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    BWD Radio - Artist French-ee - Exclusive Interview

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    BWD Radio – Indie Artist Music Independent Music Radio Station

    As a teenager, French-ee had to learn how to adapt to the Canadian culture and was able to perfect his English as he fell in love with hip hop music. 

    At the age of 16, French-ee and a couple of his childhood friends created a rap group called the 'Diamond Cut Crew' and he went by the name of Young Gorilla at the time.

    October 16 2006, with only 17 years in age, French-ee became a father. With so much responsibility on his hands, he decided to put an end to his rap career to focus on his fatherhood. The love for music was always in him, therefore, French-ee decided to make a comeback. He changed his rap name to French-ee, a nickname that was given to him all throughout secondary school. French-ee says that it symbolizes that he embraces himself for who he is.


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    Bonnie Albers On Air : Special Guest Bryan Rawls StarSeed Hr 1 Special Guest Phill Renton UK Mediu

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     Please join me ee the first hour for metaphysical chatting fun information messages and complete wonderful awesome news and messages In the Metaphysical planes . Phill Renton UK medium is on hour 2 . He is a medium psychic will bring through all the answers you are looking for including messages from the other side ??

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    As the season of Kwanzaa comes to an end, tonight's "MESSAGE AND THE MUSIC" show is dedicated to the message of Unity, Cooperation and Group Economics through Faith, Creativity, Self-Determination and Purpose.

    The seven principles of Kwanzaa are:

    Umoja (oo-MO-jah):  Unity stresses the importance of togetherness for the family and the community, which is reflected in the African saying, "I am We," or "I am because We are."

    Kujichagulia (koo-gee-cha-goo-LEE-yah): Self-Determination requires that we define our common interests and make decisions that are in the best interest of our family and community.

    Ujima (oo-GEE-mah) Collective Work and Responsibility reminds us of our obligation to the past, present and future, and that we have a role to play in the community, society, and world.

    Ujamaa (oo-JAH-mah) Cooperative economics emphasizes our collective economic strength and encourages us to meet common needs through mutual  

    Nia (NEE-yah) Purpose encourages us to look within ourselves and to set personal goals that are beneficial to the Kuumba (koo-OOM-bah) Creativity makes use of our creative energies to build and maintain a strong and vibrant community. 

    Imani (ee-MAH-nee) Faith focuses on honoring the best of our traditions, draws upon the best in ourselves, and helps us strive for a higher level of life for humankind, by affirming our self-worth and confidence in our ability to succeed and triumph. 

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    Astrology of the Meredith Kercher murder case

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    Astrology of the Meredith Kercher murder case

    Naseer Ahmad (Ergon) has been a student of astrology for 50 years He has a keen interest in the occult arts and spiritualism.

    He discusses the murder of Meredith Kercher, with insights into the psychology of Amanda Knox, Raffaele Sollecito and Rudy Guede. He also talks about the future direction he thinks the case will go.


    Articles by Naseer Ahmad:

    Truejustice Article: Thinking About Rudy Guede, Raffaele Sollecito, and Amanda Knox: What Might Have Been

    and http://manfromatlan.blogspot.ca/2011/10/psycho-astrological-perspective-on.html

    OTHER: Neptune Cafe Article (with errors about case):  http://www.neptunecafe.com/amandaknox.html




    Article by Liz Houle: Saturn, Seven Year Itch, and the Meredith Kercher Murder Case 2015

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    Picture Book on Hopi Indians Shares A Story of Tenderness and Love

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    Live Radio Show on Wed. November 18, 2015 at 3pm Eastern - 2pm Central - 1pm Mountain - 12 noon Pacific

    Welcome to BlogTalkRadio's featured World of Ink Network. Listeners will get to meet author Ellen Cromwell and illustrator/artist Desiree Sterbini as they chat about their newly released picture book about a Hopi (pronounced: hope-ee) Indian girl who takes readers through many metaphorical doors to explore the different aspects that make each our lives: family, friendship, culture, education, creativity, and nature.

    TALASI... A Story of Tenderness and Love exposes children to new experiences as Talasi explores her native world and later the modern culture of the white man while holding to Native American beliefs and traditions.

    About our guests on the show:

    Author Ellen Cromwell is the founder of the Georgetown Hill Early Schools in Montgomery County, Maryland and has been an educator of young children since the 1970’s and is the author of early childhood professional texts and children’s books.

    Artist, Desiree Sterbini creates award-winning works with oil pastels and colored pencils on textured paper and board. Desiree received a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro and continues to study through workshops and studio classes. Her oil pastel paintings have been exhibited and featured throughout the DC metro area and nationally.

    The World Of Ink Network has endeavored to create radio shows geared toward excellence in the reading/publishing community. Our company has grown to a viral reach of nearly two million. If you'd like to be on our network or need commercial advertising, marketing and writing help, please visit our website http://worldofinknetwork.com

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    Kori Raishon - Wappinger Falls New York: Video Distribution & Marketing Owner

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    Kori Raishon


    Owner and conceptualist of Double EE Productions, LLC, a video distribution and marketing company dedicated to offering a webcast space for independent producers of color in film and television.

    This BIGthinking Entrepreneur out of  New York also has another passion in assisting the elderly and a challenged sibling.  

    Listen how he shares his work life balance with tips that you can use to become successful.




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    The Maya Akai Show (UNPLUGGED) featuring Comedian Nikki Brayden (9-23-2015)

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    OFFICIALLY KICK your Morning UP to the Midday with REAL, RELEVANT Talk....

    SOME of the TALK on TAP Includes: 

    WHAT'S TRENDING:  The Pope's US visit, A Driver’s License Won’t Get You Through Airport Security in some States, Volkswagen's worldwide deception &  Daraprim, the AIDS drug now $750 

     FOOD FOR THOUGHT:   L.A. declares emergency on homelessness & Minister Louis Farrakhan talks about how the Willie Lynch letter still applies 

    THE FRINGE:  Campus unrest after black student hangs Jim Crow style signs around university 

    WHAT WOULD NIKKI SAY??:  Nikki goes toe to toes with Dear Abby giving advice to wayward souls.. 

    CELBRITY TALK/ SIDEeye:  Is the Muppets show "perverted"? ‘Empire’s Lee Daniels Sued By Sean Penn & Seahawks Fans Want to Break Up Ciara, Quarterback

    JOIN THE CONVERSATION: Chat via the BTR Chatroom or Call/Comment @ 310.807.5211

    Get SOCIAL with the Show:
    Facebook/Twitter: @TheMayaAkaiShow @NikkiBrayden Instagram: @MayaAkai @TheNikkiBrayden


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    Join us 1st Saturday of the month to discuss Plant-Based Cooking & Living Information, how to support your spiritual journey as you support your body temple through your awakening process.

    Location: Blog Talk Radio

    Day: Thursdays

    Time: 11:00am - 11:30am PST

    Call in to speak with the host (646) 929-0765

    This is a BlogTalk FREE Internet Radio, designed with you in mind.



    A native of Chicago, Illinois, Chef Ifayomi (pronounced EE-fah-YO-me) is well known as an accomplished Vegan and Vegetarian Chef, Dancer, Fitness Instructor, Personal Trainer, Yogi and Holistic Health Professional. As creator of the BOOGALAFINI VEGAN...ORGANIC SOUL KITCHEN a Vegan & Vegetarian Personal Chef, Event Planning and Wellness Consultant Company, Chef Ifayomi is primarily a self-taught culinary professional with broad educational and on-the-job professional training and a long history of work experience in the restaurant and private food service industry. 

    Music by Julien Jett ....

    Share our upcoming events in Store and Live Stream.

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    You ever been embarrassed?  Honey Hush!  I'm sure you've been caught a time or two, cheating on your significant other, HONEY PLEASE!!!!  Do you see someone, you want to put your lips to their lips?  But you got somebody already???? H O N E Y    H U S H!!!   Did you have a relationship with someone and you guys broke up, only to realize that that person was the one, but you can't get them back now???  HH OO NN EE YY  (honey)  HH UU SS HH!!!!  Jay King will sometimes pop in from time to time - 347-205-9366.

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    Join Kristin Lee for a 1:1 Interview with Nini Grace

    in Spirituality

    Join Kristin Lee and Nini Grace this Tuesday, September 8, 2015 at 8pm EST for a live 1:1 interview about "Connecting to Angels & Deceased Loved Ones."  

    Nini Grace, Founder of The Enlightenment Center, is a Soul Healer, who utilizes all her life and educational experience as a Ordained Minister, International Medium, Spiritual Life Coach, Spiritual Teacher and Healer to help bring balance and harmony to her clients and the world around her.

    Most recently, Nini was acknowledged for “Your Big Beautiful Life” by Oprah Winfrey at The Life You Want Tour in Newark, NJ. Nini Grace has completed the Spirit Junkie Master Class Level One Training with Gabrielle Bernstein as well as being Certified in Lifeforce Energy Healing through The Deborah King Center.  You will also find Nini has been honored with being mentioned in Christopher Saint Booth’s, (Producer and Director for SYFY Channel and Chiller TV) newest book Paranoia for the exceptional work she did while on set of a Paranormal Documentary which took place at The Hinsdale House.

    In 2013 Nini was one of the few fortunate working mediums to be granted mentorship by the world renowned Medium Lisa Williams. Nini Grace has dedicated her life to cultivating and strengthening her intuitive abilities to gain insight into the afterlife. The core of Nini’s practice is helping others through her spiritual talents. Her ability to address her clients’ most delicate concerns with sensitivity and compassion has brought peace and comfort to many, while simultaneously utilizing these abilities in teaching and supporting her students with their personal spiritual growth, mind, body and soul.  


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    Naseer Ahmad (Ergon) discusses the Amanda Knox PR campaign +FOA

    in Current Events

    Naseer Ahmad (Ergon) an editor of The Murder of Meredith Kercher Wiki and Perugia Murder File, discusses the activities of a group called the Friends Of Amanda Knox who were behind her PR campaign.


    About FOA: 

    Interview with Kelsey Kay (Part 1)

    Interview with Kelsey Kay (Part 2)

    'Innocence Fraud is Real' Warns Crime Lab Report's Chief Managing Editor

    Websites that present a balanced view of the Murder of Meredith Kercher case:

    True Justice Meredith Kercher
    The Murder Of Meredith Kercher Wiki Site
    Perugia Murder File .org