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    Angel Healing House - Healing Family Relationships

    in Spirituality

         In today's program, Candy and her angelic family, The Posse of Angels will share insights on how we can heal our family realtionships by seeing them from a higher perspective and undersanding why we initially chose for these relationships to be forged. Through the eyes of love and forgiveness, we can choose to heal and move forward. 

         Claire Candy Hough is a Licensed Reiki Master/Teacher, Angel Practitioner, international radio host on Angel Healing House Blog Talk Radio http://www.blogtalkradio.com/angel-healing-house  , Author of "Angels of Faith" http://www.angelhealinghouse.com/angels-of-faith-book/ and a Writer. She communicates directly with her angelic family, 'The Posse of Angels'.Through her international business Angel Healing House http://www.angelhealinghouse.com/  Claire Candy provides healing, empowerment and direction in a loving, honest and no-nonsense manner. Her clients receive very practical advice to positively and proactively transform their lives to peace, joy and self-love.

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    Time of Transfer

    in Christianity

    As Jesus faced this final trial, suffering the horrible torture of the cross, He calls out, “Father,” and He entrusts Himself again to the Father’s keeping. In so doing, Jesus gives us an example of how we are to trust in God as our loving Father, even when we face the most difficult and horrible trials imaginable. I got talk to someone that are facing some tough decisions in their life right now!  Join me for Mid-Day Bible Study Topic: "Do I know God in that way, intimately as my Father, even when He puts me in a severe trial?" and also www.uptopministries.org

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    Remove the Drama From the Trauma and Turn It Into Something Positive

    in Women

    The resurrection of our power - energy as creator, the I AM. Sexual Abuse - misuse of the creative power, misunderstanding and disconnection of our creative consciousness sublimated by the destructive and violent use and false identifying with the body to control other bodies. Meditation  as a tool and guided Body Scan meditation and reframe.


    Stories of Healing. Strategies for Thriving.

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    EASTER: Metaphysics of the Easter Story

    in Spirituality

    Join us for another fascinating discussion exploring the nature of consciousness.

    Which Easter do you celebrate?


    Origins of Easter and Eggs
    Lunar and Solar Cycles
    Jesus - Metaphysics of Easter
    Calendar changes and consequence
    Blood Moon of 2014

    The Emerald Alignment
    A practical Self Help approach to Energy Field Alignment, Healing, Sealing and Protecting the auric field.


    Rainbow Light; Rainbow Light Studio; Carol Lamb's Blog

    Paranormal Matters Radio Shows

    Rainbow Light Forum

    Epiphany Press

    Rainbow Light Foundation; RLF Studio; Rainbow Light Foundation Radio

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    Pleiadian Tools for Self Realization with Christine Day

    in Spirituality

    As we move deeper into the transition that is taking place on planet Earth, the Pleiadians tell us that the time has now come for us to start mastering the energetic tools that will enable us to consciously complete our awakening and self-healing process.

    The new frequencies of light and sound that are now hitting the planet are awakening us to remembrance of and reconnection with our true Selves. 

    In this new twice-monthly show, international teacher, author, healer, and Pleiadian Ambassador, Christine Day, will present a new body of information and transmissions of sacred tones and codes specifically designed to act as energetic keys to unlock the information residing within the matrix of our cellular structure.   

    One of the key messages of the Pleiadians is that we must accept our humanity and imperfections in order to facilitate the process of our own self-birthing into the Universal Consciousness.  By integrating these human aspects of our Self with our Higher Nature we will more easily navigate our way through this transition.


    NEW Prerecorded

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    Psychic Radio Readings-by Rev James free readings today

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    All Readings. please check out my website:


    Clear; attachment, bad energy, chakras,past life,akashic records ---Get to the Seed Source of the problem- A Psychic Origin Healing

    Read My Blogs-  learn how to protect your energy field or how to manifest.<-- free


    Get A Private Reading or Channeling


     *all readings are for entertainment purposes only

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    Creativity & The Authentic Path of the Wild Woman

    in Spirituality

    Join us as Sabrina Rohbock and Francine Marie-Sheppard as they explore the idea of honoring your creativity as a central aspect of walking an authentic path.  What does this have to do with being a woman of the wild or the love of being in nature? For women, how are creativity, authenticity and the pull to wild and natural spaces central to our self-healing? Francine and Sabrina are intuitive teachers who lead retreats that inspire women to create and claim their best lives and have fun along the way. Towards the end of this one hour show they will talk a bit about their next trip, Wild Woman Corsica, September 2014.




    sabrina: imaginationfreedom@gmail.com

    francine: accfms@gmail.com


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    Divinity Spiritual

    in Spirituality

    Join Rev. Mary Margaret Denholm and Rev. Debb Hartsorn for prayer and meditaion. A spritial and metaphysical forurm for preperation for ascension.

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    Scared O Sexuality For Women: The Divine Intuitive

    in Spirituality

    Listening to your intuition can help you become more healthy and prosperous.  In this show Dr Pam will be intuitively tapping into guidance to help you advance your intuition.  In her show Dr Pam will lead you through a guided visualization and help you connect inwards with intuitive healing information.

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    The Healing Place

    in Romance

    It's about that time! We are still celebrating National Women's Month on The Healing Place. Tonight we will be tackling some serious women's topics. Our very own, therapist Samantha Edu, LPC of the “Mind Over Matter: 15 Minutes of Mental Healing” segment is running the show. She will discuss "Women Supporting Women: Reasons why we do and reasons why we don't." But that's not all. We also have our friend and colleague Natalie Elliott, LPC, MFT, certified sex therapist on to talk Women's Sexual Health with you. So don't miss this! Call in or join us online. Don't forget we love to hear from you. Happy healing!

    Tune in at 7:30!



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    Spiritual Insight with Darren BuCare: Making Contact with the Faeries

    in Spirituality

    Join host Darren BuCare as he shares his unique spiritual insights and how to apply them in a very real way to your daily life.

    Darren is a reader at Marie Laveau's House of Voodoo in the magickal city of New Orleans.

    This week Darren will be discussing how to work with The Fae and the impact it can have on your daily life.

    The phone lines will be open so call in for a reading : 760-542-4345

    Join us!!!

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    MONDAY NEWS FOR THE SOUL: Grounding EFT & Kerrie O'Connor!

    in Self Help

    We'll start our week right - clearing our blocks to a great week using Emotional Freedom Tapping technique with "EFT Wizard" Brad Yates ...
    Alternate weeks:  GROUNDING READINGS AND ENERGY WORK WITH TODD CUNNINGHAM - are you grounded?  Call in to find out!  (646) 595 4274 ...
    Call in (646) 595 4274
    TUNE IN:  www.NewsfortheSoul.com
    News for the Soul is the #1 Life Changing Talk Radio Show in the world according to AOL and ASK.com and YOUTUBE and GOOGLE and so on. NFTS is home to the largest totally free life changing media library in the world. We are syndicated on the AIR, on the WEB ... and beyond! DID YOU KNOW: News for the Soul is home to the largest and best totally free life changing audio resource on the world wide web since January 1997... ... because what you focus on expands ...

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