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    CRITICAL CONVERSATIONS: Guests Fred Karger on SCOTUS; Dr. Brent Eastwood on ISIS

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    Guests include Fred Karger, political consultant, gay rights activist on the SCOTUS pass on marriage equality and the upcoming mid-term elections. Dr. Brent M. Eastwood, founder of GovBrain, Inc. that automatically predicts financial market prices based on government and political events on ISIS impact on economyy.  Gayle Falkenthal returns to talk about the new falls shows, including Walking Dead being picked up for another season.

    CommDigiNews Hour Critical Conversation's is a product of Communities Digital News and Blog Talk Radio. Featuring host, Editor in Chief for Communities Digital News Lisa Ruth, a former CIA Intelligence Analyst and Senior Political Editor, microbiologist and economist Dr. James Picht.

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    From the new E! hit reality show, "Mrs. Eastwood & Company," Francesca Eastwood will join me to talk about her busy life as reality show star, celebrity photographer (and boyfriend) Tyler Shields' muse, college student, and daughter of arguably one of the greatest cinematic icons of this generation, Academy Award-winning actor/director, Clint Eastwood.   Opinionated and artistic, the 19-year old Francesca Eastwood, is daughter of actress Frances Fisher and Clint, but also calls Dina Eastwood “mom.” A bit of a free spirit and an adventure seeker, Francesca is in a serious relationship with her 29-year old boyfriend, famed celebrity photographer Tyler Shields. She is his muse; he is her passion. Deeply in love, the couple has been together since 2011 and as a result, Francesca’s world and her relationships are changing. Fully embracing her new-found freedom as a young adult living on her own in Los Angeles, Francesca is currently enrolled at USC, but believes that life’s biggest lessons happen through experience and not in a classroom. The rebellious blonde likes to travel, try new things and appreciates the finer things in life, including high-end fashions.   E! cameras follow the surprisingly relatable daily life of super-mom Dina Eastwood as she juggles the ups and downs of an impressionable teenage daughter, Morgan, struggles with her skepticism of Francesca’s older and rebellious boyfriend,  planning family vacations, organizing school carpools, and getting dinner on the table. Dina has also taken on a true passion project by virtually adopting the band Overtone, and spending her very limited spare time preparing this group of handsome, wide-eyed young men for possible life-changing opportunities.  www.eonline.com/shows/mrseastwoodandco/

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    What Clint Eastwood Had To Say About Business

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    Take 5 minutes from your busy business day and listen to expert business advice to grow and improve your business with Howard Lewinter.

    In today's 5 Minute Business Strategy Howard talks about: What Clint Eastwood Had To Say About Business.

    CEOs, presidents, founders, business owners across America trust Howard Lewinter's business advice to solve business problems, increase business profits and live their entrepreneurial dreams of running a successful business with less stress.

    For more business tips, follow Howard on Twitter: @HowardLewinter.


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    Conspiracy This Week on Vinny Eastwood Show

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    Be sure to tune into my stream for the best in conspiracy
    talk radio and a little music too!
    Conspiracy This Week host David Boyle is interviewed on American Freedom Radio's Vinny Eastwood Show. Vinny Eastwood returns the favor and interviews me on his popular daily radio show, The Vinny Eastwood Show. If you like Conspiracy This Week please be sure to follow and spread the word!!! Cheers

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    DJ REB featuring Comedian Beach Eastwood

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    DJ Reb featuring Comedian Beach Eastwood

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    Conspiracy This Week Vinny Eastwood Interview

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    Conspiracy This Week Interviews Vinny Eastwood
    If you would like to donate to the Conspiracy This Week show please forward to paypal account  david.boyle@sympatico.ca Vinny Eastwood Bio:
    Vincent Eastwood (AKA MR. NEWS) was born in the ominous year of 1984 The same year set out in Orwell's masterpiece and the year of New Zealand's neo-liberal economic reforms. After working in the telecommunications industry he quit when he noticed that when he lied to the customer the companies profit margins went up. Unable to work or have an employer in the conventional sense Vincent went out with frustration at the mainstream media and began to make his own news by interviewing activists about real issues that truly affect New Zealand and the world. The idea is to get the activists who live and breathe the issues and are not bound by corporate or political parties to be the pundits, reporters and watch-dogs on the multi-faceted agendas of the global elite right here at home. He hopes to one day be part of an alternative media revolution that will replace the mainstream media with something that's relevant.
    Check out the video at:

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    MRI-clent eastwood

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    Tonight we MRI- "Clent Eastwood" and listen to his new track  "Flush it" & why you should vote for him in the UrbanHipHopAwards
    We have been: Nominated for "The Best Radio Show" please vote http://thetchiphopawards.com/Vote_Now.html

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    Wales Actor and Fisherman Julian Lewis Jones

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    Julian Lewis Jones, actor and keen Welsh fisherman, shares what it was like growing up on an island. Julian was drawn to sea fishing at an early age and his passion and love for all things “fishy” continues to this day! He reveals the best places to fish around Cardiff and gives a story about his fresh catch for actor/director Clint Eastwood. All this and more when we interview Julian Lewis Jones on this episode of Travel Today with Peter Greenberg from the National Museum of Wales in Cardiff, UK. 

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    Up Close& Personal with Bassist / Composer "Kyle Eastwood"

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    Prolific Bassist/Composer Kyle Eastwoodchannels his earliest Jazz influences on The View From Here,
    available March 12 on JazzVillage

    It has been 15 years since bassist Kyle Eastwood burst onto the jazz scene with his 1998 debut, From There To Here. At that moment in his budding career, the press seemed more preoccupied with his paternal lineage (he’s the son of famed actor-director Clint Eastwood) than his music. Over the course of the four subsequent releases – 2004′s Paris Blue, 2005′s Now, 2009′s Metropolitan and 2011′s Songs from the Chateau – Eastwood built up an impressive body of work while earning respect in musician circles. With his sixth release as a leader, The View From Here on the JazzVillage label, he demonstrates a strong command of both electric and upright basses while expanding into more adventurous territory that is informed as much by jazz as it is by world music. “I’ve always loved music from other countries,” says the Carmel, California native who has resided in Paris for the past eight years. “Living in France, you hear a lot of North African and Middle Eastern music, and you can hear some of those influences on this new recording.”

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    REELTalk W/DaDirector: Who are your TOP 5 Directors of all time?

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    REEL TALK  with Da Director

    Show order

    8:05 – weekend recap

    Show Topic(s) – TOP 5 /Bill Cosby update/ Sony Leak scandals

    8:15pm Previews/Review

    Film – Top 5

    Star(s)- Chris Roc, Rosario Dawson

    Director- Chris Rock

    Producer/Studio- Paramount



    A comedian tries to make it as a serious actor when his reality-TV star fiancée talks him into broadcasting their wedding on her TV show

    8:30pm-  Topic 1 Top 5 Directors of all time
















    Break (song)


    9:00pm – Bill Cosby Scandal Update

    9:15pm TV Shows Recap

    Sons of Anarchy Finale

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    APR Night at the Movies

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    APR Night at the Movies

    Wednesday, November 12, 2014, 8:00 PM Eastern Time

    Calling all Patriots!

    We invite you to join us for a special AmericanPatriotRadio.com event sure to help you get over the midweek hump.  This Wednesday we are doing our first “Wednesdays at the Movies”

    This Wednesday and every Wednesday we will be presenting full length feature films that have been formatted with audio description for the visually impaired and specially adapted for radio. This once again restores radio back to its full potential as theater of the mind.

    This week’s presentation will be the Clint Eastwood classic Heart Break Ridge.

    We do issue the following warning:

    We are presenting this film as education, entertainment, and as a Veterans Day tribute to the many men and women, past and present, who have served our nation with honor and distinction.

    We need to let the listener know that:  This film is a gritty portrayal of the attitudes and discipline required to train and motivate an effective fighting force. 

    And as such , some of the language is frank, gritty, and as you would expect

    may not be appropriate for children or those who may find such language offensive.

    That all being mentioned it will be our pleasure to present this classic film.

    Plan to join us but we need to let you know:

    We won’t be selling popcorn at the door you need to bring your own! LOL

    See you at the movies.

    Scribd doc direct link:


    Bud url shortened tracked link for Nov 12 Wednesday Night at the Movies:


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