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    Speak Live Nation w Cedric Nettles- Singer/Songwriter Gianna

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    Humble and hungry Gianna joins me on Speak Live Nation to discuss her new song she just dropped"Baby,it's you."



    Popmatters.com raves - “Baby, It’s You” features some wonderfully rich production that evokes the late 1980s as cleverly as Carly Rae Jepsen, wicked R&B groove underscoring a track that’s as ebullient as it is catchy."  


    "Baby, It's You is a love song about that person that every single time you see them or speak with them... "they" give you ALL the feels," mentions, Gianna.  The song was written by Gianna, Anthony Saunders and Onree Gilland produced by Anthony Saunders and Onree Gill.  "Baby, It's You" will be available on iTunes on August 28th and can be pre-purchased on iTunes now - http://itunes.apple.com/album/id1029982244?ls=1&app=itunes.


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    in Politics Conservative

    The White Flags

    Pax Americana

    Will the tea parties sink Mumbles?

    Barnhardt Blockbuster and More Ebullient Positivity

    As the World Burns

    What's the pundit writing about?

    Blurbs from the Almighty One - Aug 12

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    A Talk with Canadian Idol winner Theo Tams

    in Lifestyle


    Join Mandy Goodhandy and co-host Todd Klinck as they chat with Theo Tams:

    Ppop singer, songwriter, international performer and Gemini Award-nominated final Canadian Idol champion (class of 2008)

    You can hear it in his ebullient and electrifying self-penned pop songs: whether it’s the piano-driven romance of the energetic “Stay;” the entertaining “Steal Your Love Away” or the pining “When You’re Not Around, it’s a live wire sound that seems to boast an extra spark or two.

    Prior to Canadian Idol, Tams, who plays trumpet and piano, lived in the Lethbridge suburb of Coaldale, (population 7493), and a strict, religious household, where he taught himself to write songs.

    “I think that writing just became my vice,” he admits. “I tended to write about everything, the majority of my songs from personal experience.”

    Influenced by Sarah McLachlan, Jann Arden and the team of Bryan Adams and Jim Vallance, Tams – who scored a No. 1 AC hit  here with Ali Slaight for their charity duet “Do You Hear What I Hear?” –is ready to introduce Theo 2.0.

    “I’m much more aware of who I am not only as an artist, but as a person, and I feel that this music is the best I’ve ever created. I’m eager to share it with the rest of the world.”


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    Delicious, Sustainable Seafood Cooking with Barton Seaver

    in Cooking

    Meet the passionate and ebullient master chef Barton Seaver, champion of sustainable fishing, simple cooking and delectable eating. Barton is a National Geographic Fellow and an influential voice in the locavore movement. His TV series, In Search of Food, focuses on local farmers, chefs, and food specialists. In this first book, For Cod and Country, Barton introduces an entirely new kind of casual cooking featuring seafood that hasn’t been overfished or harvested using destructive methods.He'll give you tips on how to shop for fish, what fish are endangered and good substitutions. He's put together a great Seafood Decision Guide available for free on the National Geographic website at: natgeoseafood.com.

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    The Brilliance of Positive Thinking

    in Lifestyle

    On Quantum Coherence Radio, we are joined by the ebullient motivational speaker, Melanie Mills. We will explore why some people are more optimistic than others, whether a feeling of optimistim can be cultivated and developed over time, and how a person's overall outlook on life predicts the events of one's life. Grasp onto a positive thought today and watch it ripple outward into increased prosperity and more harmonious experiences. For more about Melanie, please visit www.melaniemills.com

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    Tribal Chat with Jennifer Duchene

    in Self Help

    Jennifer Duchene is a product of her own life experiences, growing up in South Africa in a home where entertaining was an everyday occurrence, style was absorbed, observed, and adored.
    Jennifer completed the FIDER accredited Interior and Environmental Design Program at UCLA, where she served on the Student body, implementing new ideas for the program that are still in place. She is also an accredited member of IRIS (Interior Redesign Industry Specialists), and the founder of its Bay Area chapter, now in its 4th year.
    After several life and job changes, Duchene studied Redesign and started her own business, focusing on helping her clients create delicious spaces with what they already owned?spaces that allow women to love themselves, combining design aesthetics and the essence of the woman inside the room. Jennifer believes that the way we live is more important than where we live. Quality and style come from within. Surround yourself with people and things you love. Live in the moment. Clients have called Duchene an excellent listener, highly creative with the ability to mix odd elements and to be flexible in guiding them to a fuller, richer space to live in, while honoring their collections and tastes.
    Jennifer is a lifelong learner, with a love of sharing knowledge in a witty, ebullient way. To her, everything is fascinating. Duchene has come to realize the importance of pulling together her talents to create spaces that honor women, giving them room not only to breathe, but to fly.
    Jennifer’s interests include reading, writing, entertaining, traveling, taking photographs, walking, and spending time in her own Chic Cocoon.

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    Interview w/ Beverly Adams, Producer, GMC TV, THE CHANGERS

    in Women

    On Wednesday, Oct. 17, “The Changers” makes its debut to gmc TV. It is a new positive, reality series dedicated to making dreams come true. The show premieres as part of GMC TV’s salute to Breast Cancer Awareness month, as “The Changers” chronicles the life of a young, ebullient Santa Barbara, Calif. Couple named Kurt and Jessica, who met and fell in love when Jessica’s breast cancer was in remission. Shortly after their engagement, the couple learned that Jessica’s cancer was back at stage four. Despite the terrible news, the couple’s wish was to enjoy a dream wedding and honeymoon. In the show, a “Helper” named Scott enters the picture to assist with the wedding plans. What audiences learn is that Scott is a marriage averse, adventure seeking surfer who was nominated by friends and family to be thrust smack in the middle of the event as an assistant wedding planner. Though he was hesitant to help at first, once Scott learns
    of Jessica’s illness, he helps create a dream wedding for Kurt and Jessica.

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    Red Fez Radio #3

    in Entertainment

    Special guest Misti Rainwater-Lites, Ebullient poet, writer, and artist extraordinaire.

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    Life's A Gift~Open IT*

    in Caregiving

    Greetings everyone ~ here we are with another exciting MindYourBody&Spirit worldwide radio show :>* and YOU are the reason our mission of 24+ yrs continues to GROWWW in amazing ways ~ THANK YOU & we appreciate that you are spreading the word to the world so that more & more people can benefit from the indepth iinformation that is shared on the show...Our Interview today is with >
    Leah Guy, ebullient holistic and inspired living expert, as well as a TV and media producer, CEO of A Girl Named Guy Productions - currently Hosting and Producing celebrity talk-show Who's on Deck from NY. Leah is also the Editor of the popular online magazine, ModernSage and author to the monthly column Sage Advice, the book Life's a Gift...Open IT and her popular ebook, Sexy Secrets to Radiant Beauty, Naturally. You can watch her wellness programming at www.leahguy.com, her entertainment shows at www.whosondeck.tv and lots of hot health topics at www.modernsage.com.
    Life IS truly a Gift ~there is a saying that I lov & it is...Life is a Gift given to us ~ What we do with this amazing Gift...is our Gift back to the Creator & the world."
    Looking forward to having you all join us Feb. 24th to meet Leah ~ another awesome person living her Purpose~ what FUN it is*
    To reach MindYourBody&Spirit feel free to call 216-533-2273    marchiacm@yahoo.com   www.healthyreferral.com

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    Forbes Riley - Spinning Her Way to Success

    in Health

    Please join host Elizabeth for a special hour show with guest Forbes Riley.
    National Fitness Hall of Fame inductee 2010 Forbes Riley is an award-winning TV host, author, highly sought-after spokesperson, motivational keynote speaker, and life coach to celebrities and CEOs. She has helped millions take positive action in their own lives by sharing her passion for and unshakeable belief in the impact a healthy lifestyle can make in your life.
    Forbes has been featured numerous times on Fox, The Doctors and countless morning talk shows across the country. A regular presence on QVC for almost 15 years, and now on HSN for the past 6 years, Forbes is known for selling her own line of branded lifestyle products including SpinGym® and Love My Body® fitness active wear. Her ebullient personality, charm and sincerity have contributed to her becoming known as "the Julia Roberts of infomercials."

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    Living the Joy... Series Ep5: How to Feel Your Way to Joy

    in Lifestyle

    Join us for the Living the Joy Series, 15 minute "shorts" to raise up your Joy-o-meter
    Today's guest, Stephanie Beeby is known as a Soul Whisperer... and she really does call to and connect with others on a soul-level. It's her unique SOUL expression that we'll talk about and experience as she shares how she FEELS her way to JOY in her body, thoughts, actions, guidance, connections, business and well, just about everything! ... and How You Can Too.
    About Stephanie Beeby, in her own words:
    "Ultimately, my message is about assisting others in honoring and hearing their own inner voice. To trust what is calling to them and have the courage to BE it. I am also about supporting partnership, unity and collaboration as new business paradigms for success. I believe we all have an agreement to fulfill with our own soul's calling and as we continue to lead with that map that is within us, then we will Divinely be guided on the journey, we call living."
    Find out more about Stephanie and her ebullient joy at http://www.StephanieBeeby.com
    Follow the show, visit: SoulfulLivingbyDesign.com