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    Sacred Divergence Radio Episode 33 Peace Prayer Journey Global Attunement

    in Religion

    Tonight, join your hostess Lady Elizabeth Hamilton as we make a Peace Prayer Journey Global Attunement for the nations of Africa, with guests Lord Donald Lewis Highcorrell, Chancellor of the Correllian Nativist Tradition, and Apu Adman Aghama, founder of the Peace Prayer Interfaith Ministry through Luntiang Aghama Natural Divine Arts Shrine of Healing.

    Spiritual Unity Radio Network is dedicated to the concept that “All Manifestations of the Divine are equally valid.” We are committed to bringing you quality programming each week. Our vision is to provide nightly shows covering a wide range of spiritual topics spanning multiple Expressions of Faith. We wish to see programming developed to fill a niche of broadcast for all people who understand that all Manifestations of the Divine are sacred. All episodes are available in archive (just look for "on demand" episodes) after the show and as a free download on iTunes!

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    EAL Radio Episode 181

    in Travel

    Miami Center this is Eastern 855.  We are losing another engine right now.  Our third and last remaining engine.  The huge airplane is just a glider without hope. The so familiar noise of engines was replaced by the creepy whistling of the air. At least they had electrical power, hydraulic pressure and air conditioning supply. The APU is doing a good job, but is it enough?

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    APU for Anti-Idling Alternative

    in Environment

    David Hancock, CEO with Hodyon, Inc., manufacturer of the Dynasys APU, discusses the benefits to the ownership of an Auxiliary Power Unit. 
    As anti-idling laws and environmental protection regulations become more prevalent, Hodyon,  a two-time award winner for growth, has taken the lead within the APU industry by producing energy-efficient products and systems that reduce the magnitude of climate change and assisting professional truck drivers and trucking fleet owners with an anti-idling alternative.

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    Is Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Truck Drivers?

    in Women

    Showtime: 7:30 Eastern

    Topic: Is Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Truck Drivers?

    Virginia Chomo, a volunteer of Trucker Charity, 

    will be our guest to discuss her discovery that there exist no carbon monoxide detectors for semi-trucks, despite standards that require the device in homes, boats, RV's and airplanes.

    Truckers live in their trucks; most of them must idle for comfort control or have an Auxiliary Power Unit (APU) that reduces emissions. Either way, emissions are still an effect to the occupants.

    Thanks to Virginia's work, the Underwriters Laboratories (UL) is now developing and setting standards for Smoke and Carbon Monoxide detectors with truckers in mind.

    Join us as she shares her findings and her work with manufacturers regarding the special needs of these detectors as related to semis.

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    New kid on the block

    in Sports

    March 28, 2014 and Steve and Corey are back from a brief hiatus and are ready to talk about Sports, Life, and whatever comes our way.  In this week's episode, Steve introduces his new son and talks about what life is like, this time around, living with a newborn.  The guys will take you on a stroll through the recent news and headlines: adding their unique commentary and analysis while inviting our listeners to call-in and do the same.

    Please join us live and call in to make your voice heard!

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    What Does a Trucking Dream Job Look Like To You?

    in Women

    Showtime: 7:30 PM Eastern

    Topic: What is a Trucking Dream Look Like To You?

    Join Us and share your thoughts>

    Every driver has different needs to satisfy when they apply for trucking jobs and times have changed with new regulations. Once you have established yourself with at least 100,000 miles of safe driving experience there are more truck driving opportunities available to you.

    What kind of trucking job would then be your DREAM job?

    What do you look for in a carrier? 

    What's important to you?

    Pay, Home time, Name recognition rather than being a number, pet or rider policy, APU , newer equipment, other benefits, perks or lifestyle accompaniments?

    What will you NOT tolerate or come half way on?

    Will you wear a uniform and/or do a bit of unloading in exchange for a good local job?

    Why or Why Not?

    We want YOU to tell us so we can discuss this topic in a roundtable discussion format.  What’s does YOUR Trucking Dream Job Look Like?

  • 01:01

    Dr. JE Williams, OMD, Light of the Andes

    in Books

    Dr. J.E. Williams, OMD, Dr. Williams is an internationally published author of numerous scientific papers, articles on ethnography and biodiversity, as well as bilingual poetry. He is fluent in Spanish and studied many other languages including French, Mandarin, and Cantonese.

    Light of the Andes is a spiritual journey to the most sacred mountain of the Incas, Apu Ausangate, to learn the true secret of the Andes. After a series of dreamlike encounters with mystical beings in Peru, J. E. Williams (aka Santiago) and his mentor, the Q'ero shaman Sebastian, are ushered to the glacial sloops of Ausangate. On these remote slopes, he is physically tested to his physical and mental limits by the effects of high altitude, cold, and isolation. Then, after a series of traditional preparatory rituals, he encounters the deity in an unexpected way. The author returns bearing a message from the Apu, echoed by the Q'ero people: Ayni, the original idea found in nature that guides people to follow principle-guided lives in harmony with all things.

    Join us on Gaiafield Radio, as we explore with Dr. JE Williams, the message of the High Andes and the Q'ero Indians for the modern world during a time increasing environmental degradation.

    Dr. J.E. Williams, OMD - Bio


    Ayniglobal http://ayniglobal.org/
    Ayniglobal Facebook https://www.facebook.com/AyniGLOBAL
    Light of the Andes http://lightoftheandes.net/

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    12 Weeks to Self-Healing w/Energy Medicine Candess Campbell

    in Health

    Candess Campbell, PhD. is an internationally known Intuitive Life Coach, Intuitive Consultant and Reader, Workshop Facilitator, Hypnotherapist, Reiki Master and Energy Healer and the author of 12 Weeks to Self-Healing: Transforming Pain through Energy Medicine which we will be discussing today. She specializes in assisting others in re-gaining their own personal power and living a life of abundance, happiness and joy.
    At the core of her business, Vesta Enterprises, Inc, is the belief that all healing is self-healing and that becoming conscious and making positive changes increases one’s personal power and enjoyment of life. She also believes that people grow and benefit from feeling safe and allowing themselves to receive. Her lifelong work has been to bridge spirituality and mainstream beliefs. She has a large following in the US, Japan and other countries. She has a PhD in Clinical Hypnotherapy from APU and a Masters in Counseling Psychology from Gonzaga University.

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    FANDL: Falling on Harb-Luck in San Francisco

    in Sports

    Corey and Steve invite you to tune in as they tackle some of the week's big topics in life and sport.
    In NFL news, we'll talk about how Jim Harbaugh got "schooled" by his former-Stanford QB, Andrew Luck as the Colts whipped the defending NFC Champion 49ers, 27-7.  If that weren't bad enough, the 49ers chose to play LB Aldon Smith despite his being arrested for DUI - his second.
    In college football, after a weekend of no upsets in the top 25, we'll discuss the growing movement among college players - All Players United - does this revolt have what it takes to disrupt the NCAA and create a system that ensures adequate compensation for college football players?  Or will this alliance fizzle under the thumbs of athletic directors around the country?
    Please call in and share your thoughts about the week’s hottest stories.
    Please join us for a great show!

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    Katz and Charles Episode 9

    in Sports

    Jordan and Kesley talk about the Oklahoma State SI story, the APU college football protests, and then give their NFL predictions.

  • 02:01

    GCL Crew Discusses #PlayersUnited Movement

    in Sports

    Last weekend several college football players wrote #AllPlayersUnited or #APU on their wrists or shoes in support of efforts to allow players to capitalize on the use of the likeness and other things in what is becoming one of the most interesting topics in sports.
    Tune in this week as we discuss this and more. Join us Wednesday at 7pm EST for A New View from the Sidelines.