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    KNOT: Turkey Bacon

    in Culture

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    As the world continues to evolve into a seemingly increasingly egalitarian place, we at KNOT recognize that there will also be an “other” – so we dedicated this show to exposing the many “others” and why the distinctions are not only arbitrary, but divisive and harmful. We will discuss topics such as civil rights, “gay” marriage, immigration, racism, marginalization of minorities, White privilege, political affiliation, gun control, and more. Call in and weigh in on the topics with us. Make your voice heard!

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    Egalitarian Relationships SPECIAL GUEST Greg Doss/Dj SQWYD

    in Romance

    SPECIAL GUEST Greg Sqwyd Doss  Legal Document Preparation and Self Help GURU. Greg Doss helps  Men and Boys that need confidence building, that having traditional masculine attributes are key to being successful in life and help aid them in being better people. Doss studies the law and shares what he's learned. as general information regarding and related to Lawful Principles.

    TOPIC: Egalitarian doctrines maintain that all humans are equal in fundamental worth or social status, according to the Stanford Encyclopedia of philosophy. According to the Merriam Webster Dictionary, the term has two distinct definitions in modern English. It is defined either as a political doctrine that all people should be treated as equals and have the same polictical, ecomonic, social, and civil rights or as a social philosophy advocating the removal of ecomonic inequalities among people or the decentralization of power. Some sources define egalitarianism as the point of view that equality reflects the natural state of humanity.

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    Anunnaki Experiencers Girls Night In ~ Charlotte, Karen, Janet, Theresa

    in Education

    Join us for another discussion panel on "We the Anunnaki" called "the Annunaki Experiencer Girls Night In" with Anunnaki and Ancient Aliens Researchers Janet Kira Lessin, Charlotte Rose, Karen Christine Patrick & Theresa J. Morris.

    On this show we talk about the Annunaki story from the Divine Feminine perspective. Our team of Anunnaki, AR Bordon, Linkage Institute and extraterrestrial contactees "Experiencers" and paranormal researchers discusses these and other topics.

    Our Cosmic Parents of the Annunaki Kind were afflicted with Patriarchical Leanings, influenced to a certain extent by their royal succession process which comprised a series of kings, the Kings of Nibiru. But women, originally included in power positions on Nibiru, over time, especially when they came to Earth, were overlooked and ignored despite how Nibirian women were very active and strong actors in their own right.

    The four women speaking on the panel have experienced the women's movement, the return of the ideas of the Goddess, and each has a special journey to share. What have we learned about being a woman from our contact experiences and learning the story of the Annunaki intervention into the Earthstory?

    We discuss our roles as women in the Anunnaki research field and how the Anunnaki have treated women in their history. We look at what roles their women played in shaping the Earth and it's future. How can we human women be more effective in our deeply Anunnaki influenced culture and create a future that's more egalitarian?  

    More at http://wp.me/p2OzDR-3Nf

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    Women and The Ministerium Ecclesiasticum Pt 2

    in Religion

    Women being called Missionaries -  MIssionaries comes from the Latin MISSIO which Latin for the Greek word apoostolos.  The Latin word missio is where we get our word missionary from.

    So to called a woman a MISSIONARY is to called her an APOSTLE.

    Levitical Priesthood and women in ministry

    Complementarian verse the Egalitarian 

    Was the Apostle Paul confused and looney because many make him out to be such because he actually was FOR women in ministry.

    En persona Christi, En Persona Ecclesia, Alter Christus

    Check out our webpage www.coaab.org for more information.  To reserve a 2015 Syllabus, to purchase 2013 or 2014 Syllabus



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    Women and The Ministerium Ecclesiasticum

    in Religion

    This is going to be a good one right here.  Can women be clergy?  We know from Scripiture and History that they served as DEACONS, but can they be ELDERS and BISHOPS in the Church?

    What does Ephesians 4:8 says?

    What about what Paul says in Timothy and Corinthians?

    What does it means to Usurp authority?

    Complementarian vs Egalitarian

    Was Paul confused or were some things that he said, said to reflect the dominant culture at the time?

    The husband and wife ministry teams in Scripture

    Women prophetess in Scripture


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    The Bible As The Oldest Egalitarian Document In History

    in Blogs

    This episode takes a look at the Bible from an entirely new perspective. I look at the historical times in which Jesus lived seeking to give context to events in the bible.
    It is a companion piece to my novel "The Gospel According To Lilith"
    To purchase and for more detail see: www.lonniehicks.com

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    The Bible As The Greatest Egalitarian Document In History: Episode Three

    in Blogs

    In this episode we look at the Jesus Christ figure and orient him within the historical period in which he introduced his ministery. We seek here to look at these developments from a different perspective.

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    The Bible As The Greatest Egalitarian Document in History-Episode Two

    in Blogs

    This the second episode in this series on the Bible in which we continue our exploration of the Bible in historical, political and in its religious contexts.

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    Interview with John Fioravanti for Passion & Struggle

    in Books

    Marco Rossini is a historian with no political aspirations, and no desire for power. However, he possesses unique knowledge that is about to change his life: he knows the human history of the planet Earth. 

    The Year is 2796 CE, and on the planet Genesis, human civilization looks very similar to the world it left behind. One difference dominates: a Church, created by the United Nations to compel peace, has ruled for seven centuries. Now, in the wake of a brutal war that aligned humanity with the new rulers of Earth, the old ways have been shattered, and Genesis needs a new, egalitarian government. Marco is the right man to help lead the change, but as the professor soon discovers, the battle between Church and state is far from over, and both sides are willing to spill blood. 

    Struggling to remake his world, to find love, and to survive in troubled political waters, can Marco Rossini change history?

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    DLIGU: 2014 - Say No to Orwellian, Crony Capitalist, Egalitarian Statists

    in Politics

    Weekly live webcast/podcast devoted to discussion of news and politics from the perspective of Ayn Rand's philosophy, Objectivism. Hosted by Amy Peikoff.

    2014. Let's make it the year we say no to Orwellian, Crony Capitalist, Egalitarian Statists--of *all* political parties. Let's make it the year we reclaim with moral righteousness (even if we can't yet fully enjoy) our rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of our own, individual, happiness!

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    Hermetic Magical Ethics

    in Radio

    On Thursday January 22nd, 2015 the Hermetic Hour with host Poke Runyon
    will present a discussion on Hermetic Magical Ethics. This will be
    somewhat controversial in that we will examine the ethical aspects of
    Hermetic philosophy in comparison to Christianity and other Gnostic
    variations including Crowley's Thelema and Golden Dawn Rosicrucianism.
    We will also question the merits of egalitarian collectivism compared to
    the American/Masonic work ethic and personal responsibility standards.
    We will review our newly adopted Code of Conduct for members of our
    magical lodges and explain some of the reasons for establishing these
    guidelines. So if you want to know how well-behaved and nice to each
    other magicians ought to be, tune in and we will give you our Golden Rules.