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    The Journey of Chief Baba Oni Sango Adefunmi the Royal Sango to the King

    in History

    QueenMother4real Media continues the Journey of Chief Baba Oni Sango Adefunmi the Royal Sango to the King.  Call 347-989-0180 to hear her story and ask questions.  Chief Baba Oni Sango Adefunmi the Royal Sango to the King shares her experiences of  living in Yorubaland in America.  As a gift to Chief Baba Oni Sango Adefunmi we are asking all of our listening family to send a donation to rebuild the public Orisa Temple that was originated in NYC.  All donation can be sent through PayPal to the following email address: marygreenoyotungi@gmail.com

    Co-hosting with Her excellency is HE Igberohinjade Oludoye Sared Activist, Senior Priestess, Writer and Hostess of Youtube Videos about Nature, Spirituality and Oyotunji Villiage in Shelton, SC. Also Co-hosting isOlori OsunEde Olusegun, author of "Secrets That Little Girls Hide," Activist for child sexual abuse prevention and Founder of Ayo's Healing House a safe place for women and children traumatized by sexual abuse. QueenMother4real IyaAwofalola Darlene Dawson, MS, MSED, EdS founder of QueenMother4real Media and Co-Founder of Ifa House  of Worship formerly Yoruba House of Worship is the engineer and co-host as well

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    Pastor Val Scarbrough

    in Entertainment

    Val Scarbrough Pastor Val brings to the body of Christ a “John the Baptist” style of bold Word. Her unadulterated way of preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ cries loud and spares not. She is the wife of Pastor Eddie Scarbrough and they pastor Bringing the Word Forth Ministries, International together located in Charlotte NC. They have two beautiful daughters Nastajjia Fisher(Brandon) and Nycharzeke Acker (Roddrick), and five-grandchildren. In 1997 she found “Diamond Women Ministry”. A ministry designed to teach women in the body of Christ their self-worth and help them to find their God-ordained purpose in the earth as “Diamonds” of God. She is the founder /owner operator of “Valdespino Creations” & “EDS Inc”. She is an alumnus of the University of Alabama where her major was Broadcasting & Film Production and a minor in Clothing Textile and Design. She is also an alumnus of Herzing Institute Atlanta GA with a degree in Administrative Science and an alumnus of Professional Career Development Atlanta GA with a concentration in Paralegalism. Val and her husband have successfully owned and operated businesses since 1999 from Real Estate to 5-star salon. She is now writing and producing stage plays along with her husband bringing the message of transformation to the marketplace. Their first stage play “A Woman Touched Me” will premier November 21, 2015

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    Mentoring Monday from 4wordwomen.org with Kelly McDermott

    in Lifestyle

    An admired and respected business executive, Kelly McDermott has a 30 year accomplished record in building new lines of business and significantly improving corporate margins. She has been responsible for leading high impact teams at some of the world’s leading firms such as Bristol-Myers Squibb, Western International Media, Sprint and EDS. 

    Kelly successfully developed, launched and managed a global revenue leadership program that improved the skills and performance of client and business executives. She and her elite team of consultants were the driving force behind developing thousands of leaders in 45 countries which resulted in 5 consecutive years of strong revenue growth. 

    Kelly is an astute strategist with remarkable insight and clarity about what it takes to be successful. She has lead strategy development initiatives in several companies and has a demonstrated track record in the successful development and implementation of key business strategies in a variety of industries. She is a highly engaging speaker and facilitator that helps individuals link learning and new ideas with real world application. Her business acumen and ability to synthesize practical experience with a fresh outlook make for a rewarding and challenging exchange.

    This show is presented by Gracefully-Yours greeting cards and journals, America's favorite fine art inspirational products. Visit www.shop.gracefully-yours.com for more information on our Church Kitchen Ladies brand.

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    in Politics

    Hear Rep. Bill Otto and "the Lineball Sisters" discuss during the 2nd hour all manner of Kansas small town life after these news stories.

    Counterspin (30 min.)  See: http://fair.org/


    This week on CounterSpin: People around the world have been riveted by heartbreaking images of refugees fleeing Syria, as well as heartening ones of European citizens offering help and hospice. But if the pictures drive you to want to know more, don’t expect much help from US media, who are not that interested to get at the roots of the situation. We’ll talk about the Syrian refugee crisis with Raed Jarrar from the American Friends Service Committee.Internet activists fighting for net neutrality declared victory in February when the FCC ruled to consider broadband a public utility. So why are we now seeing op-eds declaring net neutrality in jeopardy? It seems confusing, and maybe that’s the idea. We’ll find out what’s going on from Tim Karr of the group Free Press.

    Free Speech Radio News (30 min.)  See: http://fsrn.org/

    Co-hosted during the second hour with Rep. Bill Otto, formerly of the 9th district, in the Kansas legislature listen in to conversations with "Traditional Republicans" who have lived small town life in Kansas across the generations.


  • The Rob Black Show

    in Politics Progressive




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    Employee Engagement and Retention Trends

    in Business

    Employee engagement and retention are core talent management building blocks and staying abreast of key trends and new approaches is important for HR professionals across disciplines.

    In this episode, we talk with Industry Expert, Chris Mulligan, from Talent Keepers, as he explains what the latest data is telling us about hot trends and those practices that are getting results, including what the “Best-in-Class” are doing to achieve strong results from their investment in employee engagement and retention.

    Chris has over 25 years of experience in the human resources industry, the majority of which has been in the employee engagement, selection, assessment and retention arena. Chris co-founded TalentKeepers in 2000, an organization dedicated to the issue of employee engagement and retention. TalentKeepers products have twice been recognized as “Top Training Products of the Year” by Human Resource Executive Magazine. TalentKeepers’ annual Employee Engagement and Retention Trends Survey is the largest and longest continually running research study of engagement and employee retention - and more than 800 US-based organizations participant in the study, representing every major industry and all regions of the country.

    Chris has worked with organizations including: Accenture, AT&T, BMW, Coke, EDS, GE & UPS. Prior to co-founding TalentKeepers, Chris was the VP of Business Development for AlignMark, a division of Thomson Rueters, a multi-billion dollar and leading global e-information and solutions company serving the business and professional marketplace. Chris is a member of the American Psychological Society and an Associate Member of the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology from the Florida State University, and a Master of Science degree in Industrial/Organizational Psychology from the University of Central Florida

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    Episode 98 (Overselling)

    in Sports

    Derick Schroeppel @schroepnuts joins Jonathan and Kyle on the podcast to talk about his podcast @OversellPodcast. Kyle reminices about professional wrestling and Jonathan begs the question of what is so good about pro-wrestling. The guys talk about the strart of traning camp and the state of the Buccaneers offensive line. After the break the Tom Brady denial is brought up and everyone gives their take on the recent "deflate-gate" developments. Jonathan and Kyle break down the Rays over the last couple of weeks and determine that the Rays do not suck. 

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    Medical Kidnap! 5 Children Taken!

    in Health

    Imagine that you are an experienced mother of 4 and have a new baby with a medical condition that predisposes her to fractures?

    You have all the medical evidence for EDS, low Vitamin D, expert opinions but the state comes in a KIDNAPS all your 5 children!!!   

    What would you do?!!

    On Monday, 6/15/15, at 8PM eastern, Dr. Jess Armine interviews Rebecca Wanosik. A few weeks after her birth, Rebecca took her daughter to see her regular pediatrician because she could feel her baby’s ribs “popping and cracking” when she touched her back. The pediatrician told the worried mother that the baby was perfectly healthy and not to be concerned about the noise. The baby later developed arm pain.

    A worried mother took her 2-month-old daughter to a doctor, looking for an answer to the baby’s mysterious arm pain.

    Little did she know, she would be leaving the hospital that day without her children, accused of child abuse.

    Subsequently, ALL of her children were kidnapped by the state of Missouri. With all the evidence the doctors refused to listen to Rebecca and they allegedly did not believe that her vitamin D levels had anything to do with her daughter’s bones, then accused the parents of abuse and took their children.  

    I have reviewed and confirmed the evidence myself. This should not be allowed!

    Join us as Rebecca tells her story and learn about EDS, low Vitamin D and the genetics that can predispose your child to a similar situation (I am told that Sterling Hill may make a cameo appearence to share with us about the relevant genetics...shhh! Its only a rumor) 

    See you then!  Dr. Jess   ;-)

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    in Health

    The story of how Shannon Rose overcame EDS (Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome), and made something of out of his life is one that captures perfectly the power of the human spirit when it’s driven to survive.Shannon’s childhood was anything but ordinary, as he spent counltess hours at doctors and hospitals treating his condition. At the age of 12 Shannon lost the use of both arms and his voice for a year.
    Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS), a disorder of connective tissue involving collagen mutations.There are six major types of EDS. All of them are under-diagnosed; an estimated 60-70% of the deadly Vascular EDS are undiagnosed entirely.
    Shannon recovered from the paralysis in his arms and regained his voice, and turned it to his signature sound which he utilizes as a Professional Wrestling Ring Announcer.At the age of 12 the Make-A-Wish Foundation granted Shannon his wish to meet WWF icon Hulk Hogan. At that meeting, Shannon also met “The American Dream” Dusty Rhodes and the legendary Gordon Solie.Together, they molded Shannon into the Professional Wrestling Ring Announcer he is today. He started his career at the age of 14.“When I was 12 years old, doctors said I’d be in a wheelchair and wouldn’t be able to do what other kids do. But the words ‘I can’t’ aren’t in my vocabulary.”“As EDS National Spokesperson, I feel it’s my duty to let people know about this rare illness and to let them know that it doesn’t have to be catastrophic.”

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    Night-Light/Spiritually Speaking With Guest Lynn Buess

    in Spirituality

    Lynn Buess, MA, EdS has been leading seekers into a deeper study and exploration of numerology for over fifty years.
     He brings a unique background to the understanding of numerology and the wellness process of self-growth. During his earlier years he studied multiple theories of esoteric and metaphysical subjects including eastern religion and philosophies, reincarnation, astrology, and yoga to mention a few. His academic years in pursuit of three degrees in Psychology took him into humanistic psychology, transpersonal psychology and parapsychology studies as well.
    His academic experience, along with personal studies, mystical events and glimpse into cosmic consciousness has given him an extraordinary perspective into the understanding of human psychology and behavior. As a onetime psychotherapist and alternative wellness practitioner, he utilized multiple healing modalities. Lynn is constantly seeking to apply the most efficient methods of healing and attainment of well-being.
    He served as a government investigator during his early adulthood. The duties of that position included conducting hundreds of background investigations for people obtaining military security clearances. Having this professional investigative background enables him to identify social and public issues that are frequently unrecognized or ignored by members of the general public.
    This unique and varied cornucopia of internal mystical experiences and external life circumstances is reflected in the vastly expanded viewpoint he brings to the field of numerology and his wellness professionalism. Lynn is able to examine numerical cycles and deftly apply them in analyzing individual intervals of life circumstance, or national and international events taking place in the world around 




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    The Free American

    in Education

    Clay Douglas Talks about THE NAMELESS WAR
    Here is the story that people have said would never be written in our time
    — the true history of events leading up to the Second World War, told by one who enjoyed the friendship and confidence of Mr. Neville Chamberlain during the critical months between Munich and September, 1939.
    There has long been an unofficial ban on books dealing with what Captain Ramsay
    calls "The Nameless War", the conflict which has been waged from behind the political
    scene for centuries, which is still being waged and of which very few are aware!

    Every American needs to understand that the entire national press is controlled, and is simply giving you the "news" you are supposed to have.  Very soon, all alternative sources of news, including this website, will be shut down.  That time draws ever closer. Please go to http://freeamerican.com and www.shop.freeamerican.com to order my books and the new Free American Magazines.

    "In order to put public opinion into our hands we must bring it into a state of bewilderment by giving expression from all sides to so many contradictory opinions and for such length of time as will suffice to make the [average person] lose their heads in the labyrinth and come to see that the best thing is to have no opinion of any kind, in matters political." [Protocol #5]