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    Gretchen Goldsmith: The Easter Story

    in Current Events

    How much do you really know about the Easter story and Christ’s death and resurrection? Join us on The River Monday at 11 AM Pacific for new insights from Gretchen Goldsmith the publisher at Rose Publishing.

    Do we know why the hill where Jesus was crucified was called Golgotha, the Place of the Skull?
    How long did Jesus know that Judas would betray him?
    Did Jesus warn his disciples that he would die? If so, why didn’t they believe him?
    What role did Jesus himself have in the timing of the crucifixion?
    Why was his sacrifice necessary?

  • The Voice of Hope: Easter Music

    in Christianity

    Join us today as pause from our usual programming to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ in song! Our musical praise time will be uninterrupted by teaching for half an hour as we remember and thank God for the gift of forgiveness and new life in His Son Jesus. Sit back and think on Him. Blessed Easter, dear friends.

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    Gems of Wisdom-Easter in Song

    in Spirituality

    Join Teresa Maron and co-host Lauren Santerre for the stories of Brigid’s Place, as God transforms the hearts, minds, and lives of women today. 

    Our Guests today created Original Music for Easter in Memory of Her, presented April 4, at Christ Church Cathedral, in Houston Texas.

    Becky Baxter and  Sonja Bruzauskas will share their story of how they bring to life, with music and song, this play that celebrates and remembers  the women who followed Jesus  to Jerusalem and stood beside him, enduring the sorrow of the cross.

     Christ Church Cathedral

    1117 Texas Avenue Houston, Texas


    We fund the program, with donations only. Please consider these options.     DONATE HERE

    Become a funding sponsor, or,

    Provide a Sister or Brother Gift in memory or honor of the women you love.

    These stories celebrate Creative and Abundant Living in all religions, communities and forms of spirituality.

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    Kings and Priests: Satanic Symbols of Easter.

    in Religion

    Should Easter Bunnies, Easter eggs, hot cross buns be included in the resurection story of Jesus Christ.

    They shouldn't but they are. Come a found out how evil this pagan (satanic) symbols really are, And why she not include this in the rememberance of Christ's resurection.


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    MLP Easter/Spring Special 3/30/2015

    in Hobbies

    OH yes its that time of the year.  Here comes the Easter Bunny, flowers start blooming*looks out window to see the snow on the ground* well in some places that is.  Yes its Easter and spring time.  Come and join us as we skip through the spring/Easter ponies of all generations.  

    Yes we realize that not everyone celebrates Easter but I know we all love spring.  We will be talking about ponies whom remind us of this time of the year, and no we won't be cliche and only do spring/Easter exclusives.  

    Also join us for our wacky conversations.

    Please note that we maybe late in starting our topic due to issues beyond our control.  If co-hosts are not yet at their computers or we get distracted please bare with us.  We are not always perfect.  PONY HUGS.

    Also if we continue to be off topic we will change the topic of the show to reflect that.  Also we don't take random callers due to the issues we have had with random people in the chat rooms.  We keep this a family friendly show and want to keep it that way.

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    Easter Seals - support services

    in Women

    Join me as I talk with Lynn Boyd, Director of Personal Support Services for Easter Seals in North Texas. We'll be talking about the services that Easter Seals offers to support caregivers and their loved ones with disabilities. 
    Lynn can be reached at: 
    Easter Seals North Texas

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    Isn’t Easter A New Kind of Passover?

    in Religion

    Easter, even if not celebrated worldwide, is recognized as a religious holiday worldwide.  Passover on the other hand is relatively unknown in many areas of the world.  However, because Jesus is associated with both Easter and Passover, some people believe Easter is the  new or reformed version of Passover.  Do you want to know the truth about Easter and Passover?  If so, tune in to our discussion in the Virtual Living Room of The Body of Christ Church. 

    We air programs on Blog Talk Radio at the following times: Sun 2:00pm, Tue 8:00pm, Wed 7:00pm, Fri 7:00pm & Sat 9:00am.  All times are Eastern Standard Time.

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    The Simple Joy of Easter Recipes Easy Egg Bake

    in Moms and Family

    Easter morning can be hectic. The kids want to hunt for eggs & candy. You need to get everyone ready to go to church. And, it's probably a good idea to give everyone a nutricious breakfast before diving into those Easter baskets & heading out the door! How do you find the time to prepare breakfast, let alone eat it?

    Betty Crocker to the rescue with some help from Jean Ann! In this episode, Jean Ann share a simple recipe for egg casserole that includes Bisquick, Tater Tots & BACON! As if that isn't enough, you can make this recipe the day before, put it in the fridge, then bake the next morning.

    This is also perfect for after church brunch! You can find a link to this recipe by clicking HERE!

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    Ishtar Eggs? The Goddess Origins of Easter

    in Spirituality

    In this episode of The Goddess Diaries Radio, discover the Goddess origins of Easter customs. Many of the traditions and rites we practice today come to us from ancient customs that have their roots in Goddess worship -- and Easter is one of the main fertility rites. 

    Ishtar's lesson: care for the yoni like the world depends on it!   

    The Goddess Diaries Radio empowers women to remember their/they're magic! Listen in to hear messages of moon magic, Goddess lore and occasional tips for getting in touch with your womanly instincts! To sign up for the newsletter: http://eepurl.com/XW6hX 


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    The Mystery Of Babylon, Easter The Mother Of Baal

    in Christianity

                                                                           2 Corinthians6:15-16

    Easter has a Husband & Lord by the name of Baal, Baalim, Belial, Bel or Baalzebub which all equal up to the name Satan, you know the Devil. These name are adversaries to Jesus Christ & the Christian, so why are we worshiping something that we suppose to stay away from or hate. I'm very confused church on how we are making a allegiance with someone who is trying to condemn our soul getting us to turn on our Lord & Saviour Jesus Christ through worshiping another jesus, doctrine & spirit. 2 Corinthians 11: 4, 2 Corinthians 11: 13-15.

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    Martydom, Easter the Abomination of the Church

    in Christianity

                                                                      Acts 12: 1 -5

    Easter=Eostre whch is named Ostara who was a Anglo-Saxon Goddess but comes from the Ancients such as Semiramis, Inanna, Ishtar,Isis, Astare, Asharoth, Queen Of Heaven, Diana & Mother Mary. There are many more names for the Easter Goddesses depending upon which country was worshipping her.Easter has nothing to do with Passover people and it never will becuse it was all a Fable, in which, God warned us about. If you celebrate Easter you are worshipping Semiramis the Wife of Nimrod & the Babylonian Queen, a she Devil. The tradition that  ministers in the Pulpit knows this also they just choose to keep a tradition that God is very much against. Jeremiah 44: 4 -30

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