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    "The Law of Justice - Justice for All"

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    The desire for justice is almost universal. In our temporal world, wars are fought to liberate the oppresed. Great movements rise from the desire to free those who suffer injustice at the hands of tyranny.From this fundamental desire of God for His people, we are reminded of two basic truths: (1) Godis the ulmtimate judge of all, practicing pure justice in all His dealings with humanity and (2) God commands His people to practicace justice in all their dealings with one another as well as in the world around them.

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    Selfish Justice

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    Does your fight for justice stop once YOUR needs are met?

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    1.   In the News   2.   Public-Private Partnerships and Cybersecurity:   Academics and private sector officials talked about ways private companies respond to cyber threats. They focused on how they partner with law enforcement to protect their networks, and the role of private cybersecurity response firms.   Note:  “The Evolution of Public/Private Engagement” was a panel at the day-long symposium, “Cybercrime 2020: The Future of Online Crime and Investigations,” held by the Justice Department’s Criminal Division and the Georgetown Law Center at the Law Center’s Gewirz Student Center.   3.   Book Talk   4.   Listener Calls

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    1.   In the News   2/.   Glenn Greenwald talked about his book  -  (on Book TV) No Place to Hide: Edward Snowden, the NSA, and the U.S. Surveillance State, in which he discusses his meetings with National Security Agency (NSA) contractor Edward Snowden in Hong Kong, Mr. Snowden’s revelations about NSA spying, and the U.S. media’s reaction when the story broke. Mr. Greenwald spoke at the Sixth and I Historic Synagogue in Washington, D.C. 

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    Eva Westheimer - Center For Coalfield Justice

    in Environment

    Mountain Justice Spring Break 2015 will take place from March 7-14 at Natural Tunnel State Park in Southwestern Virgina. The hands-on event (register here) is where environmental justice issues collide with workshops, site visits, speaker panels, community service and movement building.

    Talkupy with Annie Lindstrom welcomes Eva Westheimer, Community Organizer for the Center for Coalfield Justice, to the show on Tuesday Feb. 24 at 11 am Eastern time. We will discuss the upcoming Mountain Justice Spring Break. And Eva will give us an update on efforts to: stop Mountain Top Removal and other forms of extreme coal mining, raise awareness of these devastating practices and encourage clean energy and alternatives to surface mining.

    Click ont he following links for more information and contact information: Eva Westheimer Twitter & Facebook, Center for Coalfield Justice, Mountain Justice. Please follow @Talkupy_Radio on Twitter and check out Talkupy.net for archives and more.

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    Ecological Spirituality

    in Judaism

    In Judaism, one of G-d’s names is Hamakom, “The Place.” To have a conscious relationship with G-d, one must have a deep understanding of place. On the one hand, this means perceiving the place where one stands as part of The Place. On the other hand, one cannot fully grasp where one stands until one understands the miraculous workings of the earth that lies, quite literally, beneath our feet at whichever place we find ourselves.

    Jeremy Benstein, a leading expert on Judaism and the Environment, has written,

    “Deeply rooted local environmentalism begins with the knowledge and caring that can only come from that natural sense of place, including the technical knowledge and familiarity with the ecology of one’s ‘bio-region,’ as well as a spiritual connection and sense of belonging. which informs a cultural language and perspective that shapes and is shaped by that place.”

    Simply put, our understanding of The Place enriches our appreciation for our place. And a deep understanding of our place helps us approach The Place.

    On Wednesday night, Feb. 11, after minyan at 8 PM we will explore how theology and ecology are intricately, and elegantly, interwoven. Please join us.

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     1.   In the News   2.   Daniel Webster, director of Johns Hopkins University’s Center for Gun Policy and Research, talked about his book, Reducing Gun Violence in America. This interview was part of Book TV’s College Series.   3.  Book Talk    4.  Listener Calls

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    Make JUSTICE Reign!

    in Social Networking

    A system of Justice will be better than what we have.

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    Episode 1: Restorative Justice

    in Culture

    I sit down with lawyer, social worker and fellow Evanstonian, Betsy Lehman Levisay, to discuss personal perspectives and examples of Restorative Justice in action. We touch upon youth violence, the school-to-jail pipeline, alternatives for juvenile offenders, and how the Restorative Justice philosophy brings communities together. Using her education and experience in social work and law, Betsy Lehman Levisay discusses why the "skies parted" when she discovered Restorative Justice. Restorative Justice is more than a tool employed by police; it also serves as a community-building tool when used in nearly every setting, bringing a deeper sense of understanding and empathy to members of any community. This podcast was generously brought to from The Studios at Evanston S.P.A.C.E. For upcoming shows and performances, go to EvanstonSpace.com. Thanks for listening.

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    Rose Colombo N The Justice Club

    in Current Events

    Join Rose Colombo N The Justice Club every MWF from 9am - 10:30 am pst and 12p - 1:30p est - for the latest up-dates on a myriad of poitical topics with special guests and authors from time to time as well as commentary, opinions, and suggestions on how to fight back peacefuly, legally, and constitutionally against the elements within the justice system, constitutional issues, health, legal, custody, divorce, elderly, and much more....online wordlwide - call in or listen in online or podcasts - for archived shows visit www.rose4justice.co

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    The NLP View: Psychotherapeutic Patterns & NLP For Ecological, Holistic Change

    in Psychology

    Health, Fitness and Wellbeing are three commonly heard and fort for prospects. It is believed that personal fitness is one of the keys to a long, happy and healthy life. Physical fitness certainly provides increased energy, vitality, strength and flexibility, which also improve an individual's mental fitness. An increased level of concentration is experienced, many people have more stamina and a greater readiness to meet life's challenges. These are achieved through consistent exercise and healthy life practices rather than through “quick fixes/fad diets.” Fitness is a result of personal congruence, respecting the value of the body, and the mind and body link. Listen to this segment of The NLP View Radio Show, as host, Donna Blinston, R.N. is joined by, Psychotherapist, Paul Andrew who is a Master Practitioner of NLP, clinical Hypnotherapist and Physical Training Instructor. Paul will discuss how he uses Psychotherapeutic patterns and NLP in Breakthrough Bootcamps and fitness sessions for ecological, holistic change.

    Today’s show is sponsored by RamVPN.com, the leading provider of next-generation online anonymity and VPN security solutions.  Their architecture is unique, tamper-safe, and 100% guaranteed.  They even accept BitCoin! Listeners of The Organic View Radio show can receive a special discount by using the coupon code orgview! Enjoy a 15% off discount for 3 month and 6 month personal plans.

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