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    Ask the Editors w/ Taylor and Soward

    in Books

    You’ve got questions, they have answers! Join us as we offer a panel of experienced, energetic editors who will answer all your questions to the best of their ability. In addition to questions e-mailed in, during the live recording the phone lines are open. So call with your questions now 1-917-889-8080 Go ahead… Ask the Editors!

    Tonight's guest, Kenney Soward, has had experience with co-authoring and working with editors. Kenney is going to pick up where we left off last month with personal edits, writing with other authors, making changes asked by editors, and what to do after the edits are finished.

    Tonight's show is moderated by Jennifer K. Taylor, an active ML for NaNoWriMo for four years in North Carolina. She has been published in several anthologies, and is currently working on her first novel.

    Ask the Editors is produced by WON Radio as part of Writers Online Network (WON). More information about WON is available at www.writersonlinenetwork.com They can also be found on Facebook and Twitter by @writersonnet.

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    Episode 77: When Editors Chat with Patricia D. Eddy

    in Writing

    WE MADE IT! The saga of book 2 in the Elemental Shifter series is over! And we report on the results. We also discuss the concerns over writing a series, lore complications, and why sometimes we need a bit of pain to get us over the hump of growing as a writer. There's also a trend of "crappy" editors hanging shingles out there, and we discuss how to judge a good editor and make the right decision for your writing and project.

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    Episode 73: When Editors Chat with Patricia D. Eddy

    in Writing

    Oy, Patricia and I are burning up the podcast lines with our recent writing experiences. Patricia's working on her third round of editing (yes, third rewrite!), and her progress has been incredible. She's a master at honing her craft.

    Can people steal your creative work? How do you protect against such things? 

    Every wonder how to create your pitch or back cover blurb? We get into helpful tips and tricks to make the work easier.

    Listen in to what's quickly becoming everyone's favorite monthly episode...When Editors Chat.

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    Episode 68: When Editors Chat with Patricia D. Eddy

    in Writing

    It's an editor's soapbox kind of episode, gang. I've had a few thoughts about professional editors (and authors) to get off my chest, and I let loose! Tune in to hear something things that have been bothering me about those who call themselves "editors," the professionalism and craft of writing, and why we're all in this together. Also, Patricia just got back from Ireland, the setting in her next book in her werewolf series. We discuss setting and why it can be beneficial to actually visit your story's playground. 

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    Agents, Editors and Publishers: Are they Necessary?

    in Writing

    Hello everyone it's your favorite Urban Fiction  News Hosts K.C. Baylor and Santiago. We're here with another great topic, Agents, Editors and Publishers: Are they Necessary? The World Wide Web has opened up the world of publishing to just about everyone. Leaving industry insiders who were once the gatekeepers with a shaky future. We're here to discuss the necessity of these professionals. 

    We also have a very special guest the talented and awesome Ms. Aija Butler of AMB Branding. She's more than a graphic designer she's a beast at making some of the best covers around. She'll be on at 6:30 pm EST so stay tuned for her also. 

    If you'd like to ask a question, leave a comment or shout someone out give us a call @ 347-989-0235 and don't forget to 

    Follow for more Urban Fiction News, Reviews and Resources!!!


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    From Language to Polished Life: A Book Editors Advice!

    in Business

    Join us today for Women Lead Radio as Michelle Bergquist, your host of Women Who Lead, interviews Eve Gumpel, Professional Business Writer & Editor at Good Writing Matters.

    Eve understands the difficult process of writing a book, professional marketing material and other business related content. An editor’s viewpoint can aid you in correcting the grammar, style and flow of your writing, while retaining YOUR VOICE! Eve will share tips on how to polish your words and stand out above the crowd.

    Eve has more than 30 years of professional journalism experience. She writes and edits books and marketing materials for businesses to communicate with customers and clients, including website content, brochures, blogs, newsletters, press releases and bios.

    As the CEO and Co-Founder of Connected Women of Influence, Michelle Bergquist is a passionate advocate for women in business. At Connected Women of Influence, we believe that more women need to lead in business and everything we do is center-focused on designing platforms, programs, connections and collaborative opportunities for b2b women to prosper, succeed and lead the way in business today!

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    Guests:Carsten Kurpanek & Tyler Nelson/Editors/House of Cards/Gone Girl

    in Movies

    Carsten Kurpanek was born and raised in Germany and moved to Los Angeles in 2007 to pursue a career in film. In 2008 he was selected for the annual American Cinema Editors Internship - a program which he took over as co-director alongside Tyler Nelson in 2015. Carsten worked an assistant editor on films such as "Machine Gun Preacher", "The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo", and "World War Z", while editing shorts on the side ("CarJack", "Zombie Roadkill" etc.). In 2012 Carsten made the jump to feature editor with the drama-thriller "Squatters", starring Gabriella Wilde, Luke Grimes and Richard Dreyfuss. He then edited the indie dramas "Diving Normal", and "Fort Bliss", starring Michelle Monaghan and Ron Livingston. Carsten also co-edited Relativity's sci-fi adventure film "Earth To Echo".Tyler Nelson started his film career in 2005 after moving to Los Angeles from Colorado. A recent graduate of the University of Colorado, Tyler got his feet wet assisting for Kirk Baxter, ACE at Rock Paper Scissors, a commercial editorial house owned by Angus Wall, ACE.  In 2006 he was selected for the American Cinema Editors Internship, which he now serves as co-director with Carsten Kurpanek.  After the internship, Tyler jumped from commercials to feature films finding work as an assistant editor under Baxter and Wall on David Fincher’s last five projects including “Gone Girl”, “The Social Network”, and “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button”.  Still trying to get his foot in the door as feature editor, Tyler cuts short films on the side as well as editing the 2013 Grammy winning music video for Justin Timberlake’s “Suit & Tie”. You can email your questions to 123filmeasy@gmail.com or follow us on Twitter @123Film

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    Chatting With Sherri presents Wordfire Press Writers and Editors

    in Entertainment

    Wordfire Press Writers and Editors present their latest works; Aaron Michael Ritchey is the author of The Never Prayer and Long Live the Suicide King, both finalists in various contests. His latest novel,Elizabeth’s Midnight. 

    Mario Acevedo is the author of the bestselling Felix Gomez detective-vampire series which includes Rescue From Planet Pleasure from WordFire Press. His debut novel,The Nymphos of Rocky Flats, was chosen by Barnes & Noble as one of the best Paranormal Fantasy Novels of the Decade. 

    Vivian Trask has studied under Rebecca Moesta, Kevin J.   Anderson, Dave Farland and Peter J. Wacks. She is a member of the Editorial Freelancer's Association. When not editing, Vivian writes across all genres of speculative fiction, and especially loves weird westerns and science fiction. 



    Chatting With Sherri is now sponsored by Atelier Leseine  http://atelierleseine.com/ 

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    Episode 54: When Editors Chat, with Patricia D. Eddy

    in Writing

    Emotions...and editing. Not always what we think about when we jump into the revision process. Patricia Eddy and I both experience the highs and lows of emotions as editors and authors. We talk about how to frame the experience, why there's nothing wrong with you, and how to mitigate your response if you're someone who struggles when receiving critique.

    We also discuss about understanding your genre, the expectations of your audience, and why tropes can be both your friend and enemy. Let us know your thoughts and experiences!

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    Ask the Editors w/ Jacen and Kreiger

    in Books

    This show is open to any and all questions authors or readers have for editors. Host: Katherine Johnson

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    Ask the Editors w/ Butcher, Speakman, Prunkl, and Schizas

    in Books

    You’ve got questions, they have answers! Join us as we offer a panel of experienced, energetic editors who will answer all your questions to the best of their ability. In addition to questions e-mailed in, during the live recording the phone lines are open. So call with your questions now 1-917-889-8080 Go ahead… Ask the Editors!

    Tonight's panel of editors include:

    Becca Calloway Butcher is Managing Editor at Voluted Tales Magazine. She has two blogs, writes, reads, and reviews books and music. Becca has been writing stories since fifth grade. She lives in North Carolina and collects pin-up and classic car art.

    Arlene Prunkl of PenUltimate Editorial Services has over a dozen years of experience and 150 edited manuscripts to her credit. She provides top-calibre professional freelance editing, proofreading, manuscript consultation, and other editorial services to both self-publishing authors and those seeking traditional publication.

    Lea Schizas, publisher of the award-winning MuseItUp Publishing, which opened its doors in 2010, is best known as Mother Hen, not because she clucks but because she cares about authors.

    Chris Speakman is a born and bred Hamiltonian, of Ontario, Canada. She edits, reads, blogs, reads, reviews, reads, and then reads some more. Oh and there’s writing in there, lots and lots of re-writing.

    Host/moderator Wt Prater facilitates Ask the Editors the first Monday night of each month at 7pm central/ 8 pm eastern. Ask the Editors is produced by WON Radio as part of Writers Online Network (WON). More information about WON is available at www.writersonlinenetwork.org They can also be found on Facebook and Twitter @won_radio and @writersonnet