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    The deadly assumptions that will kill a lawyers marketing efforts

    in Legal

    Episode 28 of Building Your Law Practice with Jim Thompson and Nick Augustine

    The deadly assumptions that will kill a lawyers marketing efforts. How can we tell when our marketing efforts are working? As our business increases, can we take a break from marketing? Are we leaving money on the table or missing new business? Learn from other people and their mistakes as we share them on this program.

    About this weekly show:

    Referrals are the lifeblood of any business and especially for lawyers, so why is it that lawyers are not getting the referrals they need to grow their practice? Listen and learn to tips you can use today!

    Brought to you in part by Members’ Choice Federal Credit Union in Denton, Texas on Unicorn Lake Boulevard. You may be eligible to join Members Choice if you live, work, worship or attend school in Denton or Argyle, Texas.

    About Jim and Nick:

    Jim Thompson is a retired lawyer who is well-known for helping attorneys get on track to earning more clients through simple cost-effective activities. Jim is the author of "Why Lawyers Fail To Get Referrals and What They Can Do About It"

    Nick Augustine helps lawyers share tips and stories about their practice areas by writing their blog content, managing social media and producing Internet radio podcasts.

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    Andres Rivera talks about his efforts to Save Ladder 1

    in Politics

    Andres Rivera talks about Ladder 1 and the efforts of people in the South End to keep it open.

  • Visibility Blocks - Are they hurting your marketing efforts?

    in Marketing

    Join us as we welcome Stephanie Calahan of Calahan Solutions.  Stephanie will be discussing Visibility Blocks and how they can deter marketing efforts with your business - without you knowing about it.  Everyone knows that they need to get their message out in order for their ideal clients to find them and work with them.  Still, many find themselves knowing what needs to be done and still not doing it.  Visibility Blocks are areas of your life or business where you consciously or unconsciously limit your ability to be seen.  Have a question for our guest?  Feel free to call in, join us in the chatroom or tweet your questions to @kerryheaps.  Hope you can tune in!

    This show sponsored by K|Kouture Cosmetics

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    People Making Humanitarian Efforts in Africa to Help Improve Quality of Life

    in Lifestyle

    Join us as we continue to highlight People making humanitarian efforts in Africa to help improve quality of life. This show features the President of League of Nigerians in Diaspora, Chris Ulasi, and a Board Member of Golden Hope Foundation.

    Do Chime In brings you scintillating topics covering socioeconomic and sociopolitical issues central to Africa.

    Each week a team of varying panelists join us on the show to share their views on the selected topic. We encourage listeners from around the world to share their views during the show by: 

    Calling our designated phone line: +1(347) 637-3670 
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    The importance of Social in your SEO efforts?

    in Internet

    Listen to David Brown rant about some things he just needs to get off of his chest because you are better than paying for a shrink! :)

    Here are some links to the stuff we talked about on the show.

    KnowEm allows you to check for the use of your brand.

    Ello is in beta.
    It is much like other social media site, without the advertising, and more of the privacy. You must ask for an invite or be invited by a current member.

    Buffer is a social media posting platform, there are free and paid version.

    Hoot Suite is another social media posting platfrom for posting content to your social media accounts, they too have a free and paid version.

    Hope this helps!

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    Branding and Marketing Tips:Knowing Where To Focus Your Social Media Efforts

    in Social Networking

    Next Topic:
    Knowing Where To Focus Most of Your Social Media Efforts
    Listen in now:
    Visit the page for my show notes and additional helpful insights and apps I use to stay in touch: http://wp.me/p1Fv4O-2nc

    Back by huge request, Jacqueline Jax is back with a live feed of her most popular shows including Hot Topic Tuesday, Branding and Marketing Tips for Success and Fast Track To Music Marketing. Be sure to tune in with her live each week day morning at 10am est to start your day out right. Grab a cup of coffee, listen in from your phone or computer and tweet her questions @JacquelineJax . If you miss the live show, catch the episodes on the replay or grab them on iTunes to listen in later. 

    As always the conversation continues on our main web site with live comment feeds and discussions from our listeners so be sure to visit www.AvALiveRadio.com and join in the conversation. 

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    Should you be Using GuideVine for your Marketing Efforts?

    in Business

    Today my guest is Raghav Sharma, Co-Founder and CEO of GuideVine.  We discuss how and why Financial Advisors are using this digital platform to build and cultivate potential relationships with clients. 

    GuideVine is a technology platform that serves both consumers seeking financial advice and financial advisors looking to connect with potential clients.

    Developed by a group of industry experts from McKinsey and technology veterans, consumers can access GuideVine’s deep roster of financial advisors to find the “right” financial advisor, given their unique personal circumstances. Our platform allows financial advisors to put their best foot forward and connect with motivated individuals who are actively seeking financial advice.

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    Consider Your Brand Impact When Contemplating New Efforts (1m)Kevin Walker

    in Management

    Kevin Walker, President, Boardwalk , discusses how to maximize the value of your brand and why it is important to always consider your brand and the impact on it before undertaking any new marketing efforts.

    We add new content daily, so come back often! 

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    Dr. Imani Ma'at Discusses the 11 Alive Can-A-Thon & Youth Empowerment Efforts

    in Health

    Stepping Into My Power Blog Talk Radio is excited to share wonderful people and programs that are dedicated to enhancinig the health and wellness of the community!  From Youth to Elders, our mission is to inform and inspire each of you to Step Into Your Power with Health and Wellness!

    Join us on Wednesday December 3rd 9-10 pm EST (6-7pm Pacific Time) on the Stepping into My Power Blog Talk Radio Show to learn more about the 32nd Annual 11 Alive Can-A-Thon and how you can make a difference to those in need.

    Helping Schools - and teaching the youth to give back to their communities! Please encourage youth around the country to call in to express their opinions about how young people can make a positive difference in their communities! It is going to be a Lively Show!


    Stepping Into My Power

    Or call: 646-915-9853

    Press #1 to Join the Conversation


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    Innovative Efforts toward Affordable Medications

    in Health

    Jon-Michael Rosmann of the Iowa Prescription Drug Corporation joins Joyce to talk about their efforts to provide affortable prescription drugs to the people of Iowa.

    The Iowa Prescription Drug Corporation is a non-profit organization established in 2001 to provide affordable medication access to Iowans in need of assistance. Its initial programs focused on providing affordable medications to Medicare eligible Iowans. Since then their mission has expanded to include their state's safety-net patients. Today they focus on creating innovative solutions that provide low-cost pharmaceutical access to the most vulnerable populations while generating significant cost savings across health systems.

    We will talk about some of these programs, and how they might be extended to people in other states.

    For more information, see <a href="http://www.iowapdc.org">http://www.iowapdc.org</a>

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    How to Monetize Your Social Media Efforts

    in Business

    Are you wondering why your social media efforts are bringing the results that you want?  How are you monetizing your social media efforts?

    Join Christopher Tompkins as he shares his insights on how your company can monetize your social media efforts by focusing on goals, measurements and consistency.

    The Social Marketing Academy, presented by The Go! Agency, is your ongoing classroom for all of the social media topics that you want to learn more about. Host Christopher Tompkins, CEO of The Go! Agency, will be covering a wide array of topics from how to get your business step up using social media to more advanced tactics and techniques. Tune in live or on-demand to take full advantage of all of the social media marketing information provided in each show. Visit The Go! Agency online for more details: http://www.thegoagencyusa.com

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