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    WOI: Hear My Heart Books Owner Fawn Nielsen Speaks on Children in Crisis

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    Welcome to the featured World of Ink Network here on BlogTalkRadio Wed. August 26, 2015. The World of Ink Network brings you shows each week on topics such as books, writing, author interviews, self-help and much more. Your hosts today are Virginia S Grenier and Marsha Cook.

    Today's show is about children and youth in crisis, the spirit and possiblilites for children and youth; as well as parents and teachers. We will also touch on bullying and its impact on society with Fawn Einarson-Nielsen, President of Hear My Heart Books Inc. (HMHB). Hear My Heart Books Inc. is incorporated in the province of Saskatchewan to focus on social entrepreneurship initiatives. Learn more at http://hearmyheartbooks.com

    Fawn is also the author of the children's book, "Spots, Dots...and the Nots?!" 

    Our show will air live at 1pm Eastern - 12pm Central - 10am Pacific. As always you can listen to any of our shows on demand, at any time you'd like here on BlogTalkRadio, Facebook or iTunes.

    You can also follow us at our blog, Facebook and Twitter. Also, look for all our World of Ink Network hosts on Facebook and Twitter. The World Of Ink Network has endeavored to create radio shows geared toward excellence in the reading/publishing community. As our company has grown to a viral reach of nearly two million, we have decided to step into a new and exciting adventure. If you'd like to be on our network or need commercial advertising, marketing and writing help, please visit our website http://worldofinknetwork.com

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    Eyes That See - Ears That Hear

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    Please join me on Tues June 4th as we talk about our awesome Holy Spirit-  shows us- so that we may know the things freely given to us by God, (1 Corinthians 2:12)
    Usually if you see this scripture. It stops right at verse 9. Which makes it seem like we cant hear or see  what God has prepared for us.  But that is far from the truth.
     They never go on to the next verse!!! . Which tells us. That God revealed them TO US! through Holy Spirit
    READ ON!
    For to us God revealed them through the Spirit; for the Spirit searches all things, even the depths of God. (1 Corinthians 2:10)
    That's what our discussion will be on. That we can have eyes to see. And ears to hear . And The Mind Of Christ !to conceive all He has for us.

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    K.Y. D. Works - Let Your Ears Hear

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    Let  your ears hear what your eyes can't see.  Hit hip-hop lyricist K.Y.D. Works believes in second chances.  K.Y.D ("Killing Your Demographic"), whose real name is Hassan Barrow, hails from the Bronx, NY and relocated to Westchester County when he was six years old.  He started rapping when he turned 14 and battled other rappers who were older than him.  He was a talented teen on his way, But things began to get bumpy for the artist when he found himself in the correctional system at age 16.  He spent three years incarcerated, which took him off the grid for a while.

    However, his period of incarceration afforded him ample time to regroup.  An introspective person, he believes that everything happens for a reason.  And unlike so many others, he followed through with his exit plan, which included others that had experienced some of the same downhill moments of life.  K.Y.D. Works and his associates and childhood friends Steven Alfano and Vincent Hanemann, created "Don't Shoot."  As childhood friends they have had a real meaningful relationship that has allowed it to stand the test of time.

    Let our ears hear his story, from his perspective.  Join us.

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    The Deaf Hear, The Mute Speak, The Blind See! A Study of Mark 7&8

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    Mark 7:35 Immediately his ears were opened, and the impediment of his tongue was loosed, and he spoke plainly. 36 Then He commanded them that they should tell no one; but the more He commanded them, the more widely they proclaimed it. 37 And they were astonished beyond measure, saying, “He has done all things well. He makes both the deaf to hear and the mute to speak.”

    Mark 8:25 Then He put His hands on his eyes again and made him look up. And he was restored and saw everything clearly

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    Did you hear Da Word on stereotypes???!?!?!

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    A radio show that will keep your feet!! A show that always keep you updated on the average life of a teenager!! With your two hosts! Asquared and Bossman! Join us every Sunday from 6-7pm CST as we cover any and everything that concerns us teens!! Also follow us on Twitter @DAWORD & @LIFEOFBOSSMAN and also our Facebook page @DAWORDHOUSTON. #DAWORD #BOSSMAN #ASQUARED #YOUTH2YOUTH #TEENS #G1GB 

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    You won;t hear Dan's voice until September

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    Welcome to the Sports Time Radio podcast hosted by The Big Jack and Dan the Man; who'll show up eventually. It's the sports talk that you and your friends have when you're hanging out only in podcast form. It's baseball season for sure now that all the other sports are wrapped up. How's your fantasy team doing? Need help with a trade or who to start or sit or even who to cut; you've come to the right place. Who's hot and who's not! Besides fantasy will discuss the division races and how they might shape up as we head to the All-Star break. Don't forget the NFL is right around the corner; so those conversations may come up as well. Then there's NASCAR, Boxing and any other sport that's making headlines. Also we have the best interviews with experts from all over to get the inside scoop. Checkout www.SportsTimeRadio.com and follow us all on Twitter @Sportstimeradio @Danzeeeman @Mrfanofsports & @Burketime 

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    Hear & talk to award-winning crossover songwriter/singer, Ed Roman

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    Ed Roman is an Award-winning singer/songwriter, performer and multi-instrumentalist from Shelburne, Ontario, Canada. Blurring the lines between pop, rock, folk, and country music genres, Ed’s uniquely crafted songs have received regular rotation on more than 100 terrestrial radio stations across North America. Ed is a 2014 Artists Music Guild Award Nominee and a 2014 Artists In Music Award Nominee. He is also a 2014 International Music and Entertainment Association Award Winner and a two-time Indie Music Channel Award winner. Ed has performed at the Red Gorilla Music Fest during SXSW, The Millennium Music Conference, and SS Cape May, and he will be touring New York City and Philly in July. Recently, Ed traveled to Jamaica to deliver much-needed humanitarian aid to the island, while shooting the music video for “Jamaica.” His current album, Letters From High Latitudes (an homage to his Ontario home) is a critically-acclaimed vehicle for Ed’s socio-political, earthly-conscious and globally-aware messages. This earthy, funky and magical mix of music has earned Ed Roman airplay chart recognition and won over legions of fans around the world, known as “Ed Heads.” www.edroman.net

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    Listen, Hear and Keep Your Spirit Clear

    in Spirituality

    James 1;19 "My dear brothers and sisters, always be willing to listen and slow to speak.  Do not become easily angry."

    Join Lady Rie and Wayne Clarke for this explosive discussion

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    Today on The Boochcast, Steven calls in to talk about beating Booch at wrestling video games, Derek Shapiro calls in to talk about him and Booch going to Karaoke, Jerry Farber's Side Door, and who they each want to be President. Also Kevin Dunn calls in to talk about his hatred for wrestling and his plans to bury NXT wrestlers. Finally Booch recaps WWE Tough Enough.  

  • Spiritual Warfare: Satan Will Try to Make You Unwilling to Hear God’s Voice

    in Women

    Spiritual Warfare:  How To Get That Demon Called Satan Off Of Your Back

    Have you ever wonder why it seem you just can't get ahead in life especially in the areas of finances, relationships, rearing children, getting along with parents and your siblings, addictions of any kind, and whatever else that may be hindering you from being happy?   It is called Spiritual warfare.  

    The day has come when God’s people must walk in such a close, intimate relationship with Christ that they KNOW His voice, or they will be deceived by false teachers and prophets and be led astray. 

    Join us every Tuesday night at 7:00pm EST to learn how to DEFEAT THIS DEMON called SATAN.  Dial 714-816-4636 and you are live on the air with Prophetess DyAnne Dempsey or listen via internet by going to: www.blogtalkradio.com/woman2womantalkingtomen.  If you miss the live broadcast, please go to my Facebook page: Prophetess DyAnne Dempsey and listen to the recorded broadcast.  I pray God will bless, heal and deliver all that listens to this message.  Thank you for your support!!!

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    Hear Why MLM Legend Greg Stewart Became a Part of Glissandra

    in Health

    Professional Network Marketer, 25+ years ,multiple Top Producer, Corporate Mgt, and Ownership by creation. 
    I have experienced the facets that can cause an MLM company failure, from legal issues, federal and state, merchant processing nightmares, fulfillment and shipping problems, international challenges, contract, distributor and vendor disputes, software obstacles, credit card fraud issues and more.

    Early in my MLM career, I produced best selling network marketing videos,audios and litrature "The History and Truth of Network Marketing" "The Blinding Paradigm" and more.

    The History and Truth of Network Marketing - by Greg Stewart

    More: Prior to my MLM addiction 
    The Arizona Business Journal recognized Greg Stewart as one of the premier land speculators/brokers creating $75 - $100 Million in annual transactions. I was an often contributor to news media regarding the Phoenix metro area land market. 
    In the late 80's, I engaged in MLM, as a distributor, to management, and owner. 
    I co-founded Network Productions, an educational marketing company, where we produced and sold to many direct selling companies I was one of 9 individuals invited to the first MLM Master's series of audio tapes produced by Upline Magazine.
    I produced the first video that gave credibility to the direct selling industry, selling over 500,000 copies.

    Served as President of a Network Marketing company, that ranked seventeenth of Inc. 500's fastest growing companies 
    President of Network Alliance and expanded it's operations into Australia, Taiwan and the United Kingdom.
    2004 I accepted Veema's founder BK Boreyko's request to develop it's compensation plan.