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  • 02:01

    DISORDERLY CONDUCT - Labor Day Weekend Special

    in Dreams

    Sunday show with VITB and special co-host AnonAgent007. The world has Eastwooding Fever. Tomorrow is National Empty Chair Day. To celebrate, Vince has been landing exclusive interviews with famous invisible people. Last night Vince had a special invisible guest: Invisible Billy Dee Williams! Tonight another surprise invisible guest joins Vince in studio. Open lines. Call in!!!

  • 02:06

    DISORDERLY CONDUCT - Saturday Night Special

    in Dreams

    Random show on a Saturday night, open lines. Let's talk!

  • 01:05

    C.A.E. Presents: THE RUST PIT - Episode 7.5

    in Pop Culture

    One half of THE RUST PIT, Sir Doofin, is busy getting his nuptials on tonight, so the Con Artist Network is replaying a recent episode from the show's archives. On this broadcast, he and Clay rant about YOLO, "Eastwooding," Gangnam Style, lament Romney's missed fundraising opportunities, and reveal their new game show, "Well, That's Just, Like, Your Opinion, Man."
    Featured music:
    Thiaz Itch -- "Bubblin' Pipe" & "Bonjourn" (courtesy of freemusicarchive.org)
    Autumn After Dark -- "Just Stay" & "Be My Fire"