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    in The Bible

    JOSHUA 24:15: " And if it seem evil unto you to serve the LORD? Choose you this day whom ye shall serve," !!!!!!!!

    The origin of Easter: (eastre or eostre). Easter is a Northern European pagan holiday for a pagan goddess named eastre, we call it easter. The earthly symbol of the goddess (eastre), is the rabbit, which is also the  symbol of the goddess of fertility. Again, the easter egg and the easter bunny is a part of the worship of the goddess of fertility, (eastre, easter, eostre). The evil practice of the pagan easter celebration that no one speaks of is their ceremony of human sacrefice.

    RESURRECTION SUNDAY : Is the most important Christian celebration of the year because of it's significance to the CROSS. We celebrate the resurrection of CHRIST 3 days after His crucifixtion. This HOLY day is vitally and centrally significant to the Cross and what CHRIST did for us. His persecution, His crucifixtion and His resurrection!!

    **JESUS LAID DOWN HIS LIFE FOR US. Not the PAGAN!! goddess eostre, nor was it the easter bunny. Amen.

    ROMANS 6:4
    1 CORINTHIANS 15:17
    JOHN 3:16
    ROMANS 10:9-10
    EZEKIEL 14 chapter: The LORD said "should I be inquired of at all by them? v 3. And in vs 4, the LORD said he will answer him that cometh according to the multitude of his idol. OOPS!!
    1 CORINTHIANS 10:7
    LEVITICUS 26:1
    ACTS 17:11




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    in Spirituality

    Welcome to a powerful  show, blackisrael96 is your host, tonight, question? is the PASSOVER!  the true holy of GOD! ? or is the LIE! of many so call negro churches and WHITE  AMERICA have you to believe that EASTER, BUNNY, EGG ,CANDY, is your holy day! on 2-27-2015 at 1100pm-1130pm est call 347237-4048 to listen in or online. Blackisrael will breakdown the lie that, America, brainwashed so call negroes,puerto ricans,north american indians,mexicans, haitians,west indies to believe in fake,  holy day like  easter, bunny ,egg ,blackisrael will break down in  the holy bible ,what is the true  HOLY DAY OF GOD and CHRIST.  The holy bible truly show us what holy dayCHRIST  did, question again what holy day  did  CHRIST  do??/ PASSOVER or EASTER BUNNY,CANDY.SUNDAY SCHOOL? For this powerful join blackisrael friday night!!! for this ANSWER!!!!!  If you LOVE your kids and family dont LIE! to them,about the true holy! day that ( king james 1611 holy bible)  does reveal!! clearly!

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    Clio Express: A Conversation with Bunny Sigler

    in Lifestyle

    Walter "Bunny" Sigler is a product of Philadelphia.  He is a legendary pop and R&B songwriter and record producer who has done extensive work with the team of Kenny Gamble and Leon Huff, and who was instrumental in creating the “Philly Sound” genre of music in the early 70’s. 

    He has worked with most of the artists associated with Philadelphia International like The O’Jays, The Roots, Jackie Moore, Harold Melvin & the Blue Notes, Barbara Mason, Billy Paul, Lou Rawls, Patti LaBelle and Stephanie Mills.  He also co-wrote “The Ruler’s Back”, the opening song on the album The Blueprint by Jay-Z.  Originally a performer, Sigler first recorded for V-Tone Records in 1959.  He has also recorded for Decca, Parkway, Gamble, Philadelphia International and Gold Mind labels.  In 1967, he had a hit record on Parkway: a cover of Let the Good Times roll/Feel so Good.”  He also charted another hit with “That’s How Long I’ll Be Loving You.” 

    Bunny Sigler is a legend in soul music songwriting.


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    Bunny Sigler - Latest Release "Bundino"

    in Music

    Around 1970, Gamble Huff Productions became Philadelphia International Records. When Eugene Dozier left the label, Sigler inherited his office. Sigler's songwriting break came when a tune he co-wrote with Phil Hurtt, "(You Are My) Sunshine", was released as a followup single to the O'Jays' million selling 'Back Stabbers'. Other Sigler/Hurtt tunes included on the 'Back Stabbers' album were "When The World Is At Peace" and "Who Am I". The O'Jays' followup album, 'Ship Ahoy', had Sigler's first solo written song, "You Got Your Hooks In Me", and the Sigler/Gamble tune "Don't You Call Me Brother".

    In 1978, Sigler, bringing along Instant Funk, switched to Goldmind, a label started by MFSB guitarist Norman Harris and distributed by Salsoul Records. With his first release for the label, Sigler scored a Top Ten R&B single with "Let Me Party With You (Party, Party, Party)". The album of the same name was a smash in disco clubs. When Goldmind folded, all of its acts were transferred to Salsoul. About a year after its release and thanks to a Larry Levan remix, "I Got My Mind Made Up (You Can Get It Girl)", went on to be Instant Funk's breakthrough hit (number one R&B). Both that single and the 'Instant Funk' album went gold.

    He is a four-time Grammy award winner and we are honored to have him back with us to talk about his latest release "Bundino" and his future projects.

    Join host Tania-Maria and co-host Clay Corley, the creator/host of Spotlight on Jazz and Poetry and a Philly native. Clay has been a long time member and supporter of ColoredPeople.net

    Colored People® - A private multicultural artistic network. We are people of all races, nationalities and faith whose talents bring color to our world. Sponsored by: ZealForLifeProducts.com



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    Children's Venture Hour Easter Episode 14

    in Christianity

    Children's Venture Hour Easter Episode 14
    Your listening to Smart Ministries Christian Radio

    Hello and welcome this is your host Sara and I am happy to have you back for another addition of Childrens Venture Hour. The story of Jesus's death, burial and resurrection are told by Mark in todays broadcast. Lets hear this awesome historical event and story told by your pals Derrick, margo, and mokie in Hanna Barberas "Easter".

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    Cults, Messiahs, Hate, and The Easter Bunny w/ Mike Sledge

    in Comedy

    Tonight I will be discussing the history of cults and their mechanisms of control. Easter Bunny memes, and gay nazi losers.

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    Author & Poet Bunny Goodjohn

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    B.A. Goodjohn’s first novel, Sticklebacks and Snow Globes (Permanent Press) made the Kirkus Best of 2007 list. Her second novel, The Beginning Things (Underground Voices) is due for publication in November 2015. Her collection, Bone Song, won the 2014 Liam Rector First Book Prize for Poetry and will be published through Briery Creek Press (Longwood University) in April 2015. The UK born author teaches English at Randolph College in Lynchburg, Virginia and is the Director of the Writing Program and Tutoring Services.

    She has also published poetry and fiction in various literary journals including The Texas Review, Zone 3 and Connecticut Review.Lynchburg, Virginia - Poet and author Bunny Goodjohn will debut her first book of poetry, Bone Song, June 18 at 7:00PM in the Lynchburg YWCA for an event titled “BONE SONG: A blind date” which will be an evening of readings, conversation and light refreshments.

    Sarah Kennedy, author of The Golden Thread, writes, "Bunny Goodjohn’s poems, as her title suggests, cut right to the bone.  Singing of pain and sickness, of everyday cruelty and lost love, she traces the scars of childhood along an adult’s memories..."

    Goodjohn’s first novel, Sticklebacks and Snow Globes, centers on a group of working-class girls growing up in the UK during the 70s. Published in 2007 it had brisk sales and readers who wanted more. Goodjohn complied and The Beginning Things, with most of the same characters, will be published in October 2015.

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    TC 279: Cafe Book Club - Trusting the Trickster

    in Self Help

    Join us for a lively conversation on our trickster!  Yes, the Bugs Bunny of Creativity. We are chatting about Big Magic in our Cafe Book Club about Trusting our creative process. We've saved you a seat...here at the Transformation Cafe.  A fun place to nourish your creativity and your Soul!  

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    What I'm Thankful For - 2015 Edition

    in Jobs

    For everyone. Video version available at https://youtu.be/hQS6g-UJll0

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    Anything goes (Aliens....Transvestites....and Pink Bunny Rabbits)

    in Entertainment

    We welcome you to call in tonight as we pick up where we left off with a discussion on the extraterrestrial question of is there life out there and what are they doing about us?

    Then we jump to the difference between transvestite and transgender and why pink bunnies are OK.

    (917) 889-8234 to be a part of tonight's discussion.