Panda knows!

    Our mission is to end perpetual homelessness, hunger, and poverty through physical assistance and education. Our Goal; To encourage others to pay it forward, creating a system of assistance, charity, and generosity among our fellow man.

    It’s a familiar story. If you look around closely you will see similar stories all around you. People have lost their jobs and homes. People are just hanging on to their homes and do not have enough to feed and clothe themselves or their families. A person wants to help but does not
    know how to help. One man in central Kentucky had experienced all this and more. He pulled himself up by himself, and decided to make a difference The Panda Project Online was born.

    Jesse Tredway was once one of these people. He had a dream, a vision that he discussed with others of like mind. “What if I could contact people with “extra” furniture, clothes, goods and then shared them with people who needed them?” said Jesse. No cost to them, no hoops to jump through, could it be done? Yes, it could. Jesse approached his elders at The Wite Rayvn Metaphysical Church of the Ozarks , it was a LONG bus ride from Kentucky to Missouri fraught with challenges. One such challenge after a 25 hr bus ride he STILL was not in West Plains, MO and early in the morning people from the church drove 2.5 hrs to pick him up at the Springfield MO bus station. The conversations were very fruitful. Jesse laid out his vision, his passion and his hopes for the project. They discussed all the challenges, and the business model that would work. How to start the organization with no funds, no storage, no vehicle. Jesse was undaunted and his elders were very supportive.
    Bio continued on show pag

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    Imma Need You To Do Better Episode 2

    in Comedy

    Imma Need You To Do Better Episode 2

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    Which Comes First, the Chicken, the Egg or the Money?

    in Film

    Judith Helfand, of Chicken & Egg shares 3 Tips on winning grants.


    To learn more about Carole Dean and From the Heart Productions please visit www.FromtheHeartProductions.com

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    The Simple Joy of Easter Recipes Easy Egg Bake

    in Moms and Family

    Easter morning can be hectic. The kids want to hunt for eggs & candy. You need to get everyone ready to go to church. And, it's probably a good idea to give everyone a nutricious breakfast before diving into those Easter baskets & heading out the door! How do you find the time to prepare breakfast, let alone eat it?

    Betty Crocker to the rescue with some help from Jean Ann! In this episode, Jean Ann share a simple recipe for egg casserole that includes Bisquick, Tater Tots & BACON! As if that isn't enough, you can make this recipe the day before, put it in the fridge, then bake the next morning.

    This is also perfect for after church brunch! You can find a link to this recipe by clicking HERE!

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    Imma Need You To Do Better Episode 1

    in Comedy

    Imma Need You To Do Better Episode 1

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    What Do You Want? - Episode 133 - Are you Happy?

    in Self Help

    Well I am back for the last 3 episodes of the shows.  The regular shows will be ending on June 24th, so we have 3 more shows to go.  

    So this weeks episode is all about happiness and what comes from just being happy.  We'll start with the question, are you happy and go on from there.  What do you say, you up for it?  You may find out some interesting things.  Hope so anyway. 

    So join me for the last of the show and send What Do You Want?  The regular broadcasts off with a bang. 

    Thanks for sticking through it till the end it has been a great 3 years, so join in for a little more fun.

    Love, light & laughter, 


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    What Do You Want? - Episode 135 - Time to Move ON!

    in Self Help

    Well its the last show for a while.  Sorry about not having a show last week, the BTR gods were not having it.  A "technical glitch", but still I was looking forward to being with you.  Anyway, here we are.  3 years and 135 shows later, we are bring this chapter to an end and moving on to my next chapter.  

    I have had so much fun over the last 3 years and have learned so much from meeting all of you and from my guests and also, from just doing my show over and over again.  I am so grateful to you for the journey, but as the title says it is time to move on.  

    I hope you join in on the podcasts if you are so inclined and I wish that you all create a wonderful dynamic and exciting life that you have always wanted.  That was the purpose of this show over the last 3 years and it is the purpose of my work going forward.  So take a moment and celebrate you and all that you have done while you are on this earth.  You all are amazing and it has been my pleasure to share this time with you. 

    Till We Meet Again,


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    Before You Say I Do

    in Radio


    Call in to listen to the show (516) 387-1714
    To talk to the host or guest press #1
    Keeping it Real with K Smilez

    Tonight's topic is: "Things you need to know before you say I do" You may want to take a real good listen in on this show topic if you are in a relationship and thinking about popping the big question, or you may be thinking of saying yes when the questioned is asked.  You may want to also use this as a guideline for your friends or children who may be thinking of getting married soon.  Before you say yes, there are several things you need to know like, their spiritual/religious beliefs, medical/mental family history, do they want children or pets, how is their credit, etc?  

    These are just a few very important questions you need to know before you say yes and there are plenty more.  To get more advice on things you should know before you say I do, join me tonight with my returning co-host Ms. Angela Nickelberry, Licensed and Certified skin care Specialist, Wellness Coach, Entrepreneur and owner of Day Springs Wellness in Cordova, TN. Also returning to the show is Chicago Native Mr. Sean "PacMan" Newsome, Independent Marketing Professional who works with Radio Advertising Inc.serving radio stations with professional advertisements all across the globe.

    So join us tonight and tell a friend about my show "Keeping it Real with K Smilez"



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